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About the Climbing Equipment to Take with You to the Rock

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son)

Rock climbing is very different from indoor climbing gyms. And that flows into the type of equipment you will use.

The equipment you really, the can’t-leave-home-without needing is quickdraws, harnesses, belay device, rope, carabiners, sling, climbing shoes, chalk, and a helmet.

Quickdraws and Carabiners for Outdoor Rock Climbing

Carabiners are used for many things. You can use them for tying the rope to the harness, putting the rope at the top, attaching your shoes and other things to your harness.

Quickdraws are used by climbers to connect ropes to bolt anchors and for attaching the rope to them so you don’t fall. Quickdraws is a small rope that is about four inches with a small carabiner at each end of the small rope.

Harness and Rope

A harness is very important without it you cannot attach the rope to it which is your lifeline, in a way.

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A rope is the most important piece of equipment you can have because without it, you could not be able to climb safely. It is roughly about 60 meters.  

Belay Device and Sling

Belaying devices are important because the person at the bottom has to secure that the person climbing falls, he will be hanging from the rope attached to the harness. The two most reliable devices are Grigri and ATC.

A sling is used to attach yourself to the rock using a carabiner, so you can take the rope down.

Shoes, Chalk, and Helmet

Climbing shoes are able to help put the edge of the shoe in small parts of the rock and help get a better grip on your feet.

Chalk is super useful because your hands can get very sweaty because of the weather or because you’re doing a lot of exercises, chalk can make your hands dry and not humid.

Helmets are highly recommendable because you might hit your head on the rock or a rock might fall on you.  

This equipment is a great start to having a safe rock climbing experience.

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About the Climbing Equipment to Take with You to the Rock

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