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Clematis Street, known for being West Palm Beach hot spot for wining, dining, going out and window shopping is also the historical heart of West Palm Beach. As you walk through the streets you can find many beautiful buildings and historical landmarks, many of which are now home to stores, restaurants, art galleries, and nightclubs. Here’s a short guide for traveling to Clematis Street in Florida.

During the day it is a great place to relax, sit at an outdoor café sipping on a wine or coffee while watching people go by and do also do some shopping. During the evening, it becomes a place where young people get ready to party all night long.

And the best part, it’s all along the waterfront of West Palm Beach overlooking Marinas and Palm Beach.

Top Things to Do in Clematis Street West Palm Beach

Aside from spending your day eating at amazing restaurants, shopping in its amazing stores, or enjoying the amazing work displayed at its art galleries, you can have a relaxing time exploring this street

clematis street west palm beach

Walk along its beautiful and relaxing parks, cute streets and funky restaurants. Just enjoying the local ambiance is a great experience.

trees in clematis street west palm beach

While exploring the street, along the waterfront boardwalk you will be able to find a few art exhibits that will keep you busy too,

clematis street west palm beach fl

If your kids are starting to get fuzzy you can always check out its great park for family fun overlooking the waterway and Palm beach on the opposite side

clematis street florida

The West Palm Beach docks are also a great place for you to relax and enjoy the gorgeous views of the area.

docks at clematis street palm beach

Is that a Pirate Ship? Yes, you also get to see all sorts of ships passing by as you relax and dream about being able to afford a yacht some time soon.

boats and yatch at the clematis street palm beach dock

These are some of the things that my family and I were able to enjoy while exploring the iconic Clematis Street West Palm Beach. After that you can head to CityPlace (now Rosemary Square) and check out the AMC Movie Theater.

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Top Things to Do in Clematis Street West Palm Beach

Last Updated on May 13, 2023

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