How to Clean a Bike Chain Without Removing It

As many of us riders tend to find out the hard way, cleaning your bike chain for the first time in months can be quite horrifying. All that built-up crud and grease is not something that vacates fairly easily. Basic care that your bike chain should receive to keep your bike working better for longer. Learn all about how to clean a bike chain.

How to Clean a Bike Chain

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution that you can use without even taking off the chain, with virtually no mechanical expertise, and most importantly under five minutes. If you were to apply this solution after every few rides, you’ll increase the life span of your bike as a whole, which of course will save you from spending a fortune on replacement parts.

By now, you must be aware that a dirty bike can affect your performance or even safety, you may take a look at this bike cleaning guide as general advice and finally clean the chain without removing it.

Throughout previous years, many bike riders have had no clue how to clean a bike chain without removing it. Frankly removing the chain would be a lot of effort that truly doesn’t need to be spent. Many in the past have asked questions like, “How could it be possible to clean the chain without taking it off?”. Or the more common question being, “How long will this take me to do?”.

In order to comfort those who may wield endless curiosity in regard to this subject, the following tutorial has been created. If you’ve asked either of the last two questions, you’re in the right place.

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How to Clean a Bike Chain

Stick with us for an in-depth tutorial as well as some pro tips for making the job much easier.

In order to complete the job as efficiently as easily as possible, please ensure you have the following items.

  • Chain Cleaning Device (Readily Available For Purchase)
  • Generic Cloths
  • Soapy Hot Water (Bucket)
  • Clean Rinsing Water (Bucket)
  • Generic Sponges
  • Any Brand of Chain Lube
  • Stiff Scrubbing Brush
  • Water -Soluble Degreaser.

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Now, on to cleaning and maintaining your cycle.

5 Steps on How to Clean a Bike Chain

Step One – Prepping the Cleaning Device

You can start by taking your chain cleaning device and filling it with an aqueous degreaser that is meant to deep clean and removes any rust or dirt. The amount of degrease needed to fill the device should be written or displayed alongside the gadget. Different brands may vary with their information placement, but it will virtually always be there. Once you’ve filled it with a degreaser, attach it to the chain.

Approximately in the middle of the chain rings and the low jockey wheel.

Step Two – Starting the Revolutions

In order to get the chain to run through the cleaning device, rotate the pedals backward. 30-40 revolutions should work just fine. After these revolutions, look at the chain. If it still looks very greasy to you continue on with more revolutions until the grease is almost gone. You can always add more degreaser to the device if needed.

bike chain

Step Three – Scrubbing The Innards

In order to get all of the grease and crud off of the chain, you’ll need to scrub down all of the parts in and around the gears using your stiff scrubbing brush. Once everything has been scrubbed, wash everything down with the hot and soapy water you’ve prepared. Use your sponge to really finish it off nicely.

Step Four – Final Rinse

Rinse everything off with your clean water. Make sure you dry the chain thoroughly! An old T-Shirt will do fairly well here.

Step Five – Lube!

Apply your new chain lube. Do not put too much!

Now that we’ve covered the steps on how to clean your bike chain without removing it, here are some pro tips in regards to making the entire event much easier.

  1. Avoid applying chain lube right after a ride. Give the chain some time to cool down.
  2. Never use soap before degreaser. This reduces the effectiveness of the degreaser.
  3. It’s important to add lube regularly, however, do not add lube to a dirty chain!

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article! If you feel the need to express your euphoria or bring forward any questions or concerns, please leave us a comment!

Those of us experienced with these types of jobs hope this answers any and all questions you may have in regards to how to clean a bike chain without removing it.

Last Updated on July 8, 2023

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