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Ciudad Cayalá a Must Visit When in Guatemala City


Ciudad Cayalá a Must-Visit When in Guatemala City

quicksilver mini van at cayala city in guatemala city

Paseo Cayala or Ciudad Cayala, which is the other way of calling it, is this massive area in zone 16 that is an outdoor mall, but it is very European style. It is definitely higher class and has got higher-end stores and boutiques and a lot of beautiful restaurants and obviously the coffee shops, there’s a movie theater there also. Today, I’m going to be talking about Cayala in Guatemala City

It’s like a Guatemala City fair, and it’s a unique place to immerse in local culture and taste some delicious food.

Cayala Guatemala

They have these huge plazas where your kids could run around, or you could have a picnic. It’s excellent for dogs as well, and this is definitely a really cool place to go and visit. There are a lot of Airbnb around there because there are actually apartments as part of the area. It’s a huge area that probably spans almost a kilometer wide altogether. There are a lot of places that you could walk around. It got a church, it got different activities. 

beautiful outdoor restaurant with some trees, table chairs and people eating at cayala city guatemala


We always go to Cayala Guatemala for different restaurants, including cotton candy. My kids absolutely love cotton candy. There, one of our favorite restaurants that we go to is Kloster. I have an entire podcast about why we go to Kloster. So make sure to check that one out and the review of Kloster, but there are many restaurants there, and as I said, there’s also the movie theater. 

It’s a great place if you are going to be visiting Guatemala city and you have a day to enjoy. This will probably be my number one choice to go and visit. First, there’s a lot of parking. There are a ton of places that you could go and visit. It’s not a cultural center like the historic center of Zone one. However, it adds a new feel to it because of the outdoor restaurants. It’s just something that’s really enjoyable. 

a guy and his son sitting around a table at restaurant in ciudad cayala guatemala

Is Ciudad Cayala Safe?

Plus, you can feel really safe for yourself and your kids. This is a great place for the kids to just run around without you having to worry about them. There are all kinds of food. There are food stands, there are restaurants, anything you can imagine. So I give this a very high rating to visit and whenever my parents come from the States they always love to go to Cayala Guatemala and whenever we have other friends visiting or whatnot, I always take them to Cayala, definitely a great fun place to visit.

kid eating cottom candy at ciudad cayala in guatemala city

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