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Circle Line Sightseeing Tour – Things to Do in New york

The circle line is a tour that has been offered in New York City for a very long time! And definitely a must do when you visit the city. They offer sightseeing tours around the island on board of boats that offer a magnificent view of Manhattan and its most famous attractions.

A few of the things you get to see during these tours are: Past Downtown with an amazing view of the new Freedom Tower, Statute of Liberty, Ellis Island, New York’s Skyline, the intrepid museum, among others. . They offer 5 different tours that you can choose from. So the things you see may vary. It’s best to check out what you’re in the mood for.

Circle Line New York City

Our Family Experience at the Circle Line Sightseeing Tour

Once you know what you want to see and the tour you want to do, you can get your Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise Tickets and go on an adventure around New York. The pickup is at Pier 42 off of 12 Avenue on the West Side – Henry Hudson River.

For my family it was a great adventure, even my small boys had fun while enjoying the view and loved the guide! He was so enthusiast even after 20 years of doing the same thing every day. He must really love his work. I would highly recommend this tour for people of all ages.

How to do this Trip

Tickets are sold at the entrance, but this doesn’t mean that there will be a space for you if you just drop by. That’s why I always recommend making reservations before you travel. If you get a City Pass, you can also use it for this attraction.

It is usually open, even for most holidays but it closes during the winter months.

When it comes to fees, they don’t change much year to year.

Tip – Arrive to the pier at least one hour before your tour begins, with tickets or not. This is so you can get good seats. If you don’t have tickets, maybe even 1.5 hours before, especially during high season.

Contact Circle Line

Phone: +1 212-563-3200

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Circle Line Sightseeing Tour - Things to Do in New york

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