Cinepolis VIP in Guatemala: The VIP Movie-Watching Experience


Cinepolis VIP in Guatemala: The VIP Movie-Watching Experience

a couple sitting on lounge chair inside cinepolis vip in guatemala

My family and I accidentally found the V. I. P. Movie theater in Guatemala. It was completely accidental. I didn’t even know such movie theaters existed, and I was surprised, it is incredible how many people don’t know this even exists. That’s why today we are going to talk about Cinepolis VIP in Guatemala 

We’ve been going to regular movies, you know, they’re fun, they’re not super comfy. But in this particular case living in Guatemala, especially when you go to see a kid’s movie, you could either have it subtitled or it’s dubbed, and we never want to watch a dubbed movie. It just takes away from everything, especially when it’s an English-speaking movie.

Cinepolis VIP Guatemala

There’s this one movie that we really wanted to see. This was about five years ago, and we arrived at the movie theater because there’s this one particular movie theater, it’s called Cinépolis. It’s a pretty large chain, definitely throughout Latin America. I’m not sure if there are some in the United States regardless. It’s a huge movie chain. 

For this particular one, we found the movie, and we didn’t read that it was going to be dubbed. At this point my son, my youngest son was like five years old, so he was all excited, and he wants to go, and it was hard to break that mood of the kid. So all of a sudden we spotted something in the back of the main theater, and it said V. I. P. Movies, and it had the same movie that we wanted to see, but it was the subtitle at the V. I. P. Movie experience.


So we go there, and the regular tickets in Guatemala at this point are maybe like $4 per person. This one was like $8 per person. We’re not talking that much of a difference. We’re like okay, you know we could certainly do this. 

CinepolisVIP sign in guatemala

The Experience in Cinepolis VIP in Guatemala

Here’s the thing, once you go V. I. P. You can never go back, honestly because it is an entirely different experience. It’s kind of like once you fly on a private jet, you can never really go commercial again. I’m still not at that point yet. I’ll let you guys know when I’m there at the moment, and for the moment I can enjoy the V. I. P. Experience. So it’s an entirely different experience. 

I know today that since Covid there are a lot more of these types of movie theaters popping up in the United States. But at this point, and probably, I have yet to find anything that resembles what we had here. But they are starting to pop up. So if you can find that V. I. P. Or a little extra experience, I can guarantee you will have the best time. 

What makes this V. I. P. Experience different?

What makes this V. I. P. Experience different? First, you enter, and it’s just a private lounge that you wait in until your theater opens up, You can order food, and they have top-notch alcohol, they had sushi there, they have obviously popcorn packages, but they have this entire restaurant which was the very high-quality restaurant wasn’t like a crappy restaurant. We were told that you can bring the food inside, but even better, you can order it once you’re sitting at your seats.


We waited for that, you go in. So if you can get in 15 minutes before the previews even begin to really start to get the experience. I recommend that as well. So once you’re allowed to get in, there’s only about 30 seats in the entire theater, maybe 40 seats in the entire theater. When you buy your ticket, you buy the seat, so you choose where you want to sit and nobody else could ever do that.

Okay, so once you get in, you have this lounge chair, you sit, you know like those huge beautiful lounge chairs, and you sit back, and your lounge with your feet up, and it’s just literally sitting in your own living room, and you have so much space.

a couple sitting on lounge chair inside a vip cine in guatemala


You have a table in between each one of you where the food is going to go and your popcorn and the waiters come to you, and they take your order, and you can order any kind of alcohol you want, you can order popcorn, you can order like I said, sushi fried rice, 


This particular theater has Asians in particular. But anyway and then you have the movie so the movie, obviously it’s normal whatnot. But because of the smaller area, it sounds that much better. But it’s the whole experience, just being there. You have your own private bathroom. Honestly guys for the few dollars that is going to be extra and in the US the movies are already at 20 bucks so it’s going to be a lot like 5 to $8 more. If you could go for that, I recommend doing the V. I. P. Experience.

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Last Updated on September 21, 2023

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