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Choosing Baby Car Seat for Long Car Road Trips in Thailand

On a long car ride, you want your kids to be as comfortable as possible. This will reduce the number of stops, the number of breakdowns and give you peace of mind at the wheel. Let’s take a look at how to choose a baby car seat for long car rides with kids. Those are perfect for a family road trip.

How to Choose a Baby Car Seat for Long Road Trips

Best brands

The brand of the car seat is an important factor in its design. Some of the best car seat brands include Daiichi, Britax, Mountain Buggy, Cybex and Evenflo. Daiichi products are known for being very durable, and their car seats are good for all of your children for many years. Cybex is another brand that is known for comfortable car seats. Another rising star on the baby products scene is Nuna – according to Nuna your baby will love the soft cushioning and roominess of their car seats so do check them out if you are thinking about purchasing a premium car seat for your little one. Mountain Buggy is a brand that is becoming increasingly popular among parents. It features state-of-the-art technology that provides a safer, sturdier ride for everyone involved. Some brands even produce hybrid car seats that serve as smooth transitions into your child’s teenage years.


Depending on the size of your child, you’ll want to choose a car seat of an appropriate size. Seats generally come in three sizes: small, medium and large. Keep in mind that a larger seat is not necessarily sturdier. If your kid is too small for the seat, they’ll wiggle around and not be securely fastened. At the same time, a smaller seat won’t do the opposite.

It will just lead to an uncomfortable position for your child, and we all know how annoying this can be on a long car ride. You’ll want to measure your kid and purchase a seat that perfectly fits their dimensions. When you’re thinking about how to pick a car seat, consider whether it features armrests or a head cushion. The closer the seat resembles a real seat, the more satisfied your child will be. For bigger baby car seats, make sure the seat belt still has room to wrap tightly across his or her lap.


Baby car seats are made in a couple of types of material. Plastic car seats are abundant and possibly what you think of when you picture a car seat. With their sturdy frame, plastic seats are easy to transport and compatible with pretty much every vehicle. However, most don’t come with straps, so you’ll have to find some other way to tie them down. Polyester car seats are another common alternative.

These tend to be much softer and form-fitting. If you have a compact vehicle, you might be interested in polyester seats that take up a little less room. They also feature velcro on both sides, allowing you to strap them down and ensure that your child doesn’t topple over. On the downside, they can heat up in warm weather, so make sure you keep the air conditioner on at all times. No matter what material you opt for, you’ll want to test it out at the store to make sure your toddler is happy with the fit.


When thinking about how to choose a baby car seat, the health and safety of your child are paramount. Follow these guidelines to choose the best baby car seat for long car rides with kids. They will sit tight for the ride and won’t ask whether you’re there yet every couple of minutes.

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