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Why Choose a River Cruise and Where to Go?

Many people like the idea of cruising. After all, you get to see several different destinations without having to change hotel all the time. Your hotel room simply travels with you, in the form of a cabin. There is the added advantage of many cruise vacations being fully inclusive. You do not have to worry about paying for any of the food and drink you have while you are onboard ship.Three of the best rivers for river cruising in the United States.Take a look at this article to learn about river cruise

Reasons to go on a River Cruise
Photo Courtesy of American Queen Steamboat Company

Cruising may seem like the perfect choice, when it comes to deciding on how to spend your vacation. But what if you get sea sick very easily? Or, you do not want to spend entire days with just the ocean to look at. The good news is that you have the option of choosing a river cruise, where you can be sure of calmer waters. Experts like the American Queen Steamboat Company specialize in providing high-quality river cruises for their customers.

The benefits of choosing a river cruise
We have already mentioned that cruising along a river tends to be a calmer experience than taking to the ocean. Taking a river cruise also means you have the advantage of always having something to look at, aside from water. You can watch out for wildlife, towns and mountains along the banks of the waterway.

Another advantage of river cruising is that the ships tend to be smaller and more intimate. This can be a good thing if you find the size of ocean cruise liners too intimidating. These smaller ships usually dock in the center of the various destinations to be visited. This means that you can choose to participate in official excursions, or alternatively, you easily have time to find your own way around. If you decide that a river cruise sounds appealing, you just have to decide which one to choose.

Three US for a River Cruise

Three of the most famous rivers in the US are the Mississippi, the Columbia and the Hudson. They all have something to offer, when it comes to river cruises.

The Mississippi River

River Cruise

All fans of Mark Twain will have read about the beauty and power of the Mississippi, and about the unique atmosphere in the towns and cities along its banks. Arguably, the most famous destination along the river is New Orleans. Visit during Mardi Gras, and you can be assured of having fun, watching the parades. At any time of year, the jazz scene in the city is impressive and based on a long history of excellence in the genre which is reflected in the naming of the city’s Louis Armstrong Airport.

The Hudson River

Reasons to go on a River Cruise

If you enjoy the buzz of city life, a Hudson River cruise has one of the best urban locations along its banks, in New York City. You can take in some culture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, watch a show on Broadway or enjoy views out over the cityscape, from the top of the Empire State Building. Then, you can cruise further up the Hudson, into the scenic Catskill Mountains.

The Colorado River

River Cruise

Colorado river cruises are famed for taking passengers through some of the most incredible scenery in the country. The river starts out in the Rockies, and flows past waterfalls, vineyards and desert landscapes, until it finally reaches the Pacific Ocean. This is the perfect type of cruise for anyone who wants to escape from the noise and chaos of city life.

As you can see, river cruises can take you into the heart of a myriad of different landscapes, from large cities to forests and mountains. As with ocean cruises, you can see a wide variety of sights. But, you do not have to contend with rough waters along the way.

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