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How To Choose The Right Tent For Camping

How to choose a good tent that will last for years? This question is frequently asked by those who like outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling alone, with family or friends, or prefer extreme conditions. Size and capacity, weight, seasonality, and material are the things to look out for. If you’ve never selected a tent before, this article will show you where to start.

How To Choose The Right Tent For Camping


Let’s start with the type of tent that is right for you.

Do you prefer to travel and relax with your family or friends? If yes, multi-room tents are definitely what you need.

  • Capacity: 4-10 people
  • Size: As a rule, these tents have several rooms where you will feel comfortable and at the same time have a private space. In such tents, you can stand tall, because the height usually starts at 170 centimeters.
  • Weight: The disadvantage of such tents is their weight. It can reach 40 kilograms, depending on the specific model. Hiking with this huge thing will be rather problematic. However, if you are traveling in many cars or have allocated space in the trunk, then this will not be a challenge for you at all.
  • Price: A good tent made from quality material will cost a pretty penny, but don’t give up right away. You want to buy a worthy thing that will have served you for many years.
  • Additional features: huge amount of pockets and storage space inside, multiple entrances and room dividers and many other different useful things.

A weekend with family and friends is a great pastime. But what to choose if you want to spend time alone or take a friend with you, for instance, on a fishing trip or to a music festival? What if you don’t want to lug a huge tent with you? There is no space in the car or there is simply nowhere to set it up.

Here is quite a lot of choice, which is nice. Still, we will not describe all the forms of tents and their structures. We’ll just show you what attention should be drawn using a pop-up or а fishing tent example.

  • Capacity: 1-4 people.
  • Size: An easy-to-transport tent that fits in a backpack. No need to allocate a lot of space and puzzle over where to put it.
  • Weight: The mass of such tents generally varies within 3-5 kilograms. You can easily take it on a hike.
  • Price: Surely, compared to a tent for a large group of people, the price of a pop up one is much lower, but you should not abuse the very cheap options.
  • Additional characteristics: easy to put up and take down, easier to heat, good aeration, able to stand bad weather.


We all know 4 seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. But when it comes to tents, we all need to think of what they are created to. The choice depends on the surroundings and conditions in which you’ll be family camping, rather than the season.

  • A 3-season (or backpacking) tent is a story about lightweight and good ventilation. It’s designed for the most typical outdoor adventures in spring, summer and fall.
  • A 4-season (or winter) tent is designed to stand firm in the face of harsh weather, holding up to strong winds and heavy snow. It can be used in any season.


Manufacturers use two types of fabrics to make tents:

  • Nylon is a pretty strong material and very affordable, but at the same time, it is easily stretched when wet and is sensitive to UV light.
  • Polyester is more durable and does not tear when wet, but it is more expensive.


Thus, in order to choose your first tent, it is enough to decide on the main purpose (for a large company or for 1 + 1 travelers), when and where you are going to use it, and, clearly, on the price. As soon as you identify these points for yourself, you can already proceed to the selection of a specific model. And don’t forget to get a sleeping bag for your new tent. Good luck!

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