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How to Choose the Perfect Ring for your Proposal Abroad

You have decided that you want to propose to your partner and found a special place for it, where you can both go on a vacation, relax and pop the question in some unique way. There are tons of countries, cities and even tiny towns all over the world that can be extremely romantic.Are you planning to propose abroad? Here is a list of tips on how to find the perfect Engagement Ring for you.

engagement ring


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Now it is time for you to start looking for the right engagement ring. This can be a more complicated process than you might think. It’s not just about finding one that your partner will love and fits their personality. It is also about finding a durable one of good quality and without breaking the bank.

Steps for Finding the Perfect Ring for your Proposal Abroad

Set a Budget

This aspect is the most important one. Not because your partner will matter how much you spent on it but because it will allow you to narrow down your search. It will likely save you a lot of time going to jewelry stores knoxville tn (or elsewhere) and seeing rings that you actually can afford.

Always remember that you can consider stuff like including bank wires, layaway, and financing.

Decide on the Style you Prefer

There are tons of these, some of them are: classic, modern, nature-inspired, glamorous. You will also find combinations of all of them. You can get some help at this stage by paying attention to the jewelry that of partner already owns.

engagement ring

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Time to Select the Gemstone

The two most popular gemstones for engagement rings are diamonds and sapphires. So 95% of the time you will be right when buying one of those. Plus because of how hard they are they will certainly hold up well through the years.

Since diamonds are the most popular let’s talk about those. When choosing one don’t only think about how pretty it looks. You have to investigate and inquire about its carat, cut, clarity, and color. The goal is to find the best balance possible.

Now Select the Precious Metal

The most popular metals are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. If you are looking for durability go with platinum. If on the other hand, you prefer gold go for white gold. These two tend to go better with diamonds. But it all depends on your and your partner’s taste.

Finally, Figure Out the Ring Size

This might be your toughest challenge. If you want it to be a surprise, figuring out the right size without asking is tricky, but not impossible. You will have to use your best secret agent moves to get one of her rings, or ask a family member that you can trust with the secret.

Bonus: Think about taxes when asking for a price. Before buying your diamonds make sure to check for prices everywhere and ask yourself stuff like, will James Allen charge you sales tax?

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