Child Safety Harness Alternative for Travel

My kids hate child harnesses and child leashes. And I keep pushing them on them. And with each push or beg, I get the same response – “I don’t like it, take it off.” I was desperate to find an alternative child safety harness – for my own piece of mind.

I use the stroller as much as possible, but then my three year old gets excited about something or thinks he’s Mr. Big Boy and insists on being independent and walking without letting me even hold his hand.

harness for kids

However, when we go to a place with tons of people either for festivals or events, or even at the airport (I travel solo with the boys often) where I need to focus on three or four things at once, I need to know he is next to me.

That’s how I found My Handy Hold.

 child safety harness

Benefits of a child safety harness for independent kids

Independence – I’m sure every parent of a two or three-year-old can understand the need kids of these ages have for complete independence. My three-year-old doesn’t even like me to hold his hand when crossing the street. My Handy Hold allows my son to walk on his own, technically not hold my hand, but still hold on for safety. He thinks he’s walking on his own.

Affordability – For less than $15 you get this adorable independent tool.

Hands off – I love when my kids hold my hand. However, when I’m carrying luggage or groceries, then tugging on my shirt or holding on my elbow simply adds on more weight to me. Not anymore! We’re all much happier.

Size and Simplicity– it’s tiny when rolled up. It can fit into any bag and is so easy to simply grab and clip-on.

Mother to Mother – Casey, the lady behind My Handy Hold, understands this concept and I prefer to use products that have my child fully in mind.

harness for kids

Where to buy it

Their website is your best bet.  Casey is quick to respond, and the item arrives within two days.

Give it a shot, you will be surprised how much fun it is.

Child Safety Harness – A Better Alternative!


Last Updated on May 17, 2022

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