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Things to Do in Chicago: See The City On A Budget

Chicago is a bustling metropolis that is the third largest in the United States, and the 24th largest in the world. It has a packed metropolitan area surrounded by seemingly endless suburbs. Traffic is insane in Chicago, and navigating the city’s beautiful streets and clean areas requires a little knowledge. That said, it can be done inexpensively.Learn about the things to do in Chicago on the cheap and tips on how to save money during your vacation to the 3rd largest city in the US.


Things to Do in Chicago on the Cheap

The Strategy

Obviously, one of the best ways to see any city on a budget is to have friends or relatives you can stay with. But this can be taxing to those in your social set, and it can also be awkward. Additionally, there may be non-financial costs involved that many aren’t willing to pay. Still, there’s an even better way.

Chicago has trains running in and out of the city. The “L” is one of the most accommodating. It runs as far north as Woodstock, Illinois; which is a suburb about an hour away from Chicago by car, and a little less by the L. Hotels in this area are exceptionally cheap, and you can buy tickets designed for commute.

Additionally, by taking a train into the city you save on gas mileage, you save on parking charges, you don’t have to spend as much time driving around the city or looking for parking (which can add up quickly), and you avoid questionable areas of the city. Recent political trends in Chicago have foisted a variety of violent outbreaks across its population.

Taking public transit options like the L can allow you to bypass much metropolitan unpleasantness. Another means of staying out of trouble involves traveling in groups.

Finding Top Tier Attractions That Are Free

The world famous Navy Pier of Chicago has a massive Ferris wheel, and is a tourist attraction that makes it to many travelers’ bucket lists. You can visit this area for free. Inexpensive parking is nearby, or you can use public transit—the recommendable option. Certainly, some attractions have a cost; but the pier itself has no cover charge.

But Navy Pier isn’t the only cost-effective tourist destination. There are many fine attractions in Chicago that can be experienced on a budget. “Lincoln Zoo, which offers all guests free admission year-round, has hundreds of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians for your family to meet.” This quote comes from the webpage for IHG hotels in Chicago.


Wherever you choose to stay, take advantage of such resources as travel information and sights to see. In IHG’s case, you can even begin the planning process from home through their website’s condensed areas of interest. You’ll be able to find the quickest routes to destinations of interest, and some of the most cost-effective family-friendly fun around.

If you’re into cycling, you could bike one of the country’s most expansive trail systems, and there are no charges here, either. Biking, in general, is a great way to get around the city. You’re going to want to avoid driving if at all possible. It’s not just dangers from fringe tensions in the “project” areas of the city. You’re also going to deal with parking meters, tolls, parking tickets, road construction, and traffic.

These things sap your time and are extremely expensive. You will literally save hundreds just by getting off the asphalt and using a human circumlocution. A benefit is exercise, and a relatively stress-free outing.

Capitalize On Available Resources

There are many ways to see the city and save. Chief among them consolidating travel expenses, and finding a good hotel. Additionally, look for free attractions; there are many that are family friendly as well as adult-oriented. Put a little thought into it beforehand, and you’ll be able to do more with less.

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