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Checklist for a Cycling Holiday In Texas

Whether along the Lance Armstrong Bike way or the Southern Walnut Creek Bike Trail, a cycling holiday in Texas means not only fresh air but also lots of exercise. More and more people are discovering that cycling is the perfect way to combine holidays and fitness. Not only health aspects promote the fun of cycling, but also nature can be experienced and enjoyed on bike tours that are particularly intense. You may want to cycle on vacation or just want to be mobile and active in a particular resort – the exercise in the fresh air makes you forget the stress in everyday life quickly.Cycling packing list that will allow you to remember everything you need for your vacation in Texas.Take a look at this USA travel tips.

Remember that if you pack smartly and rely on the right equipment, then the bike tour becomes an all-around carefree holiday. Here are some tips on all the essentials needed for the perfect bike trip including what equipment, accessories, and clothing you should have.

cycling packing list Holiday In Texas

1. Opt For A Trekking Bike
Trekking bikes are sporty and comfortable at the same time. In addition, the roadworthy equipment required for days of tours (luggage rack, fenders, lighting system) is integrated as standard. The comparatively wide tires provide a good cushioning and thus a pleasant ride in a different terrain and the seating comfortable for hours of cycling.

Most trekking bikes – for both men and women – have a wheel size of 28 inches and are available in varying frame sizes. The offer is accordingly large, whereby the investment in a high-quality model is worthwhile. This way you can survive a long cycling ride.

2. Bring The Correct Clothes
Don’t spoil your cycling holiday by wearing the wrong clothes. Be sure to choose your clothes according to the local conditions and the season. Bear in mind that you may be surprised by a downpour so equip yourself with appropriate rain gear – e.g. a rain cape, waterproof pants, and gaiters. In addition to rain capes, you should make sure that the hood is flexible enough and does not obstruct the view to the rear. With all this, you can ensure you are safely and comfortably equipped from head to toe, because special cycling clothing combines functionality, comfort and protection features in one.

Especially in summer, clothing made of breathable materials is important. If the weather does get colder, you should also have wind and waterproof change gear with you. Classic cycling shorts and bike shorts are available for both men and women. They are equipped with seat cushions in different thicknesses. Functional shirts made of fast-drying material or cycling jerseys are perfect for this.

3. Bring The Correct Tools And Spare Parts
Since you can never completely rule out glitches, you should remember to bring a minimal set of tools and spare parts. Take the repair kit, bicycle pump and possibly a wheel lift. On longer trips, a spare hose and spare shift cable could be useful. Take screwdrivers, a set of Allen keys and combination pliers. With such tools, mishaps on the bike tour will not be a disaster that spoils your holiday fun.

Also, consider bringing some camping equipment for any stops along the way. There are many campsites or holidays spots where you can spend time overnight. Places such as Galveston RV Park is excellent for both campers and tourists (since you will be at Galveston you should visit the Bishop’s Palace)

4. Bring Bicycle Navigation
The preparation of the route and the planning of meaningful day trips is probably the best part of preparing for a cycling cycling packing list for holiday. For orientation, many no longer rely only on proven maps, but above all on GPS receivers and outdoor navigation devices. If you do not want to buy a bike navigation system for the first ride, then you will also be well equipped with navigation apps. Since the smartphone is now everywhere, there is already a wide range of navigation and bike apps such as Komoot.

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