How to Check Live Train Running Status: Find Train Live Location on Mobile

Checking the Live train running status is a very simple task on your mobile today. Trainman android-app brings you an easy to use app which sits comfortably on your device and connects to the real-time database through the cloud server. By connecting to the National Train Enquiry System (NTES), you get the most accurate data.How to Check Live Train Running Status in India.Take a look at this post to learn about Train Live Location on Mobile.

How to Check Live Train Running Status

Steps to Get Information

  • Open the Trainman Live Train running status.  
  • Enter the train number
  • Tap on the Find Status button.

The system displays the data on a multi-columnar table with information for station name, arrival/expected arrival time, distance, departed/departure time, and delay/on-time status. You can get the status for all the stations (in which the train is scheduled to stop) from origin to the final destination.

Live Location Update

Live location update to Check Live Train Running Status tells you the present location of your train. It gives you the distance with the nearest railway station on its route and shows the graphical data on Google Map.

Trainman Live Train Running Status App – Key features

Offline-Working:  You can get to know the current train running status, even when there is no internet connection to your mobile device. It is a highly useful feature while you are traveling in the train. The main benefit is the user cell towering. The app requires the internet connection only when you check the status from outside the train.

Alarm-Call: The app allows you to set up station based alarm on your mobile. So, you will never miss any important stations in which you want to buy important things. You can also set the wake-up alarm for de-boarding the train at your destination station.

Multiple-Languages: train status gives you the information in multiple Indian languages, including English. You can able to change the language at any time depending on your convenience. The developers are consistently updating the latest information on all the available languages in real time.

Coach-Arrangement:  The versatile train current status gives you information about coach and seat arrangement also. The app makes it easy to find your friend’s coach and seat when the train arrives at the destination station.

Platform-Status: The system also displays information about the probable platform on which the train arrives, depending on its availability at the time of arrival.

Accurate Data: The Trainman app is designed using the latest technology tools on the cloud server system. It is deeply integrated with the NTES, which are the official and the most trusted networks. Accuracy of the system is more than 99.99%. Hence, you can rely on the data.

Real-Time Data: The Trainman train running live status gives you real-time data. The latency in data could be less than a few milliseconds. The accuracy is applicable to all the trains running all over India.   

Ease-of-Use:  The Trainman app is very easy to use. All the menu items are displayed in the specific order. The number of steps in getting the required data is very few. Hence, the Trainman app is rated as the best among train running status software systems.

Ease of Installation: Downloading and installation of the Trainman app is simple, fast, and easy. You can g to the official website or related links to find the download-option. Make sure you go to the Android version if you wish to use it on your mobile phone.

Select the latest version and click on download. It takes only a few minutes for the app to download. Then you can install using the online installation-wizard.

Regular Updates: Trainman train status live app gets updates regularly. Hence, it includes all the new trains that join the Indian railways in real time. The system updates automatically if there are any cancellations of trains. If there are any changes to the arrival platform, coach arrangement, and other details, the Trainman app notifies them to you immediately.

There are a few other apps which are almost similar to Trainman. You may try them out in case you are unable to access the Trainman app from your mobile. You may find them to be useful for online and offline applications.

IXIGO – Explained

IXIGO comes after Trainman. The app works on Android platform. You can view the location of the train between any two stations in real time. The other details are the number of train stops, planned schedule, delay, train route, and related information.

The IXIGO app works in online and offline modes. You can access the required information within the train even when the internet connection is not available. The user interface is stated to be simple and easy. In our experience, it comes after Trainman app when relating to the number of steps we have to follow for getting the accurate information.


CONFIRMTKRT is an Android-based mobile app for getting information about train status, present location, and related data. You can also get to know about the last station from which the train departed, delay, expected arrival at the next station, etc.

We tried this app when we were in Bhvaneshwar last time. It seemed to be working fine during the online/offline modes. However, we would rate it only after Trainman live train running the status app in terms of availability, accessibility, and accuracy.

RAILYATRI – Explained

RAILYATRI is yet another app for android based mobile systems. It allows you to enter the start Dayanidhi of the train apart from the train number. There are a few option buttons for today, yesterday, two days ago, and three days ago. They may be there to include any cancellation of the train for one or more number of days, which we were unable to make out.

We tried the app while in Bangalore to Check Live Train Running Status. We could get most of the information that the Trainman app delivered with good accuracy. We recommend this app in case you don’t have access to Trainman.

Last Updated on January 13, 2022

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