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Cheap Ways to Move Across the Country

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What Is the Cheapest Way to Move? 

The high cost of moving to a new country or to a new state is one of the factors that deter many people from making the decision to change their place of residence. Looking at the cost of the moving services, they may decide to postpone their plans. However, the market offers more economical relocation options. Learn from movers Santa Monica California how to significantly reduce the cost of moving, even if your new house is at a considerable distance from you.

In search of the best way to move cross-country, people tried many solutions. The most effective ones have become widespread and have acquired an entire infrastructure. Moving companies have begun to provide partial services for those who are ready to manage some stages of the move independently. The more time and effort you are willing to invest in relocation, the cheaper it will be.

DIY Move 

The best and cheapest way to move cross-country is, of course, when you do everything yourself. In this case, you can save on packing, loading and unloading things, as well as on the move itself. However, this ideal option is only suitable if the following conditions are met:

  • You don’t have many things because you sold or gave them away for free before moving;
  • No bulky furniture that requires large trucks to transport;
  • Moving is carried out for a short distance, and therefore, all things can be transported in several trips.

In this case, it will be necessary to pay only for fuel and spend several days on the moving process.

Rent a Moving Truck 

While people realize that traveling with a few things is the easiest and cheapest way, many families try to keep most of their possessions. Therefore, the option of a completely independent move for them is unrealistic. The main reason is that they need to transport heavy furniture. In this case, if you are ready to ensure the loading and unloading of things yourself, as well as to drive a truck, you can simply rent it from a tracking company. The cost of moving in this scenario would include the following expenses:

  • Fixed rate depending on mileage;
  • Fuel cost;
  • Insurance fees.

Choose a Hybrid Move 

When trying to answer the question, what is the best way to move cross-country, it is essential to weigh your strong and weak sides. And if some stages of the move can be provided on your own or with the help of friends, you can agree with the moving company about the hybrid plan of action.

  • Sometimes, a person is willing to spend a lot of time packing things and loading them with the help of friends. However, driving a truck requires special skills that an individual may lack. In this case, the moving company will provide a truck with a driver, and you will do the rest yourself.
  • The other way is also possible: one of the family members has truck driving skills, but there are not enough acquaintances who are ready to load all possessions for free. In such a situation, you can hire San Francisco movers and packers, rent a truck, and do the moving process yourself.

Rent a Moving Container 

Another effective way to reduce the cost of moving by two or three times is to rent a moving container. The fee for this service is charged depending on the size of the container, the distance of moving, and the amount of time for which you rent it. Therefore, the faster you can load and unload it, the cheaper it will be to transport things. This option is very effective if you will not be able to move into a new home immediately. A rented container in such a situation will serve as a storage room. But if you are transporting things on a rented truck, and the previous owners of the house have not yet left it, you will have to look for additional opportunities for temporary storage.

Use a Freight Trailer

The option of using a freight trailer is similar to choosing a moving container. The rental company will bring a trailer to your home and give you the freedom to load it. After a specified time (usually three days), the freight trailer company hooks it up to the tractor unit and transports it to the new house. Unloading can also be carried out independently to reduce the cost of moving. Since in this case, you only pay for the rental of the trailer and the services of transporting it to a new location, this allows you to significantly reduce the cost of relocation.

Now that you know what is the best way to travel cross-country for a move, evaluate your truck driving skills, physical abilities, and time resource. If any of these indicators turn out to be high enough, perform some tasks yourself and lower the total cost of the moving bill.

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