4 Amazing Cheap Travel Ideas for Poor College Students

College education isn’t cheap these days, especially if you’re attending a school like Rutgers University for a high-quality degree, such as an online social work masters degree. This means that a lot of students who long to travel the world while they’re studying simply can’t afford to do so. Even though you can save a fortune with the help of cheap paper writing services, you will still have problems with your savings.

However, if you find yourself in this situation, have no fear, as there are plenty of cheap travel ideas that are ideal for poor college students who long to see what else is out there. Check out the affordable travel destinations below to get started.

Cheap Travel Ideas
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Cheap Travel Ideas for Poor College Students

Ecuador place as Cheap Travel Ideas for Poor College Students

One of the best places to visit in South America is Ecuador, even though a lot of people don’t think of it when they are planning a trip. For broke college students, this country provides a budget-friendly option that will give you access to amazing things to do and see, lovely beaches to relax on, and easy access to the unforgettable Galapagos Islands.


If you do not want to travel internationally, you can stay more local and head to Florida. There are so many beaches to choose from, from Daytona to Miami, that you may find it difficult to narrow down your choices, but the state is a perfect east coast destination for your winter break, your spring break, or your summer vacation because there are loads of affordable places to stay and affordable things to do. Check out Key West, as one example, to gain access to breathtaking sunsets, a party atmosphere, delicious foods, and great swimming and snorkeling opportunities.


A lot of college students long to visit Amsterdam and have some fun there before they graduate, and if you are one of those students, you can definitely plan your trip easily, even if you are on a tight budget. The average costs that are associated with airfare to and from Amsterdam, and the costs of partying while you are there, are probably lower than you think, so check out your options. It will be the perfect way to take a much-needed break from your serious studies as you work to complete your degree in education, your MSW online, your MBA, or any other degree program.

Puerto Rico place as Cheap Travel Ideas for Poor College Students


Finally, Puerto Rico is another fantastic destination for American students on a budget. Flights to the tropical island are affordable, and you can access beautiful beaches, hike through a rain forest, and enjoy dancing and drinking as you party the night away. Between the delicious foods, the tourist attractions, and the friendly locals, you will not get bored during your stay in Puerto Rico, and you can start your journey in San Juan before exploring other areas.

Once you look at your options, you will quickly realize that there are actually plenty of opportunities to travel throughout the United States and abroad affordably, even if you are a poor college student who has spent most of their money on their tuition and school supplies. Take advantage of your time as a student to see as much as you can.

Last Updated on November 8, 2021

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