Changing The Future Outcome – Is It a Scam or Legit?

CTFO, or Changing The Future Outcome is a US-based company that markets CBD oil products. Over the past couple of years, the use of CBD and its byproducts has been a trend that continues to persist because of the positive testimonials of those who are able to reap the benefits of the products. This paved the way for several enterprises, such as CTFO, to venture into the business of manufacturing and selling CBD products.Changing The Future Outcome company and find out whether it is a legit business selling CBD products or a scam.lets learn all about this.

Changing The Future Outcome

Changing The Future Outcome Product Categories

CBD for Health 

CTFO has CBD oil drops and creams that aim to improve the overall well-being of a person. These products aim to increase energy levels, help regulate sleep patterns, decrease anxiety, improve digestion, and boost the immune system. Several users of CBD oil marketed by CTFO claim that indeed they reaped these benefits when they started using the products.

CBD for Anti-Aging

 CTFO has several anti-aging products with CBD components. The entire suite of anti-aging products is comprised of 15 individual products that focus on skin rejuvenation and hair treatments. In a similar fashion with the CBD for health products, several people who have tried these products swear on its effectiveness.

CBD for Nutrition

 The CBD products for the nutrition of CTFO is composed of CBD-based edibles and capsules that mostly focus on weight loss.

CBD for Pets

 CTFO also has CBD products for animals and this includes everything from treats, drops, sprays, and even CBD infused shampoo, which all aims to aid your pets live healthier.

CTFO Compensation Plan

People who are interested to join CTFO may be surprised to find that being a distributor is free and there are several ways on how you can earn in the business. One is through retail commissions or the direct profit you generate once you make a sale. Another is through unilevel and matrix commissions wherein distributors get a certain percentage of revenue from the sales made by their downlines, or the people they introduce into the business. Finally, distributors can also earn bonuses, but they need to qualify in order to do so and this is by leveling up in the ranks of the company.

The Verdict?

CTFO is not a scam because the company is selling real products to which they generate their income. There are several CTFO reviews that can certainly back up this claim. It is notable how the business implements a Multi-Level Marketing business model, or MLM, which rewards their distributors with a certain percentage of the revenue generated by the group sales of their downlines, or the people they recruit into the business. This is because an MLM business model is an effective marketing strategy that allows a business to swiftly promote brand awareness.

Changing The Future Outcome

To wrap things up, it can be deemed that CTFO is indeed a legit company with a different business model. MLM is not a scam, rather, it is one type of business model that is utilized by some of the businesses, such as CTFO, in order to rapidly broaden their market. Just bear in mind that CTFO is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme, instead, it entails hard work and perseverance to eventually become successful in this business.

Last Updated on June 10, 2023

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