Bring Adventure Back Into Your Life

What is the 'Make Every Day an Adventure' Challenge?

The next 7 days will truly change your life. You'll be supported, inspired and READY to take action!

Here's How It Works:

✅ Start Your ADVENTURE List (if you haven't created it - DO IT HERE)
? Daily Email Prompts (IMPORTANT: Make sure to open your emails daily from Marina@TravelExperta.com)
? Daily Social Sharing (get encouragement from our global community)

?Share Your Adventures and Win Prizes:

We all know that sharing and doing adventures have so much more meaning with others.

Once you have completed your adventure make sure to take lots of pictures and post them on Instagram tagging @makeeverydanadventure  and hashtag: #MakeEveryDayanAdventure

Don't have an Instagram account - don't worry - it's simple to get one up. 
GO HERE and follow along to get one started

?Examples of what to post:

Let's Have Some Fun - get inspired by sharing and posting and encouraging yourself and others.

<through the examples pics you can show them - backyard smelling the flowers - with the caption “Our adventure of the day took us to our backyard to the perennial flower garden that was planted ___ years ago . . . we always took it for granted - smelled the flowers and cut some for the house)EXAMPLE 2:IMAGE of another Instagram post that takes them to a local museum - todays adventure - use your hashtag 

Example 3:

Cooking class 

Caption = today's adventure - - use your hashtag

?So, how do you WIN this challenge?

  • There are no losers here! 
  • Everyone's a winner even if you only do ONE adventure from your list… but there will still be participation prizes.
  • It's totally understandable that everyone will have different results, and have varying amounts of time to put these ideas into action, so the goal with these prizes is to encourage everyone!
  • If you participate, and you have the chance to be randomly selected to win one of the prizes.

What are the prizes and incentives?

Adventure Seeker Swag!!

☕Starbucks Gift Card –
A little fuel for your adventure

?Amazon Gift Card

?Grand Prize from our Sponsor
(details to be announced)

⭐Adventure Challenge Spotlight

Here are some past Adventure Challengers who pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and had such a blast!


To date, over XXX amount of people just like you participated in this wildly popular ADVENTURE CHALLENGE and even more that are striving to #MakeEveryDayAnAdventure!

Adventure Challengers have said that this gave them the confidence and inspiration to have more and more adventures.

?Imagine Discovering the Secret to:

?More Confidence


?Living a longer, happier life

?Bonding and Connection

?️Other Important Details

Winners will be announced one day after the challenge is over and will be chosen at random based on participation.

To win a prize, you must participate.

To participate in the Adventure Challenge:

  1. DO at least one of the adventures on your list 
  2. SHARE a picture on Instagram (to learn how to create an Instagram account go here)
  3. TAG @makeeverydanadventure using the hashtag #MakeEveryDayAnAdventure.


Spread Joy by inviting people to do the Adventure Challenge.

All rights are reserved to change/add any rules or prizes during the challenge as deemed necessary

All rights are reserved to revoke anyone's access to the challenge if a participant is not abiding by the rules or creating problems for other participants.