Chaa Creek Belize Review: A Family Friendly Luxury Eco Lodge

Belize, one of the tiniest countries in Central America, has so much to offer that it’s hard to decide where to start. I did lots and lots of research, and finally decided to start in San Ignacio which is in the Cayo District and best known for it’s jungles, caves and Maya ruins! But the big question was where to stay in Belize? Chaa Creek kept on coming up #1 in all my searches for everything I was looking for.

What Chaa Creek in Belize offers:

  • Eco Jungle Lodge
  • Pool
  • Private Cabins with Hammocks
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Camping
  • Jungle and River right on the property

As with a lot of hotel websites, it’s so hard to tell what you’re gonna get upon arrival. Well, needless to say, Chaa Creek exceeded all our expectations!

Chaa Creek

We arrived late in the evening and were greeted by Lorenzo and Larry who work with Chaa Creek in the main office for a fun dinner with them and my family. Well, as fun as eating a fancy dinner with a baby can be!

Before our dinner, Lorenzo gave me a tour as we headed to our cabin and the first thing he said was Chaa Creek is ‘A destination within a destination’. Since it was dark out, I just put that quote to the back of my mind not really understanding what he was telling me.

eco luxury

Our cabin, which is more of a luxury bungalow, blew our minds! We had 2 huge feathery beds that my kids immediately sunk into and practically swam around in.

luxury hotel in belize

The bathroom had two showers inside and an outdoor shower where little lizards greeted you while enjoying the fresh air of the Belizean rain forest!

luxury jungle lodge belize

Over dinner, which can be compared to a 5 star restaurant serving anything from lobster tails to Filet Mignon, we talked about Chaa Creek.

lobster tail gourmet delight

My family and I travel a lot, we’ve stayed in interesting lodges and hotels. I always go for a unique experience! One of the things that attracted me most and were explained better in person, was the backstory to how Chaa Creek evolved in the first place.  The story is truly amazing. In a nutshell, Mick and Lucy Fleming arrived in Belize in the late 1970’s and bought this 145-acre farm which didn’t have electricity or anything on it. The only way to get here was by canoe, and they literally worked the land with their hands developing it very slowly from the ground up to a working farm to this gorgeous eco-lodge that is here today! Trust me, their story is incredible, and I would really recommend reading it and watching the video about their love for this land and for the full account.

Now on to the good stuff. The next day we woke up bright and early, thanks to having a baby, we were ready for breakfast right as the sun was rising.  But with the light shining down through the massive trees that are all around, we immediately grasped what was told to us – this is a destination within a destination. There is so much to do and see.

What to do in the Rain Forest of Belize at an Eco Lodge?

Swim in the infinity pool

belize family vacation packages - resort

Go on a hike around the property

rain forest tours

Check out the Butterfly Garden

morpho butterfly hands on kids education

Or simply swing in a hammock enjoying the pure tranquility of the place

family love jungle lodge belize

Nevertheless, we had a full day’s of activities without ever leaving the property and would have another 2 full days if we had that extra time to stay!

One thing that does stand out was how beautifully everything was taken care of. The grounds were perfectly manicured, the staff always had a smile and a joke, and the serenity (even with kids) was just what we needed!

Thanks Lorenzo, Larry, Mick and Lucy for a great stay!


Last Updated on April 29, 2022

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  1. looks amazing! can i come with you on your next trip??? i’ll find all the dessert hot spots 🙂

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