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Celebrating a Traditional Kashmiri Wedding with a Wedding Loan

If there’s one place closer to heaven on earth, it’s got to be Kashmir. The snow clad mountains in the background, the breath-taking scenery makes it a perfect place to have a wedding. Believe it or not, a Kashmiri wedding is one of the prettiest that you can witness. It’s a rather sophisticated affair comprising several beautiful rituals that make it a brilliant site to watch out for.How you can achieve the most beautiful Traditional Kashmiri Wedding and learn all about how to get a loan for it to make it even better.

Kashmiri Wedding with a Wedding Loan

While it is a beautiful affair, a Kashmiri wedding may be a tad expensive affair considering the many functions it entails and the exchange of valuable gifts that take place. One way to handle these costs is by taking a wedding loan at very affordable interest rates.

Yes, a wedding loan is a type of a personal loan whereby interest rates start from as low as 11.49% in institutions such as Tata Capital, and you can get up to 15 lakh rupees of wedding loan, or even more, depending upon your eligibility criteria, credit score and requirement.

To avail this kind of a personal loan, you have to be at least 21 years of age, and if salaried, you must have a monthly income of minimum Rs 20,000. Alternately, you can also avail for Tata Capital’s 50-50 wedding loan scheme where both the future partners can jointly take up a wedding loan, and repay it equally post marriage. The maximum personal loan that can be taken under this scheme is Rs 5,00,000. The best part is that the cumulative eligibility is considered while approving or eventually sanctioning the wedding loan.

Kashmiri Wedding

Wedding loans are disbursed within 72 hours so, if you have all your documents in place – basic KYC documents, then even you can apply for this wedding loan after you have made a judgment about how much loan amount you need for the wedding.

Let’s look at the major cost areas included in a Kashmiri wedding:


This ceremony involves a lot of gold, which has to be gifted to the bride. A wedding loan is a must if you have to purchase enough gold because there would be tons of other expenses to manage, and you cannot afford to give up on your savings.

A ThapTraavin is like an official announcement of the wedding. In fact, to announce the wedding, gifts containing copper plates laden with dry fruits and sweets are sent to all the relatives.


Nishayn is a Kashmiri engagement and involves some delicious food that is sent from the bride and the groom’s house. When you have to feed a host of relatives, you would definitely want the best. All this is a cost-intensive affair, but if you take a wedding loan, it can cover all these high expenses.


Money, gold, wazwan etc. is sent by the groom’s family to the bride’s family during Eid.  Now, buying expensive gifts for the couple and the in-laws will cost big bucks. While planning to avail a wedding loan, this is one more huge cost area, which must be taken into consideration. This is also the time when the bride’s family starts to shop for the trousseau or Wardan. From bags to clothes, shoes, jewellery, everything that the bride takes to her new home is bought, and all this is an expensive affair, which must be taken into account when computing the wedding loan. The groom’s family also has to shop for gold for the bride around this time. For such expenses, a personal loan comes in real handy.

Celebrating a Traditional Kashmiri Wedding

Yini Wol: 

Post the Nikah, Yini Wol is a day when a lot of guests including relatives, friends, neighbours, and acquaintances gather for lunch and come and bless the couple. The guests are served the famous Kashmiri Wazwan consisting of a slew of items such as Modur Pulao, Yakhni, Rogan Josh, Tabak Maas, Gosh tabaa longside kahwa. The Yini Wol is hosted by the bride’s family.


The next day the groom’s family holds a feast called the Walima. It is similar to the YiniWol in terms of food and guests invited. The only difference is that this feast is from the groom’s side. Similar to the YiniWol, family and friends are invited to the Walima.

Kashmiri Wedding with a Wedding Loan

Both the YiniWol and the Walima involve costs as both are lavish spreads meant for a large gathering. It is better to take the costs of these into account when you are planning to take a wedding loan because food costs take up the maximum chunk of your expenses.

Each tradition is important in its own and a wedding loan will take care of all these rising expenses so that the ceremony goes on without a hitch or a glitch.

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