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Celebrating the World of Travel through Jewelry

Around 91% of people surveyed said that travel was key to their overall happiness – as reported in the Amex Trendex report (2020). There is indeed something incredibly enriching about trying local dishes, shopping for clothing made by local designers, and picking up a few jewelry items to remind us of the fascinating places encountered. If you are a jewelry lover who enjoys curating different collections, the following tips for creating and displaying travel-inspired pieces may be of help.

Discovering Local Designs and Artisans

Before heading to your chosen destination, try to find out more about its jewelry making traditions, as well as the gems and stones it is known for. If you visit Australia, for instance, then you can’t leave without a design made in opal – known to the indigenous people as the “fire of the desert.” Canada, meanwhile, is known for the quality of its jade, Sri Lanka for its sparkly sapphires, and Iran for its cool turquoise. Different countries, cities, and even villages are also known for their unique artisan traditions. Murano, for instance, is famed for its glass blown décor and jewelry pieces, Algeria is known for its statement silver pieces decorated with colorful enamel gemstones, and artisans in the Bahamas make traditional jewelry from natural items such as corals, sea glass, and seashells.

Investing in Designer Pieces

If you enjoy collecting both fine and costume jewelry pieces, research into top designers in the specific cities you will be visiting. Find out about the quality of the stone they are using – for instance, if you are purchasing diamond pieces, make sure the diamonds have a clarity ranging from VS1(Very Small Inclusions 1) all the way up to IF (Internally Flawless). Ensure that diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced – for diamonds, this means that stones should respect the Kimberley Process. For other gemstones, look for a certificate from an accredited gemologist or faceter (the person who actually cuts the gemstones).

Displaying Your Collection

Travel-inspired jewelry can lend an artistic element to your décor. Exhibit your jewelry securely by opting for dedicated jewelry boxes and stands that will hold onto your treasured collection. You can display your collection by country (or city), type, or color. Whichever means you use, make sure that the items you use the most are easily accessible and that those with a high value are safely stored in a safe or similar high-security storage space. Displays that can add a designer touch to your room include wicker jewelry boxes, onyx trinket trays, and jewelry drawers.

Online Shopping for Coveted Items

 If you weren’t able to pick up a coveted item on your recent travels, make up for it afterwards by continuing to search online for chosen gemstones or jewelry designs from Take advantage of price drops for discontinued items and be vigilant for the passing of trends. Pearls are back in a big way, for instance, so prices are currently up, but many gemstones are currently selling at lower prices – including amethyst, citrine, and peridot.

For lovers of jewelry, one of the best things about travel is being able to pick up beautiful pieces. When shopping, aim to take home a few pieces that are made according to local traditions. Be sure to keep those pieces safe and untangled by putting them in travel jewelry cases such as those from Roam Often.  Once you get home, display your collection in a visually aesthetic way, but also make sure jewelry is well secured so your pieces stay in perfect condition for a lifetime. Your jewels can be stored in small travel jewelry boxes such as the one in San Saru, thus ensuring that the jewels are not lost or damaged.

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