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CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain: How it Might Help You

Did you know that arthritis affects nearly 40 million people in the US?Unfortunately, treating the condition can be a frustrating process of trial and error.If you’ve heard about CBD cream for arthritis pain, you might be wondering if it’s worth a try. CBD can help to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief without negative side effects.Want to know more about how CBD could help you?Whether you suffer from daily arthritis pain or flair-ups due to travel,you should learn about CBD cream for arthritis and how it could help.

cbd cream for arthritis pain

CBD May Enhance Serotonin Levels to Regulate Pain

There is still ongoing research into CBD, so there are several theories around why it sometimes helps with arthritis.

The first revolves around the fact that CBD acts on serotonin receptors. Serotonin levels affect mood, sleep, and pain.

It’s thought that using CBD can increase your serotonin levels, thus reducing the amount of arthritis-related pain you feel.

If you suffer from chronic pain that has multiple causes, taking oral CBD can be a good way to target them all at once.

If you’re solely dealing with joint pain, topical CBD is a good choice.

CBD May Increase THC Levels in Your Blood to Reduce Pain

The second theory around why CBD can help with arthritis involves THC levels.

While CBD is doesn’t induce the ‘high’ that THC and other cannabinoids do, it can help to stimulate your body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS). That means that taking CBD can naturally increase THC levels in your blood.

THC helps regulate mood, immune system response, and pain, making it useful in treating chronic pain conditions. You can learn more about delta 8 vs CBD, and what delta 8 THC products can be used for, via many resources on the internet, including this article over on HeraldNet.

So, CBD won’t get you high, but it will help your body to produce its own natural, pain-relieving cannabinoids.

Research Has Shown That CBD Can Reduce Joint Swelling

Research on rats has shown that CBD can help reduce joint swelling when applied over several days.

Since swelling and inflammation are responsible for much of the pain you experience when suffering from arthritis, using topical CBD could provide relief.

The research also found that the treatment produced no psychoactive effects — so you won’t have to worry about feeling ‘high’ after using CBD cream.

Similar studies carried out on dogs suffering from joint issues have also shown positive results.

While more research on humans is still needed, it’s safe to say that CBD shows a lot of promise when it comes to dealing with joint pain.

If you’ve already tried CBD for your pain and it’s not working, make sure you’re using a full spectrum product at the right dose. If in doubt, ask for professional medical advice.

Should You Try CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain?

CBD seems to be effective in treating chronic pain and inflammation, although further research is still needed.

If you’re looking for a natural way to treat arthritis and want to avoid strong painkillers, CBD cream for arthritis pain is a good option.

The risk of side effects is low, and you can discontinue treatment at any time.

Taking a break from day to day stress by going on a trip is another great way to reduce chronic pain symptoms. Check out our destination guide to plan your next vacation.

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