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Caught Drunk Driving On The Road? Here Are Some Tips So It Won’t Happen Again

Drunk Driving is a serious misdemeanor offense, but it is even more severe when it is driving while intoxicated (DWI), instead of the common driving under the influence (DUI) which can lead to probation or fines. 

Drunk Driving

Drivers must know when they take on the steering wheel while intoxicated, everyone within their axis is in potential danger, this is why some states take DUI offenses seriously, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data revealed that twenty-eight (28) people die from drunk-driving crashes in the United States daily. 

A DUI charge has various consequences with a far-reaching effect on the offender, bearing in mind that many DUI offenders turn over a new leaf after going through the motion of being charged, serving their punishment, or paying the fine. 

But few people learn from their first DUI consequence results, as people cannot manage their bad habits to the best of their interest. Here are some tips to help you navigate a drunk driving situation when you have had one too many alcoholic beverages and Beating DWI Charges

Use A Ride-hailing Service

Ride-hailing is one of the best ways to avoid being caught in a drunk driving situation. People go out to bars and clubs using these services to unburden them from having to drive at all. 

Lyft, Uber, and Yellow cabs are inexpensive alternatives you can book a ride for a specific time to ensure that you are covered during and after your drinking binge, keep in mind that the first DUI consequence is not having a perfect exit plan after getting intoxicated and ending up being picked by traffic officers. 

Get A Designated Driver

If you can get drunk,  also figure out who would be your chauffeur once you are intoxicated. Friends that hangout together should have a designated driver amongst them that must be sober and see that everyone gets home safely after calling it a night. 

Also, if you want to go out alone to have fun and get intoxicated, make sure you have many options of people you can call to come and pick you up from the watering hole. 

This would save you from having a second DUI conviction or paying between $500 to $2,000 fine when you are charged with DUI after your breath alcohol testing (BAT) or blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test shows you’re driving while above the 0.08% legally defined level of alcohol intoxication.  And you can also consult a DUI Attorney.

Use Public Transportation

This is another viable alternative to avoid being picked up as a drunk driver or for a DUI. Make sure your drinking location has a reliable public transportation system. 

Having to take the train, subway or bus reduces your chances of getting picked up for being at the wheels of your car when you are intoxicated. Using alternative transport options gives you a relaxation window to cool off and relax while you are heading home to complete the sobering-up process. 

Book A Hotel

In situations where you cannot find any ride-hailing service or cannot call your acquaintance, family, or friend to come to pick you up from the club after getting intoxicated, find a nearby motel or hotel and sleep off the alcohol. This is one of the safest options that would save your time, money, and another DUI record to your name. 

Paying $200 for a room at a hotel is like a discount price compared to the accumulated expenses of bail money, attorney fees, court cost, BAT test, probation fee, or fines that you will have to pay when you are stopped by a traffic officer for drunk driving and charged with a DUI. 

Stay Under The Speed Limit

Police can easily identify drunk drivers from their driving speed limit, this is a typical textbook play of DUI consequence results, they cannot help their actions. 

If you are caught when you are slightly intoxicated and still have to drive, the best advice is to do it under the speed limit, which puts you under-the-radar of patrol officers, to reach your destination and go sleep it off. 

It is best to avoid a DUI arrest than to face the consequences of being pulled over for drunk driving and having to navigate the justice process. 

Consider this, when you get charged for DUI, you have a permanent criminal record attached to your name which your highly-priced lawyer may not expunge, reducing it to probation, community service, or fines. 

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