Travel Tips

Travel Tips for families traveling internationally: Central America, United States, Europe, Caribbean and so much more.

Weekly Travel Tip – Eat Safely When Traveling To Central America

So you are traveling to Central America and concerned about what foods are safe to eat? Well this week’s tip is more of a suggestion on what is best to eat when you leave your country on vacation. I’ll start … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tip – Useful Advice For Gifts When Traveling

Some of us like to take presents when traveling specially if we are traveling for a special occasion. If that is the case I would recommend putting it with the rest of your luggage. But there will eventually be some … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tip – How To Relax When Traveling With Kids

As a traveling mom I can’t help asking myself this question every time we are about to go on vacation “What happens if I lose my child?” And I think most moms that are part of a family travel trip … Continue reading

Weelky Travel Tip – How Much Is It?

Even though prices may vary in different regions of Guatemala you might want to have some reference: A short taxi ride inside Guatemala City can cost you between 25 and 50 Quetzals ($3 and $7). A soda can be between … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tip – Women: A New Use for Old Pantyhose

I learned that airports can be an easy place for others to prey on unsuspecting travelers who are unfamiliar with their surroundings. That is why money/credit cards that will not be immediately needed should be secured until you leave your … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tip – Guys Get A Mugger’s Wallet

Today I have a great tip for the boys. Because anywhere you go there will always be thieves. So why not carry a ‘mugger’s wallet‘ when travelling. In it you can carry a big bill in front and a half-dozen or so … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tip – A New Packing Method

I have traveled a lot, which means a lot of luggage carrying and it is never easy. The clothes always get wrinkled and it seems like you never have enough room for it. So to make it all simpler I … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tip – Check out the Countryside

Central America is home to some of the world’s most fascinating ancient sites that include Mayan ruins, church ruins, old buildings form its colonial days, incredible forests and much more. So where’s the point in staying in the in the … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Practice Your Spanish

Part of the fun of traveling is trying to communicate with the local people and learning their traditions. In Central America you will always find nice people willing to let you know something interesting about their culture. So whatever Spanish … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Chicken Buses – Go At Your Own Risk!

Buses are by far the cheapest and most efficient way to get around the Central American Region but let me tell you not all of them. There are some great bus companies where you can buy your ticket in advance, … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Ask Before Taking Pictures

When I first came to Guatemala all I did was take pictures of everything and every one. One day I was at the local market and I over heard a couple of local ladies talking about them not wanting people … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Season Matters When Traveling to Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica I figured a way to enjoy traveling without spending too much but most importantly without having to spend my vacations locked up in a hotel room. And this is my conclusion: December to early April are … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Best Season To Visit Guatemala

April to October is Guatemala’s Green season, this is when you can get the best prices. But there’s a catch, it’s also the time of the year when you can do almost nothing because it rains almost every afternoon and … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Don’t Leave Your Home Without Sunscreen

Central America is very close to the Equator and sun burns skin faster than you may be used to. So the normal advice would be “wear sunscreen”. But in these countries rain can be unexpected and sudden so a regular … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Safety Tips When Traveling In Guatemala

Guatemala as the rest of Central American countries has a bad reputation, and you do need to be on your guard. The thing is it’s really no more dangerous than any other large city in a developing country, so don’t … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Costa Rica Water

Most people traveling around Central America are very concerned about how clean the water really is. And i have to admit was one of them until I found out that unlike most Latin American countries Costa Rica has a fairly … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tips – Parking in Antigua Guatemala

Driving in Antigua Guatemala is not a wise thing to do. It is a small place with lots of great hotels, restaurants and way too many cars, so take my advice and don’t. You can rent a bike, a scooter … Continue reading

Baby Boomers Travel: How are Baby Boomer Travelers Different

Doris Gallan and her Niece Ziplining Last of a series of Baby Boomers Traveling in Costa Rica by Doris Gallan Are Baby Boomers that different from other travelers? Yes. And No. Whatever it is in our genetic make-up that compels … Continue reading

Weekly Travel Tip – Kid Essential

I’m a freak. I’ll admit it! Even knowing that Costa Rica is one of them most kid friendly countries in Central America I’m ridiculously paranoid my son is either going to get lost or kidnapped. Yes, I have serious issues … Continue reading

Baby Boomer: Learning or Enhancing a Skill

Fourth in a series on traveling with a mission in Costa Rica by Doris Gallan. One of the fastest ways for Baby Boomers to immerse themselves in the culture of Costa Rica is to come here to learn a new … Continue reading