Restaurant Review

Restaurant Reviews

Food is a religion, many of us have an outstanding love for food from all over the world. It’s one of the most unique ways to learn about a culture. There is a huge amount of restaurants out there and while traveling abroad most people eat at their favorite chain food restaurant. Don’t do that! There are many local restaurants, good ones!

Here you can find a lot restaurant reviews, from famous big restaurants to small comfy and warm local restaurants!

Restaurant Review – Honest Reviews of Local Restaurants.

Learn about the kid-friendly options in different parts of the world for families.

Restaurants Near Strasburg Railroad: Hershey Farm Restaurant

Why do trains and railroads bring out adventure feelings in people? What is it about them? Strasburg Railroad is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lancaster, PA. A historic railroad with one of the oldest steam train in the world that showcases the history of railroads in America and you get the chance […]

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Fun Breakfast Restaurant Near Weeki Wachee, Florida – Leslie’s Bistro

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me. Well, technically not for me, but for my kids. My boys are extremely picky eaters but can shovel down a good breakfast. As a matter of fact, they can eat breakfast three times a day. So when we travel nothing can disrupt our breakfast […]

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Salpicon Colombia: Best Traditional and Fruity Drink in The Country

A huge prerequisite for me when visiting any part of the world is to always taste the local food and drink. Every single country has something that is extra special for either the country, city or town that you visit and in Colombia there are so many that I had a blast tasting many. My […]

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The Breakers Restaurants in Palm Beach: An Italian Experience

One of the biggest challenges families face when traveling is finding restaurants that cater to families with young kids. This usually means having some sort of entertainment or even distractions to keep the kids busy giving parents a chance to order and simply enjoy a glass of wine and some conversation. Italian Restaurant The Breakers […]

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Crabby Joes Restaurant Daytona Beach Review

A trend is forming for me. Whenever I head to a new spot I find myself doing massive searches online, but in the end usually go with the advice and recommendations of tourism board experts. Such was the case with Daytona Beach Florida. Gentry, from Daytona Beach Tourism office, when I asked her what is […]

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Mio Vino Restaurant in Malaga: A Must Visit Flamenco Experience

Went looking for some Flamenco instead and found so much more. When searching for unique and fun restaurants during our trip to Malaga, Spain, I instantly gravitated to restaurants with Flamenco.  Spain is the birthplace of this passionate art and Malaga is so close to Granada, where it all started, I figured this will be […]

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The Tablao Flamenco Villa Rosa Experience: Flamenco Show in Madrid

Everyone in my family had something they needed to see or do while we were in Spain. My husband had two requests – Paella and climbing. My oldest boy to visit Real Madrid Bernabeu tour and climbing, my youngest same as my oldest (he does everything he does still) and me – Flamenco. Tonight was my […]

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La Ruta del Yalu in Guatemala: Working Farm Holidays

Going fishing for trout was a huge attraction when we lived in Costa Rica. We used to take our oldest boy all the time. You can catch your fish and then have the restaurant make it to your liking, usually fried. Now that my youngest son is five years old he’s got bit by the fishing […]

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Cafe du Monde Riverwalk New Orleans – Our Second Home in NOLA

Beignets turned out to be not only the food of choice for my kids, but we found ourselves eating them literally for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner. And this was true for four out of the seven days we were there. Needless to say, I gained at least five pounds of beignet goodness, something that […]

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La Fattoria Restaurant, Guatemala City: Real Homemade Italian Cooking

When I was in high school I had a really close friend who was old school Italian. When I say Old School, I mean her parents were off the boat with all the old traditions in tact. Her mother reminded me of The Godfather’s wife (Don Corleone). This was most true in her cooking. Honestly, […]

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Drinking, Dancing and Dining – Date Night at BB King West Palm Beach

This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but my husband and I haven’t gone dancing in almost a decade. Before we had kids we used to go out to clubs, listen to live music, dance. Then somehow, without us even realizing it, ten years have flown by. Now it is time to regain a bit […]

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4 Restaurants to Visit in Costa Rica

Back when I lived in Costa Rica I was able to do a lot of exploring. I also went back a couple of years ago to enjoy once more what it has to offer. During this time I was able to visit many restaurants. Out of all of them a few stood out to me for […]

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Pizza Grizzly – Oldest Theme Restaurant in Guatemala

Since living in Guatemala one of the biggest challenges we have had was finding good pizza. We have tasted every pizza made in Antigua and simply are not pleased. Isn’t pizza supposed to be an easy thing to make? Apparently not! Four years of living in Guatemala, my husband just remembered that when he was […]

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Fenicci’s of Hershey Review: Oldest Restaurant in Town

The restaurants I choose during my travels are much more than restaurants. If my family and I are about to spend an entire evening somewhere it usually needs to be an experience that will be remembered rather than just a place to fill our tummies. I focus on this for every place we visit and […]

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Nais Aquarium and Restaurant in Guatemala City

Eating is a huge part of traveling. So, when I was in the process of working with INGUAT, Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo (Guatemala’s Tourism Board and Institue), for our private tour of Guatemala City, Nais Guatemala Restaurant was recommended. And Nais is definitely a great place to visit with kids, after a day of fun at […]

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Laru Beya Resort in Placencia Belize – Luxury Hotel Review

Our absolute most favorite place while visiting Belize in the main mainland area was Placencia. This tiny village at the tip of the peninsula is known for two amazing things: What is Placencia known for? 1. The Longest Beaches in Belize 2. The longest and narrowest main street in the world (it even made it […]

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Hotel San Carlos in Guatemala City: Elegance and Convenience

Every time my family and I go the US Embassy in Guatemala City we pass this gorgeous European style house. After several trips, I finally had a chance to find out what the place was all about it and it turns out it was a hotel. On a romantic weekend away from the kiddies, my husband and […]

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Beaches and Dreams in Belize: Beach Front Restaurant and Cabins

What do you do while watching sunsets and sipping on tropical drinks, in a beach front restaurant, as you vacation in Belize? You eat, and eat well! We stayed in Hopkins Village and had a chance to truly explore the area. Basically, it’s split up into two areas. One is close to the town, where […]

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Plantation Inn Restaurant in Crystal River, Fl – Fine Dining and Luxury Resort

What do you do after a fun-filled day swimming with Manatee? Go for a fine dining night out to celebrate such a unique and truly one-of-a-kind experience. Searching for the finest dining establishment in Crystal River was one of the easiest searches I have ever had to do. Plantation On Crystal River was always number […]

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Porta Hotel del Lago: Family Friendly Resorts on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is considered to be one of the top ten most beautiful places in the world to visit. Once you’ve been there, you would totally agree. However, when traveling with kids views and scenery only go so far. After ten minutes of soaking in the beauty, restlessness, and suppressed energy wins over […]

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