Restaurant Review

Restaurant Reviews

Food is a religion, many of us have an outstanding love for food from all over the world. It’s one of the most unique ways to learn about a culture. There is a huge amount of restaurants out there and while traveling abroad most people eat at their favorite chain food restaurant. Don’t do that! There are many local restaurants, good ones!

Here you can find a lot restaurant reviews, from famous big restaurants to small comfy and warm local restaurants!

Restaurant Review – Honest Reviews of Local Restaurants.

Learn about the kid-friendly options in different parts of the world for families.

6 of the Best Restaurants in Leon and Granada, Nicaragua

Whenever I plan a trip to a new place I like to search for restaurants that can provide amazing and unique experiences that will make us remember our time in that country or city. Plus, I often get questions about the best places to eat in the places I visit. So I came up with […]

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4 Best Restaurants In El Salvador

The beaches of El Salvador are well known among surfers. Some say that they are the best surf spots in Central America. After hearing that, I decided to take my family there to see what it was all about. Plus, they are not too far away from the Guatemalan border. We have since been to […]

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World’s Largest Mcdonald’s Orlando Florida – Is This Really Necessary?

Honestly, do we really need a ‘World’s Largest’ McDonalds? I highly doubt it. We stumbled upon this place accidentally while visiting Orlando, Florida. My son’s buddy lives in Orlando, and they haven’t seen one another in a long time. So the mama thought a safe bet would be to meet in McDonalds. The kids will […]

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Carnegie Deli Review: Sandwiches and Entertainment All in One Famous Spot in NYC

Did you know that I lived in NYC for four years before I took off on my travel adventure that led me to my inevitable life as an ex-pat? I did. And I have to confess that in all those years I never visited Carnegie Deli. I passed it hundreds of times. I always peeked […]

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Schnippers NYC: Affordable, Delicious, Kid Friendly Restaurant in NYC?

Can you really get the words affordable, delicious, and kid-friendly into one sentence when describing an NYC restaurant? I honestly didn’t think that is a possibility. Sure, kid-friendly exists here, but affordable as in less than $10 for a delicious huge meal that a child will devour? Have to admit, it is a challenge. After […]

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Things To Do in Burlington, Vermont

Every time I visited Vermont, when I was younger, for some reason, we always bypassed Burlington. No idea what the reasoning behind it was. But regardless, I finally made it, and with my family. So it was an extra bonus for me to share it with them. Fun Facts About Burlington It dates back to […]

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3 Famous Key West Restaurants

Key West, Florida is without a doubt one of the places one MUST visit when checking out the Florida Keys. This is where most of the action has been taking place for the last 500 hundred years and is still going strong. It is popular among travelers because it has the highest average temperature in […]

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Lancaster County Home of All You Can Eat Restaurants

Not sure why the trend of Lancaster County is all you can eat style restaurants from huge buffets to family style meals, but I’ll take it. Secretly, I am a huge buffet fan. My husband, on the other hand, is into the al carte styled menus. But since he couldn’t join us on this family […]

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Street Food in NYC – What Are You in the Mood to Eat?

New York City is world renown for prize winning chefs, cuisines from all over the world and Michelin starred restaurants . There is even a saying, ‘You can eat three meals a day, ever single day for one year and still not eat at all the restaurants in NYC.” But aside from the insane amount […]

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Fun Alcoholic Drinks at Ocean Prime Restaurants

What’s more creative than a chef in the finest kitchen? A mixologist. Tasting different cocktail mixtures and concoctions is one of my absolute favorite things to do when visiting different restaurants in Georgia. And whenever we travel internationally, or even locally, we often order the cocktail that is unique to the location, or restaurant. Looking […]

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City Tavern Review a Philadelphia Restaurant – Eat What the US Revolutionaries Ate

What is the first thought that comes to mind when hearing Philadelphia? For me, it was two thoughts – Constitution and the American Revolution. I guess they kind of go together hand in hand. When I started to research the most iconic, historic places to visit in Philly, aside from the Liberty Bell and Independence […]

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Ocean Prime Philadelphia Restaurant – Our Favorite Fine Dining (Chain) Restaurant

One thing with traveling is that you can experience different restaurants with unique menus and flavors all the time. In other words, when it comes to fine dining I have never returned to the same restaurant (if in multiple locations) twice. Never say never! After our incredible and unforgettable experience at the Ocean Prime Atlanta […]

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Positano Coast Philly – Escape to Italy’s Mediterranean in Philadelpphia

Have you ever been to a restaurant that literally transports you to another place entirely? With all our dining out fun, we have never actually had that kind of an experience until our visit to Positano Coast restaurant in Philadelphia. Positano coast restaurant My husband and I take a bi-yearly romantic getaway. This year we chose […]

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Food Trucks Boston: They Will Surprise You!

Eating out at fancy-schmancy restaurants is fantastic and a dream for most parents traveling with young kids. We always fit in two or three dining out adventures, and they are great fun. But nothing beats eating at food stands and trucks. I hunt food trucks everywhere we visit, Boston is no different. Recommended Read: Dining in Boston, […]

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Places to Visit in Vermont With Kids

Vermont is a huge State. Even bigger than it looks on the map because of all the different things it offers to do along the way. When I sat down to plan our family road trip for the week, my original plan was to visit Vermont and Maine. After the research began I immediately eliminated […]

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Haymarket Boston MA – Dirt Cheap Products and More

Markets and I are best friends. I seek them out where ever I go and can spend hours simply wandering around, enjoying the atmosphere, without buying anything at all. Living in Guatemala my addiction stays alive and well with the amazing traditional and local markets here with prices that I never thought would be beaten, especially […]

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Good n Plenty Lancaster: Traditional Amish Cooking and Homestyle Eating

Foodies unite. It is time to explore new sorts of eating hubs, and this one is for the masses. First of all. I am hardly a foodie. But I also know a good dining experience when I am right in the midst of it. And trust me when I say this, Good ‘n Plenty restaurant […]

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Locally Fresh Vermont Food: Bluebird Restaurant in Burlington

Did you know that BBQ is considered a Vermont specialty? I know it’s more of a Texas thing, however, Barbecuing has become uber-popular in Vermont, and for good reason. Mixing ingredients of the barbecue with Vermont maple syrup and other local goodness makes it so unique and tasty, that it has become a must-try while […]

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Restaurants Near Strasburg Railroad: Hershey Farm Restaurant, Lancaster County PA

Why do trains and railroads bring out adventure feelings in people? What is it about them? I’m yet to figure that out. However, I do see an underlining pattern when it comes to my searches for our upcoming trips. Related Read: Amish village Lancaster pa How Strasburg Rail Road Became a Must-Visit Attraction for My […]

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Hyatt Hotels Newport RI a lot More than Just a Hotel

Have you ever heard of Goat Island? This secret place is less than five minutes from Newport, Rhode Island and it houses one of the best outdoor restaurants to see the famous New England sunset while sipping fruity sangrias breathing in salty air. While searching for the best dining out time (i.e. sunset viewing) I […]

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