Restaurant Review

Restaurant Reviews

Food is a religion, many of us have an outstanding love for food from all over the world. It’s one of the most unique ways to learn about a culture. There is a huge amount of restaurants out there and while traveling abroad most people eat at their favorite chain food restaurant. Don’t do that! There are many local restaurants, good ones!

Here you can find a lot restaurant reviews, from famous big restaurants to small comfy and warm local restaurants!

Restaurant Review – Honest Reviews of Local Restaurants.

Learn about the kid-friendly options in different parts of the world for families.

World’s Largest Mcdonald’s Orlando Florida – Is This Really Necessary?

Honestly, do we really need a ‘World’s Largest’ McDonalds? I highly doubt it. We stumbled upon this place accidentally while visiting Orlando, Florida. My son’s buddy lives in Orlando, and they haven’t seen one another in a long time. So the mama thought a safe bet would be to meet in McDonalds. The kids will […]

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3 Famous Key West Restaurants

Key West, Florida is without a doubt one of the places one MUST visit when checking out the Florida Keys. This is where most of the action has been taking place for the last 500 hundred years and is still going strong. It is popular among travelers because it has the highest average temperature in […]

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Where to Eat in Roatan and Utila? – 4 Recommendations of Restaurants in Honduras

I get tons of questions from my readers about where to eat in each of the places I visit. So here is a compilation of four options that you will find when you visit the Bay Islands on Honduras. But before you go on reading, keep in mind that in here you won’t find huge, […]

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6 Restaurant In Guatemala: Best Places To Eat

I have lived in Guatemala for many years and have taken the time to explore it. Most of my readers know this, so I get tons of emails every day asking for all sorts of tips and recommendations. One of the most common questions is, where do I go for a good meal? So I […]

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6 of the Best Restaurants in Leon and Granada, Nicaragua

Whenever I plan a trip to a new place I like to search for restaurants that can provide amazing and unique experiences that will make us remember our time in that country or city. Plus, I often get questions about the best places to eat in the places I visit. So I came up with […]

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Costa Rica SODA’S Local Restaurants

Costa Rica Soda’s If you are going to travel to Costa Rica, you will want to eat the food people usually eat there, that’s normal! You can go to expensive restaurants, but to truly have a cultural and nice trip, you should eat at a local restaurant in Costa Rica. What are local restaurants called […]

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4 Best Restaurants In El Salvador

The beaches of El Salvador are well known among surfers. Some say that they are the best surf spots in Central America. After hearing that, I decided to take my family there to see what it was all about. Plus, they are not too far away from the Guatemalan border. We have since been to […]

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What is Cuba’s Traditional Food? – A Cuban Sandwich Of Course!

Sandwiches and me, become very close during travels. They are filling, tasty and fun, especially when a country is known for them. So it was a great surprise for me that the almost true traditional food from Cuba was a sandwich – at least for me, it was and traveling Havana if full of those […]

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Food Vendors in Medellin, Colombia

One of my favorite things to seek out and try while visiting any country is the street vendors selling food. Medellin, Colombia is no different. Here are a few unique finds I stumbled upon. Since Colombia is the land of Coffee, it’s no surprise that they have vendors everywhere selling delicious coffee for less than […]

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Top Things to Do In Guatemala City – Family Staycation

  So what’s a staycation? To me it means either doing a small vacation like trip (either day trip or multi-day trip) that is super close to home. And that is exactly what we did! Our chosen location, one least thought of for people who live in Antigua, Guatemala, Guatemala City. With my husband working […]

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Where to Find the Tastier Traditional Food In Belize?

Belize, as of right now, is probably our favorite country. The beautiful weather, beaches, and people make it a place where I would consider moving to. However, the most fun we had was eating Local Belize Food at the tons of food stands that are as varied in food as they are in character. We […]

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Honduras Traditional Food – Baleadas Home Cooked

Eating at local food stands while traveling Honduras is so much fun. When my son and I took a mommy-son trip to Honduras Bay Islands, we found a great outdoor eatery on Utila and tried some serious Honduras Traditional Food. 2 facts about Traditional food in Honduras: The most Traditional Honduras food is a Baleada […]

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Wonder Which are the Best Bars in Key West – You’ll Love This One

When you think of Key West facts the first things that come to mind are: Ernest Hemingway Drinking Pirates and Treasure Hunting Ernest Hemingway’s presence is everywhere. Especially in the bars that were rockin’ over 80 years ago, as they are now. Sloppy Joe’s and Captain Tony’s are the top two best bars in Key West […]

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Tampa Restaurant: Must Eat Places In Tampa

Do you want to know what the biggest surprise of visiting Tampa was? The restaurants! They aren’t just your normal type, but institutions jam-packed with history, culture, and truly unique food fare. Must Eat Places In Tampa, Florida Columbia Restaurant – Apparently a visit to Tampa doesn’t really count until you visit this restaurant. For […]

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Flagler Steakhouse Reviews

My father turned 70 years old this past year. This is an important date and one that should be celebrated with loved ones. Since my family and I live in Central America and my brother lives in Boston, we weren’t able to meet up with my parents to celebrate. However, each year we have a […]

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Looking for Family Friendly Restaurants in Palm Beach – Look No Further

One of the biggest challenges families face when traveling is finding restaurants that cater to families with young kids. This usually means having some sort of entertainment or even distractions to keep the kids busy giving parents a chance to order and simply enjoy a glass of wine and some conversation. Italian Restaurant The Breakers […]

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The Oldest and Most Iconic Restaurant in Florida – Columbia Restaurant Tampa

Historic restaurants are my absolute favorite spots to check out when visiting different cities. My family and I have had the pleasure of eating at the oldest restaurant in the United States while visiting Boston. I’ve had a date with my hubby in the oldest restaurant of Savannah. So when visiting a city like Tampa […]

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Oxford Exchange Tampa – Dine with the Movers and Shakers of Tampa, Florida

Every city has a restaurant that is known to be the ‘Mover’s and Shaker’s’ go-to spot. Kind of like when you hear people in Hollywood say, “Let’s do lunch”, if they were in Tampa they would be heading to the Oxford Exchange. Since I’m a mover and shaker in my own right – I like […]

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Medieval Times Orlando Review – Photo Adventure

When I was 18 years old, a freshman at University, I came home to visit my family for the first time after leaving. As a celebration, my folks, took my brother and me to a Medieval Times restaurant. To say the least, I have great memories of spending time with them while being totally entertained. […]

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Eat Like the Native Indians of Tampa at Ulele Restaurant

From my brief visit to Tampa, Florida I can sum it up like this: Tampa is on the up and up! Everywhere you look there is construction going on, remodeling, re-inventing, and reinvigorating a city that at one point was one of the most important cities in the Northern Hemisphere for cigars and other culturally rich […]

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