Restaurant Review

Restaurant Reviews

Food is a religion, many of us have an outstanding love for food from all over the world. It’s one of the most unique ways to learn about a culture. There is a huge amount of restaurants out there and while traveling abroad most people eat at their favorite chain food restaurant. Don’t do that! There are many local restaurants, good ones!

Here you can find a lot restaurant reviews, from famous big restaurants to small comfy and warm local restaurants!

Restaurant Review – Honest Reviews of Local Restaurants.

Learn about the kid-friendly options in different parts of the world for families.

Haymarket Boston: Dirt Cheap Products and a Whole Experience

Markets and I are best friends. I seek them out where ever I go and can spend hours simply wandering around, enjoying the atmosphere, without buying anything at all. This time I visited Haymarket in Boston, and it was a whole experience itself. Living in Guatemala my addiction stays alive and well with the amazing […]

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Good n Plenty Lancaster: Traditional Amish Food, Tour and History

Foodies unite. It is time to explore new sorts of eating hubs, and this one is for the masses. First of all. I am hardly a foodie. But I also know a good dining experience when I am right in the midst of it. And trust me when I say this, Good ‘n Plenty restaurant in Lancaster […]

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Rusty Pelican, Biscayne Key: Upscale Waterfront Dining in Miami

If you’re looking for something different for dinner, then, Rusty Pelican Miami is the best option, an upscale water front dining experience.

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Ocean Prime Drinks: Unique Alcoholic Drinks

What’s more creative than a chef in the finest kitchen? A mixologist. Tasting different cocktail mixtures and concoctions is one of my absolute favorite things to do when visiting different restaurants in Georgia. And whenever we travel internationally, or even locally, we often order the cocktail that is unique to the location, or restaurant. When we […]

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Ocean Prime Philadelphia Restaurant: Our Favorite Fine Dining Chain

One thing with traveling is that you can experience different restaurants with unique menus and flavors all the time. In other words, when it comes to fine dining, I have never returned to the same restaurant (if in multiple locations) twice. At least until I found Ocean Prime Philadelphia, it’s one of the best fine […]

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City Tavern Philly: Food, History, Facts and More – Eat What the US Revolutionaries Ate

What is the first thought that comes to mind when hearing Philadelphia? For me, it was two thoughts – Constitution and the American Revolution. I guess they kind of go together hand in hand.  When I started to research the most iconic, historic places to visit in Philly, aside from the Liberty Bell and Independence […]

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Lancaster County Home of All You Can Eat Restaurants

Not sure why the trend in Lancaster County is all-you-can-eat style restaurants from huge buffets to family-style meals, but I’ll take it. Secretly, I am a huge buffet fan. My husband, on the other hand, is into the a la carte styled menus. But since he couldn’t join us on this family trip, I had […]

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Cafe Beignet New Orleans Review: Facts, History and More – More Than Just Beignets

Beignets, Beignets, Beignets. This is all we heard before coming to New Orleans. Everyone was telling us it is a must to eat them. Plus, watching ‘Princess and the Frog’ eight hundred times, you have to get a taste. So, we head to one of the best places, Cafe Beignet! Here’s my full review and […]

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Taberna Del Caballo St. Augustine Florida: 18th Century Spanish Restaurant

What’s a visit to St. Augustine and not eating at an authentic Spanish Tavern (Taberna del Caballo) which resembled one of the 40 taverns that were open during the 18th Century. This is my full review and experience at Taberna Del Caballo in St. Augustine. If you want to learn more about the history of this […]

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Raintree Restaurant St. Augustine, Florida – Elegance and Fine Dining for Families

Going on a trip and not having a fine dining night out should be considered a travel sin.  And yes, you can do it with small kids. Maybe not a Michelin-rated restaurant, but don’t give up hope. All it takes is a bit of searching for the right restaurant, with the right elements, and you […]

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Columbia Restaurant Tampa: Oldest Restaurant in Florida

Historic restaurants are my absolute favorite spots to check out when visiting different cities. My family and I have had the pleasure of eating at the oldest restaurant in the United States while visiting Boston. I had a date with my hubby in the oldest restaurant of Savannah. So when visiting a city like Tampa […]

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Flagler Steakhouse: Best Steakhouse in West Palm Beach

My father turned 70 years old this past year. This is an important date and one that should be celebrated with loved ones. Since my family and I live in Central America and my brother lives in Boston, we weren’t able to meet up with my parents to celebrate. However, each year we have a […]

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Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia: Photo, Video and History Tour

Markets must be the most fun whenever visiting a new city or town. This is where you can literally say the place is bursting with local flavors, people, and fun. The second we arrived at our hotel in the Historic District of Philly, the first question I asked was, “Where can we get yummy local […]

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Nan and Byron’s Restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina – Grandma and Me Time

I have a confession to make. It has been YEARS since my grandma and I spent quality time together. Me and her. Honestly, while enjoying lunch together, we tried to remember the last time it happened, and the best we could do was vaguely come up with over a decade. That’s why we decided to […]

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Reason to Visit Atlanta: Top Places, Restaurants, History and Facts

How do you get the most out of visiting Atlanta? The secret is, to know what it offers and the history behind it, and this will make your trip amazing. It’s amazing how many people ask me “is Atlanta worth visiting?! The short answer, yes, it’s. Atlanta has a lot to offer for a solo […]

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JBs on the Beach Restaurant – What a Great Surprise

If I can describe our visit to JB’s on the Beach Restaurant in Deerfield Beach, Florida, one word comes to mind immediately – FUN! Jbs On The Beach When we visited my parents in West Palm Beach for the third year in a row, I decided it was time to venture a bit further from City […]

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Sinclair’s Restaurant: Fine Dining With a Laid Back Beach Feel

My family has a tradition. Whenever we finish a road trip, we always end it with a bang. For our grand finale restaurant, I found Jupiter Beach Resort and made reservations at Sinclair’s Restaurant in Florida. Sinclair’s Restaurant The goal was to arrive for the sunset and chill outside while the kids played on the […]

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Benny’s on the Beach, Lake Worth, Florida: Best Beach Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Lake Worth Beach in Florida, where every day is a vacation. One of the biggest draws is its location and the seafood!

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Top 6 Best Things To Do in Philadelphia (+ Places to Visit)

Philadelphia may be one of the smaller cities in the United States, but it has more history and things to do than most larger cities I’ve traveled. It is one of the most important places in all of US history. Aside from being the place where the US Constitution was written and signed, this is […]

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PoBoys New Orleans: What it is, History and Johnny’s Po-Boys

New Orleans is known to have some of the most unique foods created in all of the US that are native to this city. This was one of my missions, to try as much of the New Orlean local food as possible. And there’s nothing better than starting with a staple, famous food, the PoBoys […]

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