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Hiking Boots For Kids – Making it Funner and Better!

Hiking with kids is one of those activities that looks really fun on paper, but when you get out there with your kids and do it, instead it turns into a lot of complaining and discomfort. This kind of takes … Continue reading

Quick Fold Stroller – Perfect for City Travel

Traveling with children can be challenging on many levels. For me the biggest test of all boils down to my baby’s needs. Or more specifically my need to keep him happy so I can enjoy my traveling. This all starts … Continue reading

UV Swimwear for Kids – One Step Ahead Review

Kids have this funny tendency, when they go swimming, to stay in a pool all day long. This makes it an impossible task to put sunscreen on them more than the initial chance. Yet the sun doesn’t get any milder. … Continue reading

Child Safety Harness Alternative for Travel

My kids hate child harnesses and child leashes. And I keep pushing them on them. And with each push or beg, I get the same response – “I don’t like it, take it off.” I was desperate to find an … Continue reading

Beach Towel For Kids – Hidden Secrets Abound

My kids fight over beach towels in our house. I know, our fights aren’t very interesting, but they do warrant attention since it drives me absolutely bonkers! My three year old can’t understand the absurdity of the bickering and my oldest can … Continue reading

Kids Thermal Underwear – Having Fun Where It’s Least Expected!

If you want to see how Microthermal material works as fun kids thermal underwear, tell them it’s super quick dry and watch the kids jump into them. If you can believe it, Antigua Guatemala gets cold. Really cold – especially at … Continue reading

Kids Beach Towel – Have Fun in a Bag

Going to the pool or beach is always a hassle in my house. My kids hate my beach towels. Instead of forcing them to use mine, it was time to find some really fun kids beach towel, especially for my … Continue reading

Julbo Sunglasses for Kids – Check Them Out!

Living in the tropics the sun can be your best friend and also your worst enemy if not prepared for it. My kids are out in the sun for the better part of the day and I can’t even imagine … Continue reading

Sun Protective Swimwear for Boys – A Must Have!

Living in a Tropical country the urge for my kids to go swimming hits them way too often, but who can deny two boys under nine pool time? Aside from constantly on the look out for a pool, my biggest … Continue reading

The Ultimate Hiking Shoe for Kids – Teva Review

“Mom, these shoes feel like I’m wearing slippers – I never want to take them off.” This was the first comment out of my son’s mouth after he put on his Teva’s for our hike. I have a confession to … Continue reading

Kids’s Rolling Backpack – Travel Suitcase Review from JWorld

Packing for kids can go either way: It can be a horribly drawn out process with them only taking their toys, or it can be super fun and helpful to the parents. We all want the fun to happen. For … Continue reading

Judy’s Baby Bottle Holder – Product Review

I’m so busy trying to manage work and my family that I’m always looking for something to simplify my life. Bottle holders are products that can do exactly that but luckily my need to simplify my life also reminded me … Continue reading

Travel Kit for Kids by Klutz

The best way to have a relaxed family car trip is to bring along traveling activities for your kids. This way they have fun and you enjoy a smooth ride. I stumbled on to Kid’s Survival Travel Kit while searching … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Alex’s Car Valet

I found a great car organizer for my kids! You know that I’ve been going on long road trips with my family recently and I always need something to keep my boys entertained and happy for as long as I … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Snack & Play Travel Tray

I’ve been traveling by car a lot lately from Guatemala to some of the other Central American Countries like Nicaragua and Honduras. When I started planning my trips I started looking for something to help me to keep my boy … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Precious Puppy Bottle Holder by Bottle Snugglers

Having a baby is complicated! They may be small, but they sure are big in everything they do! Bottom line, anything to simplify my life and make sure my baby is happy is what I desperately need. After doing tons … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Karito Kid’s Snuggly Sleeping Bag

This product may be a little bit outside of the category I normally write about. Especially because I have two boys and this is a product for girls. But it caught my eye because it is for a great cause. … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s pick of the Week – Boba Organic Baby Carrier

Living in Antigua, Guatemala a stroller is almost an impossible feat with all the cobblestones, so we are forever searching for a grat baby carrier. I found Boba Carrier after doing tons of research online.  What caught my eye most … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Eco-Classic Carrier Bubbles Take-Two by Kokopax

Living in Antigua, Guatemala has taught us one thing about outings with a baby – strollers are just not going to work for us. The cobblestones, which make this town so gorgeous, are horrible on even the best jogger strollers. … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Pick of the Week – Vite V2 Stainless Steel Single-Wall Sport Bottle

This is a BPA-Free single wall stainless-steel water bottle for kids by Innate Gear. It is really easy to use because of its pop top so you can take it with you on your bicycle. It even includes a lid … Continue reading