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Family-friendly Hotel Reviews

I’m a mom, I know how important it is to stay at a nice hotel with your family, that’s why I enjoy so much doing family-friendly hotel reviews. And everyone in your family is different, kids want a pool, you may want a gym or a spa. Many hotels have attractions for kids and adults!

From a huge hotel near Virginia Beach to a warm Casa Particular in Havana, Cuba, here’s you can find a lot of family-friendly hotels for your trips.

First hand family friendly hotel reviews information from a family who has been there and tried them.

Family friendly hotels reviewed for you.

What To Do While Staying at The Breakers in Palm Beach

When staying at The Breakers in Palm Beach it is easy to be occupied from morning through night without even realizing it. Family Activities at The Breakers in Palm Beach Our first day was fully occupied when we visited the Beach Club and hung out in our own private beach bungalow. Well, I mainly hung […]

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Where To Stay During A Visit to Hershey Park – Days Inn Hershey

My goal, when traveling to an amusement park, is to find a hotel that is as close to the park as possible. The last thing you want to do is waste time in a car the day of the actual activity. So, that’s where my searches always take me. It’s quick and easy.  And it […]

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Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Belize?

Belize might look like a tiny country, but don’t let its size fool you. It has tons of great places to visit, fun things to do and amazing hotels, so you might be wondering what to visit? and where to stay in Belize? This is also the only Central American country where English is the […]

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A Visit to La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica

When Ramon gave me the news, I was enjoying the last of an early morning Costa Rican coffee. It was a mix of news and had everything to do with a visit to La Paz Waterfall Gardens and 600 steps. Amigos, when we get there you’ll have to walk down the steps to see the […]

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Top Things to Do In Guatemala City – Family Staycation

  So what’s a staycation? To me it means either doing a small vacation like trip (either day trip or multi-day trip) that is super close to home. And that is exactly what we did! Our chosen location, one least thought of for people who live in Antigua, Guatemala, Guatemala City. With my husband working […]

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Tortuguero Tour: A Trip To Tortuguero National Park In Costa Rica

Tortuguero is, in my opinion, one of those Can’t-Miss-This Things to Do in Costa Rica. It is a place covered by jungles and mangroves that hide a large number of animal species. It is also a place that still isn’t covered with the traditional resorts and huge hotels. Everything still feels organic. My family and […]

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Short Travel Guide to Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica is one of the most popular things to do in Central America. It is because of all the beautiful and varied landscapes, and the fact that over 25% of its surface is protected in national parks and private reserves that travelers can visit. Here you will find tropical forests, beaches, cloud […]

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Monterrico, Guatemala Short Travel Guide

Short Guide to Monterrico in Guatemala Monterrico, Guatemala When visiting Guatemala the usual suspects of places to visit are: Antigua, Lake Atitlan, and Tikal. If you’re adventurous and have more time, next on the list would be: Rio Dulce, Livingston, Lanquin and Semuc Champey. Yet, what most people miss out on is Monterrico, Guatemala and […]

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The Top 3 Osa Peninsula Hotels According to My Family

I love coming to the Osa Peninsula, the South Pacific region of Costa Rica because of too many reasons that I wouldn’t be able to tell you. But some of the main ones are the fact that hosts more than half of Costa Rica’s wildlife and it’s where the Corcovado National Park is located. The […]

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Have You Ever Stayed at a 100 Year Old Hacienda? – Hacienda San Lucas Copan

Living in Latin America you hear the word Hacienda used very often in conversation. Yet, you never really get a chance to visit one. So you can imagine our delight when we stayed at a 100-year-old, traditional Hacienda turned into a luxury lodge called Hacienda San Lucas in Copan, Honduras Hacienda San Lucas Copan Let’s […]

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Guatemala Spotlight – Hotel Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua Guatemala

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo   Hotel Casa Santo Domingo is a luxury hotel located right in the main street of Antigua Guatemala. Just half a block to the main entrance to this Colonial City and 10 minutes on foot away from the Central Park. This is a beautiful 21-year-old family-friendly hotel with 129 beautifully decorated […]

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About Lodging in Antigua, Guatemala: Hotels And Accommodations

Antigua, Guatemala Lodging I’m sure that if you are planning a trip to Guatemala you have definitely considered traveling to Antigua Guatemala. This beautiful, tiny colonial city is a place full of surprises. This is especially true when it comes to lodging in Antigua. Hotels and accommodation are incredibly diverse. You will be surprised about what […]

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Eco Lodge Adventure on Ometepe Nicaragua – Totoco Lodge

Did you know that Ometepe Nicaragua is the largest freshwater island in the world? And I bet you didn’t know it was the only freshwater island in the world with TWO volcanoes on it! With that said, you know you’re heading to a pretty special and spectacular place right off the bat. Eco Lodges in […]

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Utila Dive Resorts – Laguna Beach Resort in Utila, Honduras

Utila is one of the smaller Bay Islands of Honduras but is ranked number two in the world when it comes to diving and becoming PADI certified – which is no easy feat to attain!   Utila Honduras Dive Resorts Utila is also known for a backpacker hang-out and budget traveling, which is only marginally […]

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Hotel In Leon Nicaragua – Luxury and Uniqueness in El Convento Hotel

When I first heard of El Convento Hotel in Leon, Nicaragua I was instantly drawn to it. First of all, the fact that we would be staying in a Convent, even if it is fully refurbished and reconstructed, is different, and my kids would get a little bit of a history lesson right from their […]

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Resort in Honduras: Review of an Exclusive Caribbean Mansion Resort in Honduras

Ages ago I remember watching shows like ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ and thinking that would be a super cool way to travel. But chances are, I thought, that they are totally out of my price range and unattainable unless I had a single name or a full-on paparazzi following. Not Necessarily in the […]

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Gringo Perdido Ecological Inn: El Remate Hotels, Guatemala

El Remate Hotels, Guatemala Every time we visit Flores / Tikal area, we end up staying in the town of Flores. Which is super adorable, colorful, and on Lake Peten Itza. However, it was time for a change. I’ve heard about El Remate, Guatemala which is also on the lake, but a completely different layout. […]

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Family Fun at the Beach Club at The Breakers Palm Beach

Traveling with young kids is one of the best, yet most challenging things a family can do. Mainly for the reason that kids aren’t as impressed with hotels and destinations as us big people are. After showing my kids photos of our newest place to stay, The Breakers Palm Beach Resort, the only thing they wanted […]

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Family Entertainment at The Breakers Palm Beach- Freedom for Parents and Fun for Kids

I won’t beat around the bush. What makes a great stay at a family resort? Plenty of kids activities and freedom for the parents. Ironically enough, up to this point, my kids always chose to hang out with their mama and papa over all the cool activities that some resorts or even cruises offer. I […]

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Staying at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach – An Elegant, Historic Luxury Experience

Visiting Palm Beach County Florida year after year I have discovered what I want for my family and me to experience. And The Breakers Hotel has been on the top of my must-do list. We have visited the hotel two years ago, for a dining experience. But really, that was just a tease. Finally, after […]

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