Restaurant Review

Restaurant Reviews

Food is a religion, many of us have an outstanding love for food from all over the world. It’s one of the most unique ways to learn about a culture. There is a huge amount of restaurants out there and while traveling abroad most people eat at their favorite chain food restaurant. Don’t do that! There are many local restaurants, good ones!

Here you can find a lot restaurant reviews, from famous big restaurants to small comfy and warm local restaurants!

Restaurant Review – Honest Reviews of Local Restaurants.

Learn about the kid-friendly options in different parts of the world for families.

Starbucks in Antigua: Where Tradition and Delicious Coffee Meets

You can’t go wrong with a Starbucks coffee, and its place in Antigua is one of the most beautiful locations in the whole country, you can enjoy a coffee in a traditional Guatemalan patio!

In today’s podcasts, I’m going to talk about Starbucks Antigua, an incredible place for working or just relaxing

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Once Once, Antigua: True Vegan Restaurant in Antigua Hotel

There are some options for vegan food in Antigua, but if you’re looking for the truly vegan food, then, Once Once is for you.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about Once Once in Antigua, an amazing vegan restaurant.

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Restaurants Near Strasburg Railroad: Hershey Farm Restaurant

Why do trains and railroads bring out adventure feelings in people? What is it about them? Strasburg Railroad is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lancaster, PA. A historic railroad with one of the oldest steam train in the world that showcases the history of railroads in America and you get the chance […]

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Samsara Restaurant, Antigua: Best Option for Vegan Food

There are many options for vegan and gluten-free food in Antigua, but one of the best is definitely Samsara Restaurant.

In today’s podcasts, I’m going to talk about Samsara Restaurant, one of the first truly vegan restaurants in Antigua.

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Cafe Boheme, Antigua: Best Option for French Pastry

If you’re wondering where can you get some delicious coffee with the best french pastry in Antigua, then, Cafe Boheme is for you.

in today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about Cafe Boheme in Antigua, I’ll let you know the ins and outs of this amazing place.

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Hector’s Bistro, Antigua: High-end French Cuisine in Guatemala

Hector Bistro is a well known restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala. If you’re looking for high end, refine french cuisine, this place is for you.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about Hector’s Bistro, a cozy, nice restaurant in Antigua.

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Positano Coast by Aldo Lamberti in Philadelphia Review

Have you ever been to a restaurant that literally transports you to another place entirely? With all our dining out fun, we have never actually had that kind of experience until our visit to Positano Coast restaurant by Aldo Lamberti in Philadelphia. Positano Coast Restaurant by Aldo Lamberti My husband and I take a bi-yearly romantic […]

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Luna de Miel, Antigua: Best Place for Crêpes and Waffles

Most of us love and enjoy a nice crêpe with ice cream or a waffle with a cup of coffee with milk, and you can have that in Antigua at Luna de Miel.

In today’s podcasts, I’m going to talk about Luna de Miel Restaurant in Antigua, what can you expect and more.

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Tea House 650 and Heritage Village of Crystal River: Lunch and Tea

Crystal River is known for being one of the best places in the world to swim with Manatee. Which can make it enough for many people to fall in love with. Yet, when I discovered its famous Heritage Village I felt that I can just stay on this one tiny street for days. Related Read: Plantation […]

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Early Girl Eatery: Finding a Vegetarian Restaurant in Asheville, NC

Asheville in North Carolina has always been on my top bucket list of places to visit in the United States. And the main things I’ve always heard about Asheville are: 1 – Mountain and fresh 2 – Local driven 3 – Organic and healthy living 4 – Progressive and forward-moving place All of the above […]

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Akai Sushi Restaurant, Antigua: Best Option for Asian Food

If you’re looking for sushi in Antigua, your best option is Akai Sushi Restaurant, a lovely place to get Japanese, Chinese and Thai food.

In today’s podcast I’m going to talk about Akai Sushi in Antigua, Guatemala

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Cook Hall Atlanta Georgia: A Date Night You Must Try

Atlanta has become a culinary city of delight for my husband and I, we visited Flip Burguer Boutique. And a city of firsts. Interestingly enough, after visiting places such as Boston or New York City, which are supposed to be known for their gastronomy, I can honestly say, they have nothing on Atlanta. But I found Cook […]

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Indian Accent Restaurant, Antigua: Best Option for Indian Food

The best option, if you are looking for Indian food in Guatemala, is definitely, Indian Accent, it’s located in Antigua and also offer a lot of vegan friendly options.

In today podcast, I’m going to talk about Indian Accent Restaurant in Antigua, you learn tips and more

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San Martin, Guatemala: From a Bakery to a Chain Restaurant

San Martín is a local chain restaurant in Guatemala, but it started as one of the best bakeries in the country, it still has a local feeling, and you sure will find food you like there.

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PGA National Resort and Spa Review – Family (Holiday) Fun

Every year when visiting my parents for the Holidays in December we like to go away as a family for a couple of nights to the neighboring resorts in South Florida. This year, we chose PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach. Visiting West Palm Beach, we have passed this resort many times and […]

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La Bruja Restaurant, Antigua: Most Popular Vegan Food Around

If you are looking for vegan food in Antigua, La Bruja restaurant is your best option, Besides delicious food, you get to eat by the courtyard.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about a La Bruja restaurant in Antigua, best option for vegan food.

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Toko Baru Restaurant: Middle East Food in Antigua, Guatemala

If you’re looking for middle est food, or food influenced by Indian and Indonesian cuisine, Toko Baru in Antigua, Guatemala is for you.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about Toko Baru, Middle East food in Antigua, Guatemala.

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Cafe du Monde Riverwalk New Orleans – Our Second Home in NOLA

Beignets turned out to be not only the food of choice for my kids, but we found ourselves eating them literally for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner. And this was true for four out of the seven days we were there. Needless to say, I gained at least five pounds of beignet goodness, something that […]

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Drinking, Dancing and Dining – Date Night at BB King West Palm Beach

This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but my husband and I haven’t gone dancing in almost a decade. Before we had kids we used to go out to clubs, listen to live music, dance. Then somehow, without us even realizing it, ten years have flown by. Now it is time to regain a bit […]

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Cafe Barista, Guatemala: A Coffee Shop You Must Visit

Cafe Barista is a local version of Guatemala, you can only find them in the country. They offer a wide variety of good Guatemalan coffee, also, you can find sweets and whole meals.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about Cafe Barista in Guatemala, a local coffee shop you must visit.

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