Find out where to eat, stay and play with your family while traveling to Nicaragua.

Picture This! Horse Carriage Ride through Granada, Nicaragua

Horse Carriage Tour of Granada, Nicaragua For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Picture This! Market Vendors – Leon, Nicaragua

Street vendor in Leon, Nicaragua For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Travel To Central America – Video of the Week

Central America has so much to offer! Where do you want to go: Costa Rica Guatemala El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Panama Belize

Meat Lover’s Delight – Eat Up Carinvore

Vegetarians, close your eyes and nose, cause this is a full on meat blast. We may not be visiting Argentina or Brazil, but Nicaraguans enjoy their meat just the same. Read more about the restaurants of Nicaragua. I am not … Continue reading

Picture This! Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua

Masaya Volcano Crater, Nicaragua. For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Vision Board for Nicaragua – My Bucket List

Vision Boards are tricky things. I’ve written about my take on them before, I don’t believe in the long term vision boards. However, I very much believe in the short term ones. This is also a visual version of a … Continue reading

Fun Facts About Nicaragua

My absolute favorite thing to do, besides actual traveling, is the planning for my trip. I have had a blast searching and learning all about this incredible country. Interesting Facts I learned about Nicaragua that I Never Knew: Learn more … Continue reading

Border Crossings – To Enter Nicaragua or Not

Every now and then a travel experience happens to you that really pisses you off and makes you feel fully out of control. This is what we felt crossing over to Nicaragua. I am grateful that my trip was for … Continue reading

Hotel Dario, Beware of Management Egos – Hotel in Granada Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua is one of those colorful little towns that with every corner there is a new surprise. My trip to Nicaragua was a duel mission – Family adventure and work – tons of my clients and readers have been … Continue reading

La Perla Hotel – Luxury Hotel in Leon Nicaragua

On our last night in the country we had a grand farewell by staying in a hotel in Leon Nicaragua called La Perla Hotel which is located right in the heart of of the city! Before arriving I knew that … Continue reading

Eco Lodge Adventure on Ometepe Nicaragua – Totoco Lodge

Did you know that Ometepe Nicaragua is the largest fresh water island in the world? And I bet you didn’t know it was the only freshwater island in the world with TWO volcanoes on it! With that said, you know … Continue reading

Balance Spa – Where Tranquility and Calm Meet – Granada, Nicaragua

While staying at La Bocona Hotel I had a very pleasant encounter with Amos. He presented himself as the owner of the spa Balance which occupied the back part of La Bocona Hotel. Since I’m a sucker for a good … Continue reading

La Bocona Hotel – Luxury Hotel in Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is Nicaragua’s colonial gem! Cobblestone streets, great boulevards with hundreds of outdoor restaurants and cafes, lake front parks and isletas, and don’t forget the horse carriage ride, are just a few of the things to do here! So to … Continue reading

Hotel in Leon Nicaragua – Luxury and Uniqueness El Convento Hotel

When I first heard of El Convento Hotel in Leon, Nicaragua I was instantly drawn to it. First of all, the fact that we would be staying in a Convent, even if it is fully refurbished and reconstructed, is different … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Interesting Facts – Another Incredibly Bio Diverse and Beautiful Central American Country – Nicaragua

This time I have for you another great option for a wonderful vacation in Central America. This is a country that you will find north of Costa Rica and south of Honduras with coasts on both, the Caribbean and the … Continue reading