Lifestyle Adventure List

Lifestyle Travel Adventure List

There’s a lot of things that can go under Lifestyle, like visiting a museum, going to a thematic attraction, or going to a festival. Even Vising a seafood market in a Central America country.

Here you can find all of that, get a lot of useful ideas about lifestyle travels destination or your adventure list. They are all tested and reviewed by me and my family, that way we make sure you have a good time.

Family-friendly Lifestyle Adventure list for traveling!

NYC Pedicab Tours: Best Way to Take a Tour of Central Park

Locals, tourists, born-and-raised New Yorkers all have one thing in common. They all love Central Park. And they gather here for all types of events, activities, watching street performers, listening to live music, making out, or having their kids enjoy either the carousel, zoo, or a million other things it offers. And the best way […]

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Evangeline Spa in Tampa: It’s Time to Pamper Yourself

My stay at the Epicurean Hotel was much more than just a regular visit. For a truly long time, I dove into self-care. And what better place than the in-house spa at the Epicurean – Evangeline Spa. The motto of the spa is A Delectable Spa, following in the footsteps of its hotel. Fun facts […]

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Is The Metropolitan Museum of Art For Kids in NYC?

Who at nine years old wants to be a curator, but has never heard of the word or position ever? Apparently, my oldest boy. He’s been taking art classes for the past year, and even though he enjoys drawing, his teacher is amazing at teaching him art history and appreciation, and he just loves it. […]

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St. Augustine Nights of Lights Festival Review – The One and Only

One of the biggest questions that loom over people’s heads when traveling to a new location is – When is the right time to visit? Usually, just getting to the chosen destination anytime you can is the right time to go. But several times you strike gold when the trip coincides with a fun festival […]

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Ripley’s Believe it or Not Orlando Review – Is it Kid Friendly?

Last time I visited a Ripley’s Believe it or Not was over twenty years ago. When I realized there was a Ripley’s in Orlando Florida I was determined to take my kids to see it. I grew up with the Ripley’s Believe it or Not show, I love trivia and completely absurd yet real facts […]

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Ponce Inlet Lighthouse: Florida’s Tallest Lighthouse

Everyone has a bucket list. Even if you don’t write one down, you just know some things you must see and do. Checking out a lighthouse was one for me. Sure, I’ve been to many towns with lighthouses, yet I have never actually gone to one and never climbed to the top. That’s why we […]

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Science Museums In South Florida

Science Museums are probably the most fun and educational places to visit with your kids of all ages. When we visited my folks, who live in West Palm Beach in Florida, I always look for fun activities with my kids, more for my own stimulation than theirs. Since they have more than enough to do […]

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Salvador Dali Museum Reviews – St. Petersburg, Florida

Salvador Dali is without a doubt one of the most talented, unique artists that ever lived. Seeing his original work displayed in front of me to experience it is something that I have dreamt of for years. Finally, out of all places, I got to enjoy it in St. Petersburg, Florida. Salvador Dali Museum Review – […]

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Amish Traditions: Lancaster County Carriage and Antique Auction

Traditions are interesting things. Most of us feel that we have them and live by them, but in reality, they don’t rule or control our lives, and Amish traditions are fascinating. Today, I’m going to be talking about the Lancaster County carriage and antique auction, I visit it, and it was amazing. The only real […]

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Charles River Boat Tour: A Family Adventure

Don’t you just love when you get a bonus tour included in a sightseeing tour in Boston package that you were totally not expecting? It’s like finding an extra $100 in your pocket. Well, at least that’s what it felt like for me when I discovered that my family and I get to cruise the famous […]

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Diva Duck: Amphibious Tours in West Palm Beach – A Cool Date!

Having two small kids is super fun. And traveling with kids is probably the best time of my life. However, as any mom (and dad) will tell you, having an adult conversation that uses words that are two or more syllables is a necessity at times. And simply hanging out with my husband is too. […]

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La Ruta del Yalu in Guatemala: Working Farm Holidays

Going fishing for trout was a huge attraction when we lived in Costa Rica. We used to take our oldest boy all the time. You can catch your fish and then have the restaurant make it to your liking, usually fried. Now that my youngest son is five years old he’s got bit by the fishing […]

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El Salvador Seafood Market

El Salvador has so much to offer. You have the surf beaches, Suchitoto, and the piers. What you’ll find at a genuine El Salvador Seafood Market Shells of all sorts Yummmmm – fresh Ceviche to be eaten at any time of the day and night Drying fish More drying fish Fish for sale All sorts […]

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8 Secrets You’ll Learn During a Chocolate Making Workshop

Instead of material gifts for my birthday, I prefer experiences and memories. So when it was time for my celebration I decided to do a Chocolate making workshop with my boys. Guatemala is famous for it’s chocolate due to the Maya influence who considered, and still consider, it to be food of the Gods. So […]

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