El Salvador Hotels

El Salvador Hotels.

Find family friendly hotels in different areas of El Salvador. Experienced by us – first hand and honest review.

Playa Sunzal – Vacation Rental – My Newest Addiction

I have a confession to make: After all my years of traveling – I have never stayed in a vacation rental! This all changed with our last trip. My love for El Salvador became contagious and my friends wanted to … Continue reading

El Salvador Spotlight – Hotel Tekuani Kal, Playa Tunco

Hotel Tekuani Kal is a small beautiful beachfront hotel with 6 rooms located just 3 minutes away from the black-sanded beach called Playa Tunco in El Salvador. It is perfect for family vacations but I would recommend it only for … Continue reading

Hotel Las Puertas de Suchitoto El Salvador

The town of Suchitoto El Salvador is a small, relaxed colonial place. It is a popular destination for locals because of its handcrafts, cultural activities and nearby lake. If you are thinking about spending a weekend here there are many … Continue reading

Boutique Hotel, Los Almendros de San Lorenzo – Suchitoto in El Salvador

Out of all the hotels I visited when I went to Suchitoto in El Salvador this one was the most beautiful one. It is called Los Almendros de San Lorenzo. It is located in the colonial and absolutely beautiful town … Continue reading

Spotlight – La Posada de Suchitlan, Suchitoto El Salvador

We just came back from a trip to El Salvador. I loved every minute of it! So in the next weeks I’ll be showing you some of the hotels and tours I loved the most. Don’t miss your chance to … Continue reading