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Foodies Delight – Guacamole Recipe

Please sign up for my RSS feed and find me on twitter @marinavillatoro Even though guacamole is a Latin dish, mainly from Mexico, the rest of Central America, Costa Rica included, has made it like their own. It’s a yummy … Continue reading

Foodies Delight – Gallo Pinto – Costa Rica’s Staple Food

Please sign up for my RSS feed and find me on twitter @marinavillatoro This is the most traditional Costa Rica dish there is! It is mainly served for breakfast, but if you enter any Costa Rica house at any given moment, … Continue reading

Refried Beans – The Main Costa Rican Ingredient

Please sign up for my RSS feed and find me on twitter @marinavillatoro I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I have to say, I make a mean batch of (refried) beans! They are extremely tasty and the best … Continue reading

Costa Rican Cuisine – 13 of Their Yummy Dishes

When you travel around the Central American countries you will notice that most of them have similar food. Most of their dishes are based on corn, spicy sauces, plantains, beans and in some areas coconut and seafood. However, if you … Continue reading