Travel to Florida

Do you like amusement parks? Beautiful Beaches and sunny weather? Well, let me tell you something, Travel to Florida!. You will love this trip.

Florida is packed with so much fun. So many great places to eat and a bunch, a bunch of attractions, amusement parks, and museums. You can go and visit the Florida Keys. You will find lovely people everywhere and great food.

Get ready! Here you will find out what do to, where to eat and stay with your family while traveling to Florida. Family friendly hotels, restaurants and tours for you.

Top 5 Best Things To Do in Loxahatchee Park In Florida

If you look at the map of Southern Florida, you’ll be amazed as to how large the Everglades really are. It’s been a long dream of mine to visit the park and really sink my teeth into all it has to offer. However, with a two-year-old, I’ll be missing out on all the fun tours […]

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Play Mobile West Palm Beach – A Great Day With Kids

Living in West Palm Beach we have the great benefit of living close to the only Playmobil Fun Park in the United States. And the best part – it is only $1 to enter. Do those types of prices even exist anymore? Apparently so. And it is worth every penny. My oldest boy is extremely […]

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Fort Lauderdale Canals Yacht Tour and Dinner Cruise

Ft Lauderdale is an amazing vacation getaway for people that want to enjoy some sunny beach time, and that’s where most of the people goes, the beach, but Fort Lauderdale have many other great places and activities to do. Like a yacht party on the canals!

In today’s podcast, I’m going to be talking about renting a yacht in Fort Lauderdale for a party and a tour on the canals, I’ll let you know prices, and a lot of useful information.

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Tips for Visiting Universal Studios in Florida with Young Kids

Here’s the deal. I’m not a fan of amusement park rides. I love visiting amusement and theme parks, but I detest going on the rides. I get thrill enough of seeing my kids and husband having fun while I watch from the sidelines. Sometimes I’ll join on the easy rides that require very little thrill and […]

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4 Things you Should Know Before Moving to Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is famously known as a hub for art, culture, shopping, and exploring the Everglades. And don’t forget the gorgeous beaches, where people love to spend full days relaxing and enjoying the sunny ambiance of the region. It is no wonder that so many people dream of living here, and many actually make […]

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10 Awesome Things to Do in Florida You Can’t Miss

In today’s changing economy, people worry about taking time off their jobs. The thought of being away from a desk for more than seventy-two hours sends some people into anxiety mode. It doesn’t have to be that way. Many people decide to travel in order to escape from this feeling, and one of the best […]

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Lights on Tampa Festival – Downtown Tampa, Florida

Once per year, Tampa gets lit up. And it’s not during the holiday season, but a unique collection of artists who get together and decorate Downtown Tampa. Which was perfect for us since we were staying downtown at The Barrymore Hotel Tampa. I’m talking about the Lights On Tampa Festival! Here’s my full experience! There’s […]

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Élevage Restaurant in Tampa: Facts, History and Breakfast!

Two things you need to know: If you’re staying at the Epicurean Hotel you have to eat at least once at their in-house signature restaurant – Élevage Restaurant and If you’re staying in Tampa or living here, you must make a visit to Élevage at some point as well. Here’s my full experience at the Elevage Restaurant, […]

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Visiting Disneyworld Animal Kingdom – A Unique Adventure Not To Be Missed!

It’s been too many years since the last time I visited Disney World in Florida. So long that I didn’t even know that they built an amazing animal park that is by far the king (queen) of all animal parks and safaris put together! The Disneyworld Animal Kingdom! Things To Do In Animal Kingdom Disney […]

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Echoes Restaurant Palm Beach – Birthday Tradition – Celebrating in Style

For the past few years, we have developed a new tradition to take my parents out for a fine dining experience when we visit together in Florida during the holiday season. This time we visit Echo Restaurant and here’s my full experience. Since 2013, when I first discovered The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, it […]

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Beachcomber Cottages in Vilano Beach, St. Augustine – A Nifty Idea for Families

Confession time – Staying on the beach for our St. Augustine, Florida trip was not my idea. Interestingly enough, when I contacted The Bayfront Marin House the owner, Sandy, recommended her new beach cottages, Beachcomber, on Vilano Beach Florida as a fun option for my family. Originally, my goal was to stay closer to the […]

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Tea House 650 and Heritage Village of Crystal River: Lunch and Tea

Crystal River is known for being one of the best places in the world to swim with Manatee. Which can make it enough for many people to fall in love with. Yet, when I discovered its famous Heritage Village I felt that I can just stay on this one tiny street for days. Related Read: Plantation […]

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St. Augustine Alligator Farm: History and Exhibits – Over 100 Years of Love and Care

St. Augustine, Florida is simply brewing with history on every turn. This doesn’t stop with just historic sites and buildings, but also zoos. St. Augustine Alligator Farm is over 100 years old and has a story that needs to be told. My new thing when learning all I can about a new place that I […]

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Florida’s Nature Coast Is The Best Places To Swim With Manatees

Swimming with manatees on Florida Nature Coast is one of the best things to do, a unique experience everyone should do at least one time in their life. One of the biggest draws is you can bring your kids with you, making a whole family experience. There are many places to do it, but for […]

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Diva Duck: Amphibious Tours in West Palm Beach – A Cool Date!

Having two small kids is super fun. And traveling with kids is probably the best time of my life. However, as any mom (and dad) will tell you, having an adult conversation that uses words that are two or more syllables is a necessity at times. And simply hanging out with my husband is too. […]

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Inside Disney Cruise: A Sneak Peek of the Fantasy That is Waiting For you

Can you fantasize about what a Fantasy Disney cruise experience will be like? It’s hard when you really have nothing to compare it to. Disney Parks are one thing, and that makes you wonder how awesome can the cruise be. There’s a lot of magic and fantasy inside Disney Cruises, activities for all ages, delicious […]

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Innisbrook Golf Resort Review (With Facts) – More than Just Golf

My husband and I love staying in golf resorts. But the funny thing is, we are not golfers. I think there is this almost limiting idea that if you don’t play golf that there will be little else for you to do. On the contrary! Here’s my full experience staying at Innisbrook Golf Resort. Innisbrook Golf […]

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Pirate Museum in St Augustine: History, Facts and Full Experinece

Pirates and kids have a weird love affair. They only see the romance of pirates brought to them by Pirates of the Caribbean and Halloween. At times, I wonder if showing them the real deal will steal their fantasy of them and take away their fun games. But history is history and when you arrive […]

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Daytona Speedway Tours: Facts, Things To Do and Information

Visiting Daytona, Florida? Don’t you dare miss a trip to Daytona International Speedway. This is what the true heart and soul of Daytona Beach Florida is all about. Who wouldn’t love to camp out for one week during the crazy, fun, insane energy that is built around Daytona 500? This is one of my dreams. […]

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St Augustine History: Where The African American History Began

One day as I was reading travel blogs, I found a really interesting post on St. Augustine, Florida. I’ve heard of the town before, and saw it on the map, but never considered it an actual destination for my travels. I traveled there with my family, and I was surprised, there are so many interesting […]

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