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3 Must-Do Activities on Your Trip to Barbados

For some people, the ideal holiday would mean relaxing on a sandy beach and bathing under a golden sun, as you listen to the sound of the waves slowly rolling into shore. For others, the best vacation they can imagine … Continue reading

Travel Accessories – Sans Water Bottle Review

Aside from traveling, working out or doing some kind of physical activity is on my list of favorite things to do. I just love to take care of my body. This also means that I am also mindful of what … Continue reading

Travel Tips – How to Rent a Car Abroad

Traveling abroad is exciting, but you can easily run into challenges when you try to get from one place to the next. While some parts of the globe are known for their great railway system or public transportation, other places … Continue reading

Fun Travel Facts – What Makes Casinos so Addictive?

We live in a modern world where technology plays a major role. The technology itself, connected to the internet, has pros and cons. Combination of those two give an infinite number of possibilities online and online gambling is one of … Continue reading

An Adventure at Sea – Adriatic Cruise Guide

There are many reasons to choose an Adriatic cruise, from historic sites, to delicious cuisine and breathtaking scenery. Ideal for family holidays, most itineraries focus on popular coastal cities in Italy and Croatia, as well as smaller ports in Greece, … Continue reading

What You Need to Know Before Shooting Your Journey with a Drone

So, you’re planning a vacation. My guess is that you already noticed the expansion that drones now experience. While prices go lower, and sizes go smaller, they also become more popular among travelers. Drones can capture some impressive images which … Continue reading

10 of the Best Places to Visit in Canada

Why Canada? When it comes to landscape, Canada offers a great deal of diversity. Being famous for mountain ranges, forests and lakes, many do not know that Canada has more coastlines than any other country in the world, as well … Continue reading

7 Off-Label Modafinil Provigil Benefits For Brain Stimulation

For many people, prescribed stimulants are pointless. A lot of the human population rests normally and wakes up each day feeling fresh. However, there are many individuals who may not feel the same. It really is this part of the … Continue reading

The 5 Best Methods to Improve Your Workout Results for Women

So you’ve been hitting the gym for months now, and while results came fast during the first couple of months, you’ve reached a plateau and well, things seem to have stagnated. You wouldn’t want to keep going and going without … Continue reading

Manasota Key Florida – A Quick Guide to a Family Fun Trip

A few years back my husband and I decided to start traveling with our kids to Florida for the holidays. This is where my family lives. We kept it up for the past few years to the point that it … Continue reading

4 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas That Aren’t About Gambling

Las Vegas is an outstanding place where you find a crazy variety of attractions and places to visit. But because of the popularity of casinos and bars, most people look at it as a huge party city. But the truth … Continue reading

Casa Particulares – Lodging in Havana Cuba

Cuba is unique in every possible way. When you visit the gorgeous country/island you leave all that you know about traveling behind and enter a fully new experience! This starts with lodging in Cuba. You can certainly stay at any … Continue reading

How to Plan the Perfect Group Holiday this Winter

Over the winter months, the drop in temperature might leave you lusting after a trip abroad. A winter getaway is a perfect excuse to grab a group of friends and unwind, taking some time to leave behind the stresses of … Continue reading

Why Mountain Biking Training Requires a Certain Kind of Hydration Backpack

Several months ago my family and I were on a quest for a hydration pack. My sons and husband are avid mountain bikers and the more they train the more they realize how important having a backpack that has the … Continue reading

The Magic City – Where to Spend Time in Miami!

If you like to travel, and especially if you are interested in visiting all the major cities in the US, you should put Miami on your list. This city has a lot to offer you, no doubt about it. So … Continue reading

Roasting Marshmallows On Pacaya Volcano Leaves You Speechless

Few places in the world truly leave you speechless. Pacaya Volcano is definitely one of those places. And nothing beats sharing a Volcano Hike with your kids and friends. Pacaya Volcano is located about one hour from Antigua, Guatemala and … Continue reading

Kids on Bikes – How Mountain Biking Bonds Our Family

Who knew that when my husband came home with his mountain bike that he bought in Santiago, Chile, it would start a whole new chapter in our family’s life. Not only did it get our kids on bikes, but it … Continue reading

Beach Birthday Party – What Other Way to Celebrate Turning 13

My oldest son is turning 13! We are diving right into teenage years. And the only way I know how to welcome it with open arms is: Throwing my son a Beach Birthday Party Each year my son and his … Continue reading

Top 5 Photo Editing Tips to Shoot Amazing Travel Pictures

Travelling the world is everyone’s dream, and with so many wonderful destinations out there, it is wise to take as many photographs as possible to document your trip. Unless you possess a solid phot printing and editing tool like Mixbook … Continue reading

Guatemala Beaches – Surfing Paradise

Last year my youngest son’s great friend had a birthday party at El Paredon, one of Guatemala Beaches. It was a surf party, which is what El Paredon area is known for, and since then we have been hooked. When … Continue reading

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