Vermont Travel

I love traveling to Vermont with my family. There’s so much to do there and everything is so nature-friendly, a lot of green areas and activities to do outside.

From Skiing, a lot of snowmobile tours, and winter activities to fun hikings tours are packed in a Vermont travel. Don’t forget the beautiful and stunning landscapes, the fresh and delicious food waiting for you.

You can find out here the best places to stay and where to eat with your family while traveling to Vermont.

Family friendly hotels, restaurants and tours.

All About ArborTrek Canopy Adventures in Smugglers Notch, Vermont

While planning my family’s day trip to Smuggler’s Notch Resort in Vermont, I was lucky enough to get the best advice from Karen Boushie, Smuggs.com PR director. Thanks to her recommendation, she directed us to check out ArborTrek Canopy Adventures. ArborTrek is less than a five-minute drive from Smuggler’s Notch Resort, you do need a […]

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Locally Fresh Vermont Food: Bluebird Restaurant in Burlington

Did you know that BBQ is considered a Vermont specialty? I know it’s more of a Texas thing, however, Barbecuing has become uber-popular in Vermont, and for good reason. Today you’re going to learn all you need about bluebird barbeque restaurant in Vermont! Mixing ingredients of the barbecue with Vermont maple syrup and other local […]

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Basin Harbor Club Resort: Much More Than Imagined on Lake Champlain, Vermont

Have you ever seen the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’? It’s based on a summer getaway resort for families. The hotel has acres and acres of gorgeous grounds, tons of activities for every age group, and delicious food in elegant restaurants. The kids, fully supervised, had one outdoor activity after the other and the adults enjoyed grown-up time with […]

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Burlington Bike Tour: The Best Way to Explore The City

Who would have thought that my 11-year-old boy could pull off 26 miles of biking in one day? Especially since biking isn’t something we do on a regular basis back home. As a matter of fact, the last time he was on a bike was almost six months ago when we visited my parents in […]

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Snowboarding and Ski Classes at Stowe Ski Resort Vermont

Fun Fact about me, the Travel Experta – over 25 years ago I was semi-pro downhill skier. Not so fun fact about me – it’s been almost that long since I’ve been on skis. When we arrived to Stowe Mountain Lodge I felt as though I was starting from the beginning. And bringing my family, who are […]

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Camping at Brewster River Campground, Smugglers’ Notch Review

Confession time! I am not a fan of camping. However, my oldest son has been bugging me to do real camping in the US for literally over one year. Most of the places we’ve been to in the past year haven’t exactly been camping friendly. So when I started to plan our trip to Vermont, […]

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Hiking Spruce Peak in Stowe, Vermont

Stowe, Vermont is an adorable little town at the foot of two mountains: Spruce Peak and Mount Mansfield (the highest peak in Vermont). Even though you can enjoy the town, the main reason to visit this part of Vermont is to enjoy what nature has to offer. Especially, the Green Mountain Region. Recommended Read: Vermont […]

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Things To Do in Burlington, Vermont

Every time I visited Vermont, when I was younger, for some reason, we always bypassed Burlington. No idea what the reasoning behind it was. But regardless, I finally made it, and with my family. So it was an extra bonus for me to share it with them. Fun Facts About Burlington It dates back to […]

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Vermont Fun Facts and Info to Learn Before You Go

Vermont, nestled in the North East of USA, is a nature’s playground with open minded locals and tons of history. Before going to any place, I love to immerse myself in the history and traditions of each town, city, park and more. Vermont History The Abenaki, Mahican and Penacook groups were among the first Native […]

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Places to Visit in Vermont With Kids

Vermont is a huge State. Even bigger than it looks on the map because of all the different things it offers to do along the way. When I sat down to plan our family road trip for the week, my original plan was to visit Vermont and Maine. After the research began I immediately eliminated […]

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Staying at the Hilton Garden Inn Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont must be one of the cutest, most quaint New England cities we’ve visited so far. And one of the best ways to experience it is to be central so that you are walking distance from all the fun stuff it has to offer. So when searching for a hotel in Burlington, it is key […]

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Stowe Toll Road in Vermont: Mount Mansfield an Iconic Visit

Don’t you love it when you find something out completely by accident? While my family and I hiked around Spruce Peak during our stay at Stowe Mountain Lodge our guide mentioned, several times, that they have a fleet of Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benzes? I thought, what does that have anything at all to do with our hike […]

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Eat, Stay and Play at Stowe Mountain Lodge in Vermont

Twenty some years ago, while in college, Vermont was my go to spot for skiing. In my other life I was an (almost) pro skier. Since then I’ve discovered the warmth of the tropics and can not even imagine myself on skis in the cold. Although, my kids bug me practically weekly to take them on a […]

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Here’s Why Wyndham Smugglers Notch Resort is the #1 Family Friendly Resort in USA

Many places that my family and I visit claim to be top-notch family resorts. But only a few truly can defend that title. Smugglers’ Notch Resort is considered the number one Family Resort in the USA. And after visiting there and testing it out for ourselves, I can definitely tell you – IT’S TRUE! Judging […]

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Things To Do in Stowe, Vermont for 48 Hours in the Summertime

Stowe, Vermont is not only a winter’s paradise. Not anymore, at least. Today the area is incredible for summer and a must visit during autumn when Vermont’s famous fall foliage is in full swing. Stowe town is an adorable place that is at the foot of two peaks (Spruce Peak and Mount Mansfield – tallest peak […]

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Stowe Mountain Resort is Multi-Generational Fun

Visiting the same place several times for me is a huge rarity since there are sooooo many places in the world to visit. So when I return to a place, especially more than two times, in my Travel Experta opinion – it is magical. stowe mountain resort, Vermont is not only magical, but it is […]

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Vermont Snowmobile Tours – Sign Up NOW Before They are Fully Booked!

Some tours you take in your life will set your soul on fire. Will give you such a thrill you’ll be energized for hours and hours after. Snowmobiling at Smugglers Notch did just that to my hubby and me. And he’s a full-on adrenaline junkie, so when I saw his excitement and energy after the tour, […]

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Smugglers Notch Resort a Land of Limitless Winter Activities

When you think of winter activities the first thing that usually comes to mind is obviously snowboarding or skiing. And for good reason, since these are usually the magnet for most resorts. Smugglers’ Notch Resort is no different. Being a ski bunny over two decades ago I’ve been to many, many resorts. And usually, the […]

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Why Staying at Smugglers Notch Condos for JUST Three Days is a Bad Idea

One thing about raising tropical kids in Central America is that they YEARN for snow. I grew up in the snow. So for me, it’s not a novelty. And quite frankly, it’s been over 20 years that I’ve experienced it, and memory has a funny way of playing with your mind. What I seem to […]

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Pet Friendly Vermont Cabin Rentals Near Stowe and Smugglers Notch Resorts

Close your eyes. Now, imagine a winter’s wonderland. I can almost bet that the picture I have below is something that comes to mind either as your first or second image (after big Pine trees covered in snow). Vermont is one of the few states in the US that I have now visited at least […]

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