Rhode Island

A Rhode Island Travel

Did you know Rhode Island is one of the smallest states in the US? And was the last of all the colonies to become a state. Interesting, right? But don’t let the word “smallest state in the US” scare you. A Rhode Island Travel is BIG in adventures and things to do.

Can you imagine yourself arriving to Newport, Rhode Island? You have a lot of things to do there, like vising the Breakers Mansion, you can go and see Cliff Walk too. With beautiful landscapes and a lot of seafood, you will not get bored on a Rhode Island travel.

Find out the best places to eat, where can you stay, and play with your family while traveling to Rhode Island.

Hyatt Hotels Newport RI a lot More than Just a Hotel

Have you ever heard of Goat Island? This secret place is less than five minutes from Newport, Rhode Island and it houses one of the best outdoor restaurants to see the famous New England sunset while sipping fruity sangrias breathing in salty air. While searching for the best dining out time (i.e. sunset viewing) I […]

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Things To Do In Newport Rhode Island With Kids – An Itinerary With Suprises!

My specialty when it comes to travel is my due diligence. I can research the place my family and I are planning to visit for weeks, even months, and it brings me pure joy. Once I decide on where we are off to, that’s when the actual adventure and journey begins for me.  As part […]

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Wondering What To Do in Newport, Rhode Island? The Breakers Mansion is a Must

If you only had a short time to visit Newport, Rhode Island the number one not-to-be-missed attraction would be to see The Breakers Mansion along Newport Cliff Walk. Yes, I know, there is enough stuff to do in Newport to keep here for days, maybe even weeks. However, in our case, we were lucky to get […]

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Things to See Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island

The Cliff Walk in Newport is located on the eastern shore of Rhode Island. Aside from being a 3.5-mile public, National Recreation Trail in a Historic District, it is a place that offers exceptionally beautiful views on both sides. This makes a fantastic day trip for people of all ages, including families, and you don’t […]

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5 Free Things to Do in Newport Rhode Island

I have always believed that you can have a blast while you travel, without having to spend a lot of money. Most of the times a few of the best and most authentic attractions can be enjoyed for free. This is the case of Newport, Rhode Island. Here you can have a couple of days […]

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10 Things To Do In Newport Rhode Island

Newport in Rhode Island is a small port town that is known for having the highest amount of colonial buildings of any other city in the US. So just imagine how cute it is, also is well known that Rhode island is a great romantic getaway! Aside from all the cool historic landmarks, it also […]

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