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What can I say about a travel to New York? This is one of the most traveled cities in the world. New York is so popular for so many reasons. And like a lot of the cities in the United States it’s so culturally diverse, it’s awesome.

For example, for food, you can find different country-based food in every corner! A lot of iconic places featured in movies, famous music videos, and many more!

You can find stunning buildings, beautiful places and so many things to do here. From the Statue of Liberty to a famous Museum, passing by Central Park, you would not get bored on your travel to New York.

Here you can find out where to eat and stay, where to play, and a lot more fun things to do with your family while traveling to New York.

Intrepid Museum Inside: Sea, Air and Space – A Kid’s Adventure

Growing up and living in New York City makes you overlook certain attractions or simply put them on your list of I’ll-do-it-one-day. Until the time has come to move away from New York and some of those attractions never happen. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum was that one big attraction for me. Every time […]

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3 Best Museums in NYC for Families You Can’t Stop Visiting

Most people don’t think of museums as potential attractions while they travel. But I have discovered that they can provide a few hours of fun and learning experiences for me and my boys. That’s why, while looking for fun adventures with my family, I planned a visit to a few of the most iconic museums […]

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11 Things To Do In Central Park: Things You’d Never Thought Of!

You can’t come to NYC and not visit Central Park. It’s practically sinful to do that.  Even if you visit in the dead of winter, it’s still a magical place. Here are 11 things to do in Central Park, New York, things you didn’t even imagine of doing here! Also, did you know that you […]

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10 Brooklyn Bridge Fun Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Originally called the New York and Brooklyn Bridge, it is not only the first longest suspension bridge in the United States, but it has a story to tell that goes way beyond its architectural magnificence. There are tons of fun facts about the Brooklyn Bridge you probably didn’t know, here are 10 of the most […]

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NYC Pedicab Tours: Best Way to Take a Tour of Central Park

Locals, tourists, born-and-raised New Yorkers all have one thing in common. They all love Central Park. And they gather here for all types of events, activities, watching street performers, listening to live music, making out, or having their kids enjoy either the carousel, zoo, or a million other things it offers. And the best way […]

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American Museum of Natural History: Facts and Useful Information

Telling young kids that you were going to take them to a museum was almost the same as telling them you were about to go to the dentist. However, when you throw in words like dinosaurs, whales, meteors, and other cool stuff their bodies start tingling, and they WANT to go! That’s how I end […]

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Schnippers NYC: Affordable, Delicious, Kid Friendly Restaurant in NY?

Can you really get the words affordable, delicious, and kid-friendly into one sentence when describing an NYC restaurant? I honestly didn’t think that is a possibility. Sure, kid-friendly exists here, but affordable as in less than $10 for a delicious huge meal that a child will devour? Have to admit, it is a challenge. Or […]

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6 Places to Visit in New York City for Book Lovers

New York City has long been a haven for lovers of literature. From its grand libraries to giving rise to some of the most enduring bookstore venues in the world, such as Barnes and Noble, the city continues to house both large publishing companies and small indie bookstores alike. If you love to read, collect […]

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How to See All of New York City on Vacation

New York City is a fantastic city, with so much to see and learn. But many travelers need help figuring out how to see it all best. The city is crowded and has a lot of tall buildings, making it difficult to view everything. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to see New York on […]

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10 Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan You Need to Vist!

Manhattan is a huge city with unstoppable energy. There is always some exciting event going on. This city is home to landmarks known around the world. It is divided into neighborhoods, each has particularities that make it special, and it is the combination of all of these that make Manhattan such a special place. If […]

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Places to Visit in NYC

New York City is a true dream for all sorts of travelers. When I lived in NYC I was single, so I always thought of this city as non-kid-friendly. Now that I have two little men, I have returned numerous times to visit the city and am in complete awe how much there is to […]

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17 Family Things to Do in New York City

New York City is one of the most exciting cities in the world. It offers so many attractions that it can get a bit overwhelming to pick the ones you want. Even after growing up in NYC, when the time came to plan a trip back with my family, I had trouble deciding what we […]

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5 Exciting Museums near the Grand Central Station

New York’s Grand Central Terminal, which connects multiple important subway lines, is one of the busiest transit hubs in the world. But fast-paced transit isn’t the only thing Grand Central is famous for; it’s also a major commercial and cultural complex in its own right, and a gateway to some of NYC’s most important fixtures: […]

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14 Facts About Empire State Building – Did You Know all of These?

When traveling to the Big Apple what is the first thing that you plan on doing? Most likely take a ride up to the observation deck of the Empire State Building to get a birds-eye view of one of the greatest cities in the world. Many people want to visit the building, but just a […]

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Facts About Times Square That Will Blow You Away

The last time my family and I stepped foot into the heart of Times Square was over five years ago. We returned this year and what a difference. Unlike most places that barely change with the times, Times Square changes in a New York City minute. Recommended Read: Places To Visit In New York Times […]

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History of Grand Central Station – Meet at the Cross Roads in NYC

Grand Central Station is one of the greatest, most used landmarks of Manhattan. And the largest train station in the world, also, you can find many museums near the grand central station. New York Central Railroad was the original name when Cornelius ‘Commodore’ Vanderbilt added railroad to his holdings. And has gone through many renovations and […]

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Travel Like a Local and Immerse in Rock Climbing (Indoor Climbing Gym in NYC)

Almost twelve years ago, my husband stumbled onto a climbing gym and became a quick addict. At that time, our oldest boy was around four years old, and he came along with his papa for the fun of it. When our second boy was born, we started to take them both to the local wall […]

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4 Things You Should Know About Visiting East Elmhurst in New York

East Elmhurst is located north of Corona and Jackson Heights in Queens, N.Y. It’s a culturally diverse middle class neighborhood that includes La Guardia Airport. Flushing Bay rounds out its border to the east and north. This seemingly quiet borough is close to some interesting sites and some excellent places to dine. It’s also been […]

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Why Just Passing Through NYC isn’t an Option

For many, New York City is a destination in and of itself. Full of a vibrant plethora of activities and attractions, NYC has a lot to offer. As a large metropolis, NYC is also a gateway to many other adventures.  The port of New York transportation is a large cruise ship docking point that takes […]

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Visiting New York: The Best Ways to Travel Around the City in December

Whether you’re on a family vacation or traveling solo, New York City is an exciting place to visit. There’s something to do for everyone, whether it’s visiting a museum or checking out a Broadway or off-Broadway show— there’s just so much to do! With that being said, you’ll need a way to travel around the […]

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