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What can I say about a travel to New York? This is one of the most traveled cities in the world. New York is so popular for so many reasons. And like a lot of the cities in the United States it’s so culturally diverse, it’s awesome.

For example, for food, you can find different country-based food in every corner! A lot of iconic places featured in movies, famous music videos, and many more!

You can find stunning buildings, beautiful places and so many things to do here. From the Statue of Liberty to a famous Museum, passing by Central Park, you would not get bored on your travel to New York.

Here you can find out where to eat and stay, where to play, and a lot more fun things to do with your family while traveling to New York.

How to See New York City in One Day

New York City welcomes over 53 million tourists a year. With world-class dining, museum, and entertainment, it’s no wonder so many people have the Big Apple on their bucket list. You could spend years exploring all the best places in New York, but sometimes that isn’t possible. If you’re in a time crunch but still […]

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7 Must Do’s in New York City

If there are one-word people most commonly used to describe the city of New York, it is energy. This city literally pulses with it. There is so much to do and discover in NYC. Let’s take a look at a few of them. Seven of the things that everyone should experience while visiting NYC. Check […]

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Carnegie Deli Review: Sandwiches and Entertainment All in One Famous Spot in NYC

Did you know that I lived in NYC for four years before I took off on my travel adventure that led me to my inevitable life as an ex-pat? I did. And I have to confess that in all those years I never visited Carnegie Deli. I passed it hundreds of times. I always peeked […]

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Schnippers NYC: Affordable, Delicious, Kid Friendly Restaurant in NYC?

Can you really get the words affordable, delicious, and kid-friendly into one sentence when describing an NYC restaurant? I honestly didn’t think that is a possibility. Sure, kid-friendly exists here, but affordable as in less than $10 for a delicious huge meal that a child will devour? Have to admit, it is a challenge. After […]

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Street Food in NYC – What Are You in the Mood to Eat?

New York City is world renown for prize winning chefs, cuisines from all over the world and Michelin starred restaurants . There is even a saying, ‘You can eat three meals a day, ever single day for one year and still not eat at all the restaurants in NYC.” But aside from the insane amount […]

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A Visit to the American Museum of Natural History in New York is a Can’t-Miss

Telling young kids that you were going to take them to a museum was almost the same as telling them you were about to go to the dentist. However, when you throw in words like dinosaurs, whales, meteors and other cool stuff their bodies start tingling, and they WANT to go! Related Read: Things to […]

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3 Family Friendly Museums in NYC To Visit With Kids

Most people don’t think of museums as potential attractions while they travel. But I have discovered that they can provide a few hours of fun and learning experiences for me and my boys. That’s why, while looking for fun adventures with my family, I planned a visit to a few of the most iconic museums […]

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History of Grand Central Station – Meet at the Cross Roads in NYC

Grand Central Station is one of the greatest, most used landmarks of Manhattan. And the largest train station in the world. New York Central Railroad was the original name when Cornelius ‘Commodore’ Vanderbilt added railroad to his holdings. And has gone through many renovations and restoration to be the sixth most visited tourist attraction in the […]

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What To Do In Central Park, NYC – Things You’d Never Thought Of Doing!

RYou can’t come to NYC and not visit Central Park. It’s practically sinful to do that.  Even if you visit in the dead of winter, it’s still a magical place. How to Do a Tour of Central Park: Walking around on your own or a guided tour of Central Park  Biking Central Park – either […]

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How To Get Around New York City

New York City is one of the easiest and most accessible cities to get around. Aside from being the perfect walking city, the subway system is fantastic, the buses go where the subways don’t, and how about the 14,000 yellow cabs that are everywhere to be hailed in seconds. Recommended Read: Places To Visit in […]

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Take a Cruise on the Circle Line in NYC

When my family and I moved to the United States over 35 years ago, one of the first tours we did was take the Circle Line in NYC cruise around the Island. Since the boats stopped arriving at Ellis Island, this was as monumental of a tour for us. Related Read: Circle Line Sightseeing Tour […]

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Why Downtown New York City is Worth a Visit

Downtown has seen so many wanted and unwanted changes over the past decade that every time I visit it is completely different. For the most obvious changes and catastrophes, of course, 9/11 not only changed the soul of NYC, but also the skyline forever. In the place of the Twin Towers now stands the magnificent […]

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Megabus NY to Philly: How to Travel From New York to Philadelphia

Traveling to the US has so many wonderful perks for us. The main one is that my kids get to visit with their grandparents and beloved uncle. Since my parents are dying to spend as much time with the kids as possible, the hubby and me like to take advantage and do a romantic getaway. Grandparents […]

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New York CityPASS: Top 6 New York City Attractions All in One Go

New York is one overwhelming city. Just the thought of what to do and where to go makes you wonder if you’ll see anything at all. Narrowing things down sure is helpful. Related Read: Places to Visit in NYC 6 Top New York City Attractions  If I was to be asked what are the most […]

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Best Bike Rental NYC: Who Would Have Thought New York is a Bike Friendly City

What’s the best way to see NYC, without sitting on a bus or walking till your feet fall off? Biking, baby. If you asked me to do a bike tour of NYC twelve years ago, when I lived here, I’d laugh. The very thought of competing with the taxis or mobs of people would have […]

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How To Do NYC On a Budget: New York Pass Discounts

Traveling to New York City! Just hearing those words brings up mixed feelings instantly: 1. How can I ever afford to take my family there and not go broke 2. How do I know what to see and do in NYC 3. Will I have time to see all there is to see and do […]

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Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum – A Kid’s Adventure

Growing up and living in New York City makes you overlook certain attractions or simply put them on your list of I’ll-do-it-one-day. Until the time has come to move away from New York and some of those attractions never happen. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum was that one big attraction for me. Every time […]

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NYC Pedicab Tours: The Best Family Friendly Way to Take a Tour of Central Park NYC

Locals, tourists, born-and-raised New Yorkers all have one thing in common. They all love Central Park. And they gather here for all types of events, activities, watching street performers, listening to live music, making out, or having their kids enjoy either the carousel, zoo, or a million other things it offers. And it doesn’t matter […]

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Step Back in Time – Fun for the Whole Family at Luna Park in Coney Island

If you know anything about the recent history of the US you know that Coney Island and its boardwalk is the quintessential amusement park beach. The actual boardwalk originally opened back in 1923, its official name is Riegelmann Boardwalk. Now, it is known for being home to one of the most famous boardwalk amusement parks […]

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6 Reasons Why New York City is Great

If you have read my articles for a while, you already know that I grew up in New York City. Even though life took me to Central America, I still love and miss being in NYC. I’ve visited it many times with my kids, so they can get a full scope of this incredible and […]

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