Find out where to eat, stay and play when visiting Boston, Massachusetts.

Dining in Boston – Never a Shortage of Amazingness

Boston has one of the greatest selections of dining. You can find anything you like want. But it’s always fun to go for the iconic Bostonian meals. Most of them are seafood. But you’ll find others too. Dining in Boston … Continue reading

11 Things to Do in Boston – Family Friendly

The city of Boston was an incredibly important city during the early days of the Country. It still is but for different reasons. Lots of the historical events of the US that have to do with their independence took place … Continue reading

8 Free Things to Do in Boston

Boston, one of the most historic cities of the Unites States and one of the most popular destinations of the country. This city in the heart of Massachusetts has an endless list of things to do, historical places to visit … Continue reading

Visiting Historic Boston – Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall in Boston

Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall have got to be the most fun places to visit when coming to Boston. Quincy Market has it all for the family. Spend hours watching the street performers, eating local food, and wandering around the … Continue reading

Best Neighborhoods In Boston to Visit

Not only is Boston called the ‘Walking City’ it’s also nicknamed the ‘City of Neighborhoods’. With over 21 different neighborhoods, it’s hard to believe that such a small city can be so diverse. Bostonians take their neighborhoods very seriously. Every … Continue reading

Visiting the Ivy League Colleges and Universities in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Visiting Cambridge Massachusetts is much more than a stroll around the quaint streets and the banks of Charles river. It’s walking along in historic times along with the brightest minds of the US, and the world. I have to gloat … Continue reading

What to do in Boston with Kids – Go to a Red Sox Baseball Game

My kids are growing up in Central America where football (soccer) rules over any other sports event. Even though in Nicaragua (almost a neighboring country) the national sport is baseball you barely hear about it. And you definitely don’t have … Continue reading

Places To See in Boston – Freedom Trail is the Perfect Beginning

Let’s pretend you only have 24 hours in Boston.  Instead of sitting in a corner biting your nails that you have such a short period of time in this great city, you can actually do a lot to enjoy it. … Continue reading

Boston Subway System – Getting Around Town is Easy

Boston may be called the “Walking City” but it sure helps to have a reliable, efficient subway system. Bet you didn’t know this about the Boston Subway System  The first subway system in the United States was built at Park … Continue reading

One of the Oldest Tours in US Swan Boats of Boston at the Public Gardens

As with all things in Boston, everything has a significant historical background. Boston Commons and Public Gardens, the main park of Central Boston and a perfect spot to kick back and enjoy nature. Fun Quick Facts – Boston Commons and … Continue reading

Boston Food Trucks – They Will Surprise You!

Eating out at fancy-schmancy restaurants is fantastic and a dream for most parents traveling with young kids. We always fit in two or three dining out adventures and they are great fun. But nothing beats eating at food stands and trucks. … Continue reading

Haymarket in Boston – Dirt Cheap Produce and More

Markets and me are best friends. I seek them out where ever I go and can spend hours simply wandering around, enjoying the atmosphere without buying anything at all. Living in Guatemala my addiction stays alive and well with the … Continue reading

Union Oyster House – The Oldest Restaurant In America

Boston is a city that has so many monumental beginnings and first doings not only for the United States of America but for the entire world that it’s impossible not to become a bit of a history buff as you … Continue reading

Charles River in Boston – A Family Fun Boat Tour

Don’t you just love when you get a bonus tour included in a sightseeing package that you were totally not expecting. It’s like finding an extra $100 in your pocket. Well, at least that’s what it felt like for me … Continue reading

Sightseeing Tours in Boston – The Hop On Hop Off Fever Is Here!

Twenty years ago, when I lived in London, I remember taking the hop-on-hop-off double decker tour to see all the hot spots and to orient myself around the city. Back then London was the pioneer in such a nifty idea. … Continue reading

Atlantic Fish Company – An Iconic Seafood Restaurant in Boston

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of Boston food? Seafood, of course! And you can’t visit Boston unless you visit the iconic seafood restaurants in Boston, right? So I went on the hunt … Continue reading

5 Fun Things To Do In Boston

Now that summer is so close, it is time to start looking for new fun destinations to travel to with the family! How about Boston? It is a historic city with many fun yet relaxing places where you can learn … Continue reading

Fun Facts About Boston – 10 Things you Should Know

Boston is a city with an amazing history and tons of interesting things that you are fun to learn. The architecture of its buildings and the culture of its people give it a unique touch. Don’t know what makes Boston … Continue reading

2 Things You Must Do in Boston During Your Vacation

Welcome to Boston, the largest city of Massachusetts! As one of the oldest cities of the United States it is a place filled with history and tons of historical sites, visiting them is a must do in Boston for travelers. … Continue reading