Georgia Travel

Did you know that Georgia is known as the Peach State? That’s due to the high amount of peach production. But that’s not all Georgia has for you to offer.

Georgia is one of the most historical sites in the US. Lots of places to visit, beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and delicious diverse food. A Georgie Travel is something you must add to your bucket list.

I have traveled across Georgia for you to find here where to eat, where tostay, and what to do with your family while traveling to Georgia.

Family-friendly hotels, restaurants, and tours.

All About Riding the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway in Georgia

Have you ever heard about the Blue Ridge Railway? It is located in Georgia, USA, and started operations in 1998. It was designed to cover the route between Toccoa River north, McCaysville, and Copperhill, Tennessee. Riding this historic train, perfect for families and couples, in Georgia, USA. Take a look at this article to learn […]

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Atlanta Visit With Kids: Family Friendly Places Visit in Atlanta

If you are a family man, you know the struggles of finding something that the entire family will love – especially the little ones. Taking kids out on trips and tours can be a difficult task because not many kids enjoy what you like. Think of things that you enjoy like clubbing and fine dining, […]

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Why Old Savannah Tours Is Your Best Trolley Tour Option

One thing Savannah does NOT have a shortage of is Trolley Tours. You see them everywhere. From what I saw, there were probably five different companies to choose from. All of them offered similar service: 15 stops, hop on and off all day long. So how does one pick the right one? I’ll tell you […]

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A Local’s Fav – The National Restaurant in Athens, Georgia

Rarely do we visit a restaurant that is considered to be a true locals place. While dining at The National Restaurant in Athens Georgia I had the pleasure to meet Erin, the marketing wiz for the restaurant, and we got to talking about the place. And she told me that over 50% of the clientele […]

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Fun Alcoholic Drinks at Ocean Prime Restaurants

What’s more creative than a chef in the finest kitchen? A mixologist. Tasting different cocktail mixtures and concoctions is one of my absolute favorite things to do when visiting different restaurants in Georgia. And whenever we travel internationally, or even locally, we often order the cocktail that is unique to the location, or restaurant. Looking […]

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Little Five Points, Atlanta

Little Five Points is a bohemian neighborhood in Atlanta where you will find interesting shops, theaters, bars, tattoo parlors, record stores, and more. It is one of the most eccentric areas of the city. Probably best for families with older kids. When you visit here, you will see creative hairstyles, tattoos and houses painted in […]

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The Best Springtime Things to Do in Georgia

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to get away from the stressors of life for a while.  Get out on the open road, and choose Georgia as your playground. If you’re not familiar with the state, there’s plenty to explore. Five of the most amazing places and Things to Do in Georgia.You do not want […]

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Take a Walk Through Savannah GA History Facts

Savannah, Georgia is not only one of the most beautiful southern US cities, it is also, without a doubt, one of the most historic places to visit. Savannah Ga history facts The city of Savannah, Georgia, is the largest city and the county seat of Chatham County The Yamacraws, a Native American tribe, were the […]

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Atlanta Travel Guide – How to Get the Most Out of Your Visit

How do you get the most out of visiting Atlanta? The secret is, know what it offers and the history behind it, and this will make your trip amazing. Related Read: Top 5 Places to Visit in Little Five Points, Atlanta Atlanta Travel Guide After visiting several cities that offer Trolley services, we have learned […]

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Hotel Indigo Athens Georgia Review

Athens, Georgia has been on my radar since my university years. For two reasons: REM was one of my favorite bands and I knew that Michael Stipe, at one point, invested a lot of money into making this little town more music and art-oriented. And thanks to him and other musicians, it was really well […]

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A Date Night In Cook Hall Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta has become a culinary city of delight for my husband and I, we visited Flip Burguer Boutique. And a city of firsts. Interestingly enough, after visiting places such as Boston or New York City, which are supposed to be known for their gastronomy, I can honestly say, they have nothing on Atlanta. So why a city […]

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A Quick Tour of Atlanta Zoo Review

When is the best time to visit a zoo? When there is a serious cold front and one hour before closing time. You literally have the full zoo to yourself. We had no plans to visit the Atlanta Zoo during our trip. Especially because of the major cold front where the temps dropped to 16 […]

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PeachTree Trolley Tours – Learn All About Attractions in Atlanta

What is the first thing you must do when in a new place? Aside from the obvious of getting settled into your hotel room. Get on a Trolley Tour and get a taste of what the location has to offer, learn some history, and get yourself full acquainted with the place. This is practically a full-proof way to […]

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Ready for a Dining Adventure? Ocean Prime Atlanta Will Give it to You

When I started making plans for my husband’s and mine getaway to Georgia I got a lot of, “Why Georgia?” or, “What is there to do in Atlanta? Why are you spending most of your trip there?” And the best one was, “Wow, Georgia, I hear that’s a gorgeous country,” and my response was, “No we’re […]

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Historic Tour of Coke In Atlanta – World Of Coca Cola Review

Do you know what the second most popular word spoken all over the world is? Coke! (The first one is Okay.) Now that tells you that Coca-Cola is doing something right. And, even though I’m not a big lover of sodas (my husband is a die-hard fan – of Coke in particular), I love to […]

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Atlanta Georgia Aquarium Review – A Unexpected Adventure

How do I describe Atlanta Georgia Aquarium? I can sum it to you like this: Where else can you see Whale Sharks and Manta Rays in a tank that is so large it’s been said to be the largest tank in the world? What did Atlanta Georgia Aquarium mean to Us? I’ll be really honest […]

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Getting the Inside Scope at CNN Studio Tour in Atlanta

What is one tour that is the least kid-friendly in Atlanta that parents can enjoy during a romantic getaway? CNN Studio Tour. At least for my family. Since we don’t have cable and never have the news on in our house my kids don’t even know what CNN is all about. So when we tell […]

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So What Exactly is a Flip Burger Boutique Atlanta GA, Anyway?

Our first introduction to Atlanta eateries was a burger joint. Or so I thought. I’m a huge planner. I can’t go traveling unless I know exactly what is reserved and confirmed.  My planning and organizing of the trip, to me, is as much fun as the actual trip – so even though it sounds anal, […]

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Staying at a Historic Bed and Breakfast in Atlanta – The Shellmont Inn

What do parents do when they finally get a chance to get away and leave the kiddies with their grandparents? Find a romantic Inn that doesn’t have any kids around. And nothing sings more romance than staying at a Historic Inn. As well-traveled as my husband and I seem to be, I have to be […]

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The Pirates House Savannah GA Review – World Famous Restaurant and So Much More

Eating out for me has taken a different turn lately. I’ve discovered that after countless of fine dining experiences and other restaurants that, aside from being great and unique can be found in any city in any part of the world. In other words, they aren’t specific or impactful to the place I am visiting. […]

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