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Duck Boat Tours – What a Cool Date!

Having two small kids is super fun. And traveling with them is probably the best times of my life. However, as any mom (and dad) will tell you, having an adult conversation that uses words that are two or more … Continue reading

Japanese Gardens in South Florida – Morikami Gardens

South Florida and Japan have a long history together – much to my surprise. I have always found the Japanese culture to be truly different and intriguing, and have been pulled many times to visiting Japanese Gardens wherever I visit. … Continue reading

Florida’s Everglades – The Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

If you look on the map of Southern Florida, you’ll be amazed as to how large the Everglades really are. It’s been a long dream of mine to visit the park and really sink my teeth into all it has … Continue reading

Pirate Ship In Florida – Yes It’s True!

What to do with kids while visiting grandparents is always a concern for me. Chances are, eventually, after the initial excitement of opening presents and being doted on 24 hours a day wear off, I’m faced with kids constantly asking … Continue reading

3 Indoor Playgrounds for Kids in South Florida

As a frequent traveler that loves to explore the world with my family, it’s important to be creative. You neeto to balance the touristic things you want to do and to find things to do to keep the kids entertained. So, … Continue reading

2 Kids Museums in Florida – South Florida

A great way to learn about the place you visit is to visit museums. They will tell you the stories of the place in an interesting way. However, regular museums tend to be boring for kids (and most adults) because … Continue reading

7 Wildlife Conservation Centers in Florida

If you are a nature lover the best way for learning about local flora and fauna is visiting wildlife rescue or conservation centers. Here you can see local animals, learn about wildlife of the region and sometimes you even get … Continue reading

Museum in South Florida – 7 Options

If you are thinking about visiting a museum in South Florida, there are many you can consider. They are a great way for learning, and getting to know information and fun facts about the local wildlife and history. After a … Continue reading

4 Parks in South Florida for Families

While traveling through Florida you will find tons of different of things to do. But if you are looking for outdoor fun, adventure parks in South Florida are abundant. 4 Parks in South Florida for all ages: Rapids Water Park … Continue reading

Four Attractions in South Florida

There are many different ways of exploring the southern part of Florida. So if you are looking for options in the Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, you have come to the right place. This is an area that my family … Continue reading

Cruising the Intracoastal Waterways of Florida

If you are coming to this part of the countryyou have to explore the Intracoastal waterways of Florida! There is just no excuse for it. There are tons of amazing cruise services being offered that fit most likes, needs and … Continue reading

Things to Do in West Palm Beach – How to Get to Peanut Island

Peanut Island in Florida is a small, cute park off of the shores of West Palm Beach. This might not be a natural island, but it is beautiful and a great place for a relaxing day during vacation! As well … Continue reading

Things to do on Peanut Island, off of Palm Beach

The tiny, manmade Peanut Island is located off of the coast of Palm Beach in South Florida. It’s a great place for spending the day and relaxing. There are several activities being offered on the Island, but there are more fun … Continue reading

4 Options for a Safari in Florida

One of the main reasons why people visit Florida is to spend some time at the beach and parks. But if you go a little bit south you might find hidden gems for all nature lovers. Recommendations for a Safari … Continue reading

Two Botanical Gardens in Florida to Check Out

A not so common, yet wonderful, way of spending a day, learning and having fun while traveling in South Florida is to visit a botanical Garden. Places like these are great for learning about plants while being in the middle … Continue reading

Palm Beach Attractions, Florida

Weѕt Ρalm Beaсh is а citу on the Atӏantic Coаst in South Florida, UЅА. It is also one оf the most populatеd сities in Ρaӏm Вeach County. Weѕt Ρalm Beaсh transportation is one of the reasons why mаnу tourіѕts acroѕѕ … Continue reading

Places in West Palm Beach to Visit, Florida

Paӏm Beach City is loсаted by the west coast Fӏorida beaches, iѕ a city fulӏ of fun. The placе is widely known as the Ρlayground for the rіcһ. Peopӏe from aсross the countrу usually cоme herе to sрend a vacation. … Continue reading

Zoo Action on a Chilly Day – In Florida?

Imagine 45 degree weather, outside, zoo hopping – this all sounds ok if you’re anywhere but Florida! While visiting my parents in West Palm Beach where the weather is always between 65 – 90, we decided to hit Palm Beach … Continue reading

Discovery for Kids – Science Museum in Florida

Science Museums are probably the most fun and educational places to visit with your kids of all ages. When we visited my folks, who live in West Palm Beach in Florida, I always look for fun activities with my kids, … Continue reading