Find out where to eat, stay and play when visiting Havana, Cuba.

Casa Particulares – Lodging in Havana Cuba

Cuba is unique in every possible way. When you visit the gorgeous country/island you leave all that you know about traveling behind and enter a fully new experience! This starts with lodging in Cuba. You can certainly stay at any … Continue reading

National Aquarium of Cuba in Havana – Things to Do in Cuba with Kids

Havana is one of the largest cities I’ve visited with my family in ages. So big it totally surprised me. A lot of it is walking around, checking out museums and architecture – or better putting it  BOOORRRIIIINNNGGG for kids. … Continue reading

Things to Do in Havana, Cuba – Visit Fuster’s House

Havana is known for many things. Revolution square, music, classic cars, Castro, Che, Callejon de Hamel, and the sexy Cubans (male and female).  Yet very few people and places ever mention Fuster’s house. Unique things to do in Havana Fuster … Continue reading

Bucanero – Cuban Beer – Ever Tasted It?

Cuba is known for many things, beer isn’t on the top of list of vices that people seem to indulge in like cigars and rum. But much to my surprise I truly enjoyed having a Bucanero Cuban Beer while chillin’ and … Continue reading

What is the Cuba Traditional Food – A Cuban Sandwich Of Course!

Sandwiches and me become very close during travels. They are filling, tasty and fun especially when a country is known for them. So it was a great surprise for me that the almost true Cuba Traditional Food was a sandwich … Continue reading

Mojitos – The True Cuba Drink

What makes the perfect Mojito, the true Cuba Drink? For one, being in Cuba and using real Cuban Rum! Not good enough? I know of another thing that can make a signature Cuba Drink perfect: I’ve been drinking Mojitos since … Continue reading

Traditional Musical Instruments of Latin America

Latin America is a big blend of ancient, native cultures with European cultures, and even African in a few places. This has given it its distinctive and colorful cultures that can be recognized around the world. This has all contributed … Continue reading

Street Performers of Havana Vieja, Cuba – Photo Essay

Cuba is known to have some of the best performers and artists in the world. They don’t only display their talents in concert halls or art galleries. I found the most amount of performers – of all sorts – in … Continue reading

Buildings and Plazas of Havana Vieja, Cuba – Photo Essay

Havana Vieja in Cuba made the biggest impression on me. You can literally get lost for hours here. This was my favorite way to spend time, walking around the closed off streets where no cars were permitted enjoying the people … Continue reading

People of Havana Vieja, Cuba – Photo Essay

The main thing that makes Cuba stand out is not it’s interesting and some-what turbulent, revolutionary past. But it’s the People of Cuba! Cuban Family – Havana Vieja Food Vendor Havana Vieja   Selling Pets in Havana Vieja   Cuban … Continue reading

Oddities of Havana Vieja, Cuba – Photo Essay

Cuba is known for its people, artists, musicians and so much more. There is no end to it’s colorfulness and oddities! Art Gallery Havana Vieja Murals and Artwork in Cuban Lobbies   Che and Cuba History   The Original Dive … Continue reading

Daily Life and People of Havana, Cuba – Photo Essay

The people of Cuba are more interesting than any architecture you will encounter. People watching and people interaction should be a top activity of your trip! Garlic and Onion Local Seller Fruit Stand Vendors   Havana Centro Street   Locals … Continue reading

Buildings and Plazas of Havana, Cuba – Photo Essay

Havana, Cuba will surprise you with the amazing buildings and grandeur. You can find fortress to colonial style buildings to modern buildings. It’s a place that will simply bedazzle you! EL Morro Fort Partagas – Cigar Factory   Cuba Capital … Continue reading

National Hotel of Cuba, Havana – Photo Essay

Havana Cuba has quite a few landmarks but none stand as tall as the 1930’s built National Hotel of Cuba. You will find it bordering Varadero and Havana Centro overlooking the Malecon and the Fort. This is a great hotel to … Continue reading

Ernest Hemingway’s House, Cuba – Photo Essay

Ernest Hemingway spent over 20 years on this fabled island and was known to write some of his greatest masterpieces here. So visiting his home outside of Havana, Cuba was great to see how he lived and where he drank … Continue reading

Vehicles of Cuba – Photo Essay

Where else can you ride in a classic 50’s cab and know it’s not done for a touristic purposes? How about a motorcycle with an extra compartment on the side since it’s become a family vehicle? Only Havana, Cuba! Cuban … Continue reading

Roads of Cuba – Photo Essay

Being on the road in Cuba is without a totally different experience. For one, there are no advertisements at all. The only ‘ads’ you see are about the revolution and celebrating over  half a century of revolution. The cars are … Continue reading

Travel Guide to Cuba – Where to Stay and What to See in Havana

Havana is Cuba’s capital city and founded by the Spaniards in the 16th century. It boasts an eclectic society, old buildings, classic cars, Caribbean culture, dancing and music. This is truly a kid friendly country and there is practically no … Continue reading

Discovering Havana Cuba – With the Family – Video of the Week

There is so much to see and do in Havana, Cuba that you can spend months in just one area. My favorite spot by far was Havana Vieja, the small streets that curl and whirl all around, are perfect for … Continue reading

Casa Particular 1932, Havana Centro, Cuba – Photo Essay

Casa Particulares are Cuba’s version of B&B’s. You stay with a family either in a separate area of the house/apartment. Or, depending on your tastes, you can stay right with them (but still in a separate room). This was my … Continue reading