What to do on Cruises, and the best family cruises to choose from.

Cruises for Teens – Is A Cruise Something Your Teen Will Like?

Heading off on a family cruise can be fun if you’re a busy parent, but do you think your teens will love it? Cruises provide a wonderful escape from the day to day stress of life. They’re packed to the … Continue reading

Cruising in Europe

People love to explore all of the countries from Europe. They are all filled with historic places, and gorgeous landscapes. But not everyone seems to think of cruises along Europe as a fun yet relaxing way to travel along the … Continue reading

Pools on Cruise Ships

So you have entertainment, activities, non stop eating on cruise ships. What’s missing?Pools – and lots of them. This was the baby pool. Or in other words that ones that still use nappies and very likely will pee in the … Continue reading

Cruise Ship Fun

City of the Sea – that’s what the real name of our cruise boat was. And it literally was a city that floats on the sea. It was enormous. Here are some cool finds you’ll encounter while cruising. The main … Continue reading

Cruise Ship Activities

One thing about Cruises is there is NEVER a shortage of things to do for all ages. My kids were the odd specimens on the ship, they actually wanted to skip all the kid’s clubs and be with their mama … Continue reading

Cruise Ships in Port – Attraction or Destination?

Every cruise ship offers port stops. Either one day or multiple different stops. From my experiences on Cruise ships, ports should be considered simply as an attraction rather than pretending you are visiting an actual destination. One of the spots … Continue reading

Cruise Ship Entertainment

Who needs broadway or Vegas when you can get it all on a Cruise Ship? Sneak peak at some of Cruise Ship Entertainment Innovation Our waiter was a magician and a musician. And he was really great! Inspired my son … Continue reading

Best Cruise Ships Views

Cruise ships are fun. Which is no surprise since so many people are cruise ship junkies and addicts. I wasn’t reformed, but while cruising I did enjoy all that it had to offer – which was a lot! However, the … Continue reading

Food on a Cruise Ship

One thing I highly recommend before taking a cruise. Stop eating. This way when you arrive there you can literally become the gluttonous creature we all dream of becoming. And trust me on a cruise you can sooo easily do … Continue reading

Day in the Cozumel Port, Mexico

No matter what anyone says, visiting an area, country, or whatever you want to call the place you are experiencing for the day as a Port day is NOT really visiting that country. As long as you are fully aware … Continue reading

Royal Caribbean – Things to Do on a Cruise

Being on a Royal Caribbean Cruise can be overwhelming since there are so many things to do. So it’s good to have a breakdown. Aside from the normal activities of pools and kids clubs, here are some really cool things not to miss! … Continue reading

Highlights of a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Have you heard of City in the Middle of the Ocean? No, I’m not talking about Atlantis. I’m talking about the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship! Honestly, I couldn’t even understand what that meant by looking at it on line, or … Continue reading

Fantasy Disney Cruise – Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside

Can you fantasize what a Fantasy Disney cruise experience will be like? It’s hard when you really have nothing to compare it to. Disney parks are one thing, but what to expect out at Sea? I was lucky enough to … Continue reading

Celebrating 40 Years Out At Sea – Liberty of the Seas Cruise

What’s a good way to celebrate 40 years of being married? Go on a cruise with the most important people in your lives! That’s exactly what my parents did. They invited my family (2 adorable grandkids), my hubby and my … Continue reading

Out-At-Sea Fireworks Brought To You By the Walt Disney Cruise Line

Disney has  bypassed and over succeeded everything they have ever done with their Walt Disney Cruise Line. They seem to be able to push the envelope with whatever new niche they take on. This is exactly what they did with … Continue reading

3 Ways to Pamper Yourself on Disney Fantasy Cruise Inauguration

Do you suffer from seasickness, but want to experience a Disney Fantasy Cruise? Have no fear, The Senses Full service spa has you covered! Funnily enough, I get sea sick on small boats but not on huge cruises, but when … Continue reading

5 Secret Adventures to Do With Disney Off Cruise – Castaway Caye

If Disney Fantasy Cruise out tops other cruises with luxury and fun, I have to say Castaway Caye in the Bahamas, a private island owned by Disney, really did it for me. Or maybe I was just lucky to have … Continue reading