Visit Nicaragua and Travel it!

Did you know that two of the biggest lakes in Central America are located in Nicaragua? Make sure to visit those freshwater lakes while traveling in Honduras.

Your visit to Honduras will be full of beautiful beaches, Volcanoes, and lakes. Make sure to do a food tour because this country has some of the most delicious dishes.

Walk down the streets on you Honduras travel, and take a look at the amazing Spanish colonial architecture.

Find out what to do, where to eat, stay and play with your family while traveling to Nicaragua.

Is Nicaragua Safe to Visit? Ultimate Safety Guide

Nicaragua’s diverse culture, lush scenery, and fascinating history invite those seeking an off-the-beaten-path trip. However, when planning a trip to this Central American jewel, safety considerations are generally a top priority. So, is Nicaragua Safe? In this post, we’ll look into the complexities of safety in Nicaragua, providing you with all the facts you need […]

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Is Managua International Airport, Nicaragua Good?

The Managua international airport, also called Augusto Cesar Sandino airport, is a small main international airport of Nicaragua, and it’s located in the city’s distrito 6 (6th ward).

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San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua: Colorful Beach and Surf City

San Juan del Sur is well known as one of the best surfing spots for surfing and sunny beach vacations, located on the southwest coast of Nicaragua, a truly amazing place to visit.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and all the things it has to offer.

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Land Transportation from Costa Rica to Nicaragua

The Costa Rica and Nicaragua border is 309 kilometers long, from the east to the west, there are many ways to cross it but the most adventurous and cheap is by land.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to be talking about ground transportation from Costa Rica to Nicaragua.

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How to Cross Costa Rica-Nicaragua Border: Peñas Blancas

309 kilometers long, the Costa Rica and Nicaragua border extend from east to west, separating the north side of Costa Rica and the southern side of Nicaragua.

In today podcast, I’m going to be talking about Costa Rica-Nicaragua Border Crossing, how to do it, with useful tips.

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Totoco Lodge: Eco Lodge Adventure on Ometepe Nicaragua

Did you know that Ometepe Nicaragua is the largest freshwater island in the world? And I bet you didn’t know it was the only freshwater island in the world with TWO volcanoes on it! With that said, you know you’re heading to a pretty special and spectacular place right off the bat. And the best […]

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Hotel el Convento in Leon, Nicaragua: Luxury and Uniqueness

Hotel El Convento is located at the heart of Leon City, Nicaragua. It’s a luxurious, big, and unusual hotel that is just a 3-minute walk from Rubén Darío Museum and a five-minute stroll from the vibrant main square, La Colonia supermarket,  and the majestic cathedral. Even better, the location is pretty gorgeous, quiet, and greenish, […]

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13 Fun Facts About Nicaragua for Travelers

My absolute favorite thing to do, besides actual traveling, is planning for my trip. This always allows me to learn a lot about the place you are about to visit, so you are ready for what may happen. While planning my family trip to Nicaragua I really had a blast searching and learning all about […]

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Nicaragua Travel Guide For Casual Family Travelers (Updated 2024)

Nicaragua is Central America’s largest country. You will find it north of Costa Rica and south of Honduras, with coasts on both sides, the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. Even though the country has suffered from a long history of political problems, it is rich in natural attractions that have been preserved. Check out my […]

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6 of the Best Restaurants in Leon and Granada, Nicaragua

Whenever I plan a trip to a new place I like to search for restaurants that can provide amazing and unique experiences that will make us remember our time in that country or city. Plus, I often get questions about the best places to eat in the places I visit. So I came up with […]

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Island Hopping in Granada, Nicaragua – Photo Essay

One of the top attractions to do when visiting the colonial city of Granada Nicaragua is to go on an island tour. There are over 360 islands, and you can either do a tour, rent a boat and go island hopping. Island tour in Nicaragua We did a private tour, which was barely more expensive […]

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Nicaragua Traditional Food – Find It On the Streets

You can hit all the restaurants you want while in Nicaragua, but the real Nicaragua traditional food finds are on the streets. In every city, town, and village, the street vendors come out to sell what they can. Usually, Nicaraguan food is delicious. However, there will be times when just finding out what they are selling […]

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My Experience During a Nicaragua Border Crossing – Go at Your Own Risk

Every now and then a travel experience happens to you that really pisses you off and makes you feel fully out of control. This is what we felt crossing over to Nicaragua. I am grateful that my trip was for professional reasons and I was able to talk with people in the hospitality business who […]

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What’s the Best Beer in Nicaragua – Toña Beer!

Having a beer is one of the customs me and my hubby must do in each location we visit. Since Central America is so small, each country has one or two beers that they drink like water. When we arrived to Nicaragua and hit a restaurant for some eats, our first question – before what […]

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How to Have a Cheap Nicaragua Vacation?

Traveling can sometimes get expensive, especially if you take along the whole family. Luckily, there are still a couple of things that can be done save when traveling or places to visit that are free or cheap. The cost of living in Nicaragua is much lower as compared to other countries in Central America. This […]

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The Top Granada Nicaragua Travel Tips

Granada is one of Nicaragua’s largest cities and a place that all travelers should visit when traveling along with the country. It is one of the best areas for adventurers to check out due to all the fun things that there are to do in Nicaragua and around it. Just as any other place you […]

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