Things to Do in Honduras

Honduras is one of those Central American countries that not a lot of people think of when they are planning a vacation. But once they get there and experience all of the fun things to do in Honduras, they never want to leave.

Since it is right next to Guatemala, where I live, I have had the chance to go for a visit a few times. We have had the most amazing experiences in the Copan Mayan Ruins, experiencing the beaches of Roatan, and enjoying the Caribbean in Utila.

Below you will find a compilation of blog posts of all of our adventures there. You will learn all about where to eat, stay and play with your family while traveling to Honduras.

The Copan Ruins – Maya Ceremonial Site, Honduras

Did you know that the Copan Ruins in Honduras are considered one of the most important Maya Ceremonial cities and ruins along the Maya route. 4 Reasons why the Copan ruins are SO important in the archeological world: Find some … Continue reading

Macaw Mountain – A Wildlife Rescue Center for Birds

Copan Ruinas town is as tiny as they come, so aside from the ruins they are working hard at keeping tourists from fleeing after one day. They have done a good job. Aside from the typical things to do like … Continue reading

Picture This! Copan Mayan Ceremonial Site

The famous Steleas at Copan Maya Ruins, Honduras For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

4 Must-do’s With Your Family in Copan – Attractions in Honduras

Before heading on a trip to a new location, I pride myself on doing a ton of research to know all that there is to do so that we get the MOST of our experience! And when traveling with kids, … Continue reading

27 Fun Facts About Honduras You Didn’t Know!

Honduras is one of the lesser-known countries of Central America and one with many treasures to explore. But I believe that this is because most people know only a few facts about Honduras. Aside from the fact that it is … Continue reading

Yat Balam a Boutique Hotel With So Much More – Copan Hotel

While researching my family vacation to Copan Ruins in Honduras, I was incredibly impressed with the hotels that were available in such a cute little town. However, I came upon a Copan hotel called Yat Balam and just fell in … Continue reading

Have You Ever Stayed at a 100 Year Old Hacienda? – Hacienda San Lucas

Living in Latin America you hear the word Hacienda used very often in conversation. Yet, you never really get a chance to visit one. So you can imagine our delight when we stayed at a 100 year old, traditional Hacienda … Continue reading