Copan, Honduras

Find out where to eat, stay and play when visiting Copan, Honduras.

Walking Along the Cute Copan Ruinas Town in Honduras

There is a small town in Honduras with an interesting name. Copan Ruinas, is actually the name of the town and the ruins themselves are simply Copan, Honduras. It was built near the original Mayan town that has been here … Continue reading

Visit to Copan Ruins Honduras – Mayan Ceremonial Site

Did you know that the Copan Ruins in Honduras are considered one of the most important Maya Ceremonial cities and ruins along the Maya route. among other things, it is because the monuments here have helped archaeologists to learn a … Continue reading

Macaw Mountain – A Bird Rescue Center in Honduras

Copan Ruinas town is as tiny as they come, so aside from the ruins, there is not much more to be done in the area. The good news is that residents are working hard at keeping tourists from fleeing after … Continue reading

Top 4 Things to Do in Copan, Honduras

Before heading on a trip to a new location, I pride myself on doing a ton of research to know all that there is to do so that we get the MOST of our experience! And when traveling with kids, … Continue reading

Have You Ever Stayed at a 100 Year Old Hacienda? – Hacienda San Lucas

Living in Latin America you hear the word Hacienda used very often in conversation. Yet, you never really get a chance to visit one. So you can imagine our delight when we stayed at a 100-year-old, traditional Hacienda turned into … Continue reading