Visit Honduras and Travel With Your Family

Honduras is one of those Central American countries that not a lot of people think of when they are planning a vacation. But once they get there and experience all the fun things to do in Honduras, they never want to leave.

Since it is right next to Guatemala, where I live, I have had the chance to visit Honduras a few times. We have had the most amazing experiences in the Copan Mayan Ruins, experiencing the beaches of Roatan, and enjoying the Caribbean in Utila.

Your Honduras travel will be packed with amazing landscapes, delicious food, and Hispanic towns.

Below you will find a compilation of blog posts of all of our adventures there. You will learn all about where to eat, stay and play with your family while traveling to Honduras.

Honduras Travel Guide: Top Destinations in Honduras That You Must Visit

Honduras is a Central American country with amazing islands on the Caribbean Sea known as the Bay Islands that are surrounded by the second largest Barrier coral reef in the world. It is also home to some of the most important Mayan ruins because of its hieroglyphs. Honduras Travel Guide Copan Copan in Honduras is […]

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27 Fun Facts About Honduras You Didn’t Know!

Honduras is one of the lesser-known countries of Central America and one with many treasures to explore. But I believe that this is because most people know only a few facts about Honduras. Aside from the fact that it is a tiny place south of the US, there is little information about it as a […]

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Macaw Mountain: The Bird Rescue Center in Honduras

Copan Ruins town is as tiny as they come, so aside from the ruins, there is not much more to be done in the area. The good news is that residents are working hard at keeping tourists from fleeing after one day. And I must say that so far they have done a good job. […]

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Honduras Road Trip from Copan to La Ceiba (Stoppin by San Pedro Sula)

Because Central America is such a relatively small place, it is perfect for driving around to different destinations. This is something that my family and I have been able to do and enjoyed. We have been to many places around the region in our small car, we love planning family road trips One of the […]

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Top 4 Things to Do in Copan, Honduras

Before heading on a trip to a new location, I pride myself on doing a ton of research to know all that there is to do so that we get the MOST of our experience! And when traveling with kids, this makes it a challenge since they like to do other things than just chill […]

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Trip To Roatan: Returning to Roatan With My Son After 7 Years

Seven years ago I took my oldest boy to Roatan, Honduras for a mama and son trip. And now, I’m doing the same fun trip with my youngest boy. Roatan, the Caribbean island off of  Honduras, has a special calling, because I rarely go anywhere more than once, not to mention I’ve now been here […]

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Visit to Copan Ruins In Honduras – Mayan Ceremonial Site

Did you know that the Copan Ruins in Honduras are considered one of the most important Maya Ceremonial cities and ruins along the Maya route. Among other things, it is because the monuments here have helped archaeologists to learn a lot about Mayan writing and language. Continue reading to learn more about this and other […]

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Where to Eat in Roatan and Utila? – 4 Recommendations of Restaurants in Honduras

I get tons of questions from my readers about where to eat in each of the places I visit. So here is a compilation of four options that you will find when you visit the Bay Islands on Honduras. But before you go on reading, keep in mind that in here you won’t find huge, […]

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Roatan Submarine: Underwater Submarine Tour in Roatan, Honduras – Once in a Lifetime Experience!

A few months back I read an article somewhere online that in the world there are only four-passenger submarines that can take you on a deep-sea exploration to depths of up to 2500 feet underwater. I’m not a diver, as a matter of fact, I have anxiety attacks when I go five feet underwater. And […]

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A Quick Photo Tour of Utila Honduras

Utila is the smallest island of the three Bay Islands of Honduras and is known to be the second-best place in the world to get your divers certificate. Best as in the price is really low, and the reef is truly amazing. Here are photos to capture the feel of this tiny island. Boats are […]

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Honduras Traditional Food – Baleadas Home Cooked

Eating at local food stands while traveling Honduras is so much fun. When my son and I took a mommy-son trip to Honduras Bay Islands, we found a great outdoor eatery on Utila and tried some serious Honduras Traditional Food. 2 facts about Traditional food in Honduras: The most Traditional Honduras food is a Baleada […]

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West End Roatan Honduras – A Tiny Town on a Large Island

Roatan Island is the largest of the three Bay Islands in Honduras. Even though there really isn’t such a thing as the capital of the island, West End is by far the largest town and most likely where you can get most of your essentials. If you’re not staying in West End, the best fun […]

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Have You Ever Stayed at a 100 Year Old Hacienda? – Hacienda San Lucas Copan

Living in Latin America you hear the word Hacienda used very often in conversation. Yet, you never really get a chance to visit one. So you can imagine our delight when we stayed at a 100-year-old, traditional Hacienda turned into a luxury lodge called Hacienda San Lucas in Copan, Honduras Hacienda San Lucas Copan Let’s […]

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3 Adventures on the Bay Islands of Honduras

After doing some exploring in Central America, you will notice that the Bay Islands of Honduras are one of the best places you will find in the area if you are interested in water sports. These islands are located in the Caribbean Sea and in the middle of the world’s second-largest coral reefs. Check this […]

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How To Get To Roatan: From Utila to Roatan, Bay Islands of Honduras

Roatan is the largest and most popular of the Bay Islands of Honduras – and for good reason. It has the most beautiful beaches, great snorkeling, and diving, top notch resorts, and hotels. It’s also the easiest to get to – they have an international airport, with plenty of ferry service from the main land. […]

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Utila Dive Resorts – Laguna Beach Resort in Utila, Honduras

Utila is one of the smaller Bay Islands of Honduras but is ranked number two in the world when it comes to diving and becoming PADI certified – which is no easy feat to attain!   Utila Honduras Dive Resorts Utila is also known for a backpacker hang-out and budget traveling, which is only marginally […]

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Resort in Honduras: Review of an Exclusive Caribbean Mansion Resort in Honduras

Ages ago I remember watching shows like ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ and thinking that would be a super cool way to travel. But chances are, I thought, that they are totally out of my price range and unattainable unless I had a single name or a full-on paparazzi following. Not Necessarily in the […]

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Walking Along the Cute Copan Ruinas Town in Honduras

There is a small town in Honduras with an interesting name. Copan Ruinas, is actually the name of the town and the ruins themselves are simply Copan, Honduras. It was built near the original Mayan town that has been here since ways before the conquest. I have done a lot of traveling and exploring, but […]

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Entertainment In Honduras: Best Things To Do In Honduras, Central America

The Central American nation of Honduras sparkles as a premier tourist destination for those looking to indulge in tropical getaways. Of course, just like any vacation, one has to plan out exactly what they’re looking to do and where to stay. When it comes to doing so in Honduras, one thing is for sure – […]

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West Bay Roatan – Photo Tour

Finding where to visit on Roatan is not an easy task. When you start doing research you will have tons of options fly in your face. You can either have a taste of many parts, if you don’t mind the moving around, or settle on one. We did the many parts, but by far our […]

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