Antigua, Guatemala

Find out where to eat, stay and play when visiting Antigua, Guatemala.

Kids Restaurant – The Only Kid Run Restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala

Eating out for me is about the experience. Anyone can go to any old restaurant, but how about trying something totally new and different! Living in Antigua, I can say we have tried 90% of the restaurants here. It was … Continue reading

Guatemalan Typical Food Fair – Disorder At It’s Best

Every country boasts it’s typical food. Guatemala is no different. We had a food fair where the majority of the restaurants of Antigua got together and put out their best Guatemalan Typical food dishes. Get more fun information about the … Continue reading

Ruins and Cultural Museums of Antigua Guatemala

When you visit Guatemala traveling to Antigua is a must. It is a place filled with gorgeous and historical buildings. Some of them are now used to expose objects that were used in the colonial days of Guatemala. Discover more … Continue reading

Discover the Churches of Antigua

Antigua is the town of churches, cathedrals and monasteries. Due to many natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes, a lot of these buildings have seen better days. However, you can enjoy the newly rebuilt editions and get a feel … Continue reading

Have You Ever Tried a Nahgra? – Things to Do in Antigua, Guatemala

First of all, I bet you’re asking – What is a Nahgra? Let’s begin with a quick definition and explanation. Nahgra – Kinesi Therapy machine was invented by a Korean martial arts scientist, Dr. Charles Kwak. This unique system implements … Continue reading

Do You Know French Cuisine? I Learned at Bistrot Cinq in Antigua, Guatemala

I have very little experience in French Cuisine, so dragged my husband for a taste test. He has even less experience, if that’s possible. The extent of my knowledge of French food is French Onion Soup, duck, Escargot, lots of … Continue reading

Meditation Class for Kids

My seven year old boy is what you can categorize as a hyper active, extremely energetic kid who can barely sit still for 1 minute. I have no complaints about this (most of the time). However, I was truly intrigued … Continue reading

Picture This! – Antigua At Night

Antigua, Guatemala during the Twilight hours! For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

A New Restaurant in Town – Santo Domingo Del Cerro!

I’m not one of those people that run to every opening of every new restaurant, but some of them I just have to check out. Especially if they are family friendly and have something new to offer, since it feels … Continue reading

Baby Development Class – A Great Way to Connect

I am a work at home mom. Which in many cases sounds great, but honestly it’s a lot harder to do since your children are around the house all day and don’t understand why their mommy prefers to be at … Continue reading

Private Romantic Dinner for Two!

Years ago I remembered my sister in law had a super romantic engagement. It was before I was living here, but I specifically recalled it was in Antigua and her fiance reserved a section of a restaurant. Feeling romantic and … Continue reading

Beef Bourguignon – A Fancy Name For Beef Stew

I was a vegetarian for many many years, even a vegan for 6 years but slowly as I started producing babies, my body has been asking for protein other than soy. I have even started to venture out to fancy … Continue reading

Anyone Up for a Canopy Tour in Guatemala?

Have you ever flown through the air like a bird looking down at the forest around you? If you haven’t then I suggest you get yourself to a canopy tour in Guatemala right now! We did just that and it … Continue reading

La Ceiba Porta Spa in Antigua – Traditions of the Maya

I am a spa junkie. And have turned my husband into one as well. Whenever we need a massage, we do the couples packages so that we can relax and feel the joys of a good massage at the same … Continue reading

Photo of the Week – View of Agua Volcano from Antigua, Guatemala

This is the view you get in Antigua Guatemala when you look south from the Arc Street. For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Photo of the Week – Marimba Playing Inside of Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo, Antigua Guatemala

This is a very common view all over Antigua Guatemala, marimbas are everywhere especially on Sundays. This marimba is playing inside a beautiful hotel in Antigua’s Arc Street Called Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo a hotel where my family and … Continue reading

5 Great Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is a colonial, small city surrounded by volcanoes. It is a small place filled with all kinds of stuff for every taste, there are beautiful hotels, handcraft markets, bars and restaurants. This time I want to focus on … Continue reading

Family Travel – 5 Places to Travel with Kids In and Around Antigua

Antigua Guatemala is filled with great places where you can take you kids for a fun family day out. There are so many that it was hard to come up with my favorite ones but I narrowed it down to … Continue reading

Guatemala Spotlight – Hotel Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua Guatemala

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo is a luxury hotel located right in the main street of Antigua Guatemala. Just half a block to the main entrance to this Colonial City and 10 minutes on foot away from the Central Park. This … Continue reading

Family Travel – My Favorite Restaurants for Kids in Antigua

I have mentioned before how small Antigua Guatemala is. But for those who don’t know, it is a teeny tiny colonial city with only 10 square blocks. Sometimes people think that because of that Antigua has nothing to do or … Continue reading