Suchitoto, El Salvador

Find out where to eat, stay and play with your family while traveling to Suchitoto, El Salvador.

Travel Guide for El Salvador

El Salvador is one of the smallest countries of Central America yet is full of adventure to discover. Its name means “Republic of the Savior”. The good part is that you can find all the best things to see like … Continue reading

Suchitoto in El Salvador – Video of the Week

Suchitoto in El Salvador is without a doubt the most adorable colonial, cowboy town with an energy that makes you want to stay there forever! For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Lake Suchitlan, El Salvador – Photo Essay

The top tour, by far, around Suchitoto, El Salvador is getting on a private boat and checking out Lake Suchitlan. You can either head to Bird Island, with thousand’s of birds, or head over to the caves. Or, even better, … Continue reading

Suchitoto, El Salvador – Photo Essay

Suchitoto, El Salvador is one of the few, last true colonial towns in Central America. It’s also a cultural center mixed with cowboys and farmers. This is one of those towns that has an incredible energy that simply makes you … Continue reading

Fun Facts About El Salvador I Bet You Didn’t Know…

Every country has it’s unique twist and fun things to learn. Here are some interesting facts about El Salvador. Find fun information about El Salvador Holidays. 1. El Salvador has a stigma around it due to the Civil war (which … Continue reading

Pupusa – El Salvador’s Most Traditional Meal

Unlike most western countries, Central American countries have one major staple food that they eat religiously daily and sometimes at every meal. Find out some more fun facts about the El Salvador food. El Salvador is no different. Pupusas are … Continue reading

Where to Stay in Suchitoto With Kids

I pride myself on doing great research for traveling, it’s the most exciting part for my travels for me. I had chosen one hotel in particular in Suchitoto: Las Almendras. However, for the 2 nights that we wanted to be … Continue reading

What to do in Suchitoto With Kids

Suchitoto is a teeny tiny colonial town in central El Salvador. It’s actually a full on cowboy town and the cowboy culture is the most predominant factor of the people here. Things To Do in Suchitoto As we went for … Continue reading

El Salvador Spotlight – Boat Tour to Bird Island, Suchitoto

This is a fun tour I went on with my family in our recent visit to El Salvador. I thought it was really fun. First we were taken to the Tourist Center in the San Juan Port early in the … Continue reading

Hotel Las Puertas de Suchitoto El Salvador

The town of Suchitoto El Salvador is a small, relaxed colonial place. It is a popular destination for locals because of its handcrafts, cultural activities and nearby lake. If you are thinking about spending a weekend here there are many … Continue reading

Boutique Hotel, Los Almendros de San Lorenzo – Suchitoto in El Salvador

Out of all the hotels I visited when I went to Suchitoto in El Salvador this one was the most beautiful one. It is called Los Almendros de San Lorenzo. It is located in the colonial and absolutely beautiful town … Continue reading

Spotlight – La Posada de Suchitlan, Suchitoto El Salvador

We just came back from a trip to El Salvador. I loved every minute of it! So in the next weeks I’ll be showing you some of the hotels and tours I loved the most. Don’t miss your chance to … Continue reading