El Salvador

Find out where to eat, stay and play with your family while traveling to El Salvador.

4 El Salvador Restaurants on the Beach

The beaches of El Salvador are well known among surfers. Some say that they are the best surf spots of Central America. After hearing that I decided to take my family there to see what it was all about. Plus, … Continue reading

Local Fishermen’s Pier in El Salvador – Photo Essay

El Salvador is one of those hidden secretive type of destinations. When staying on the coast visiting the beaches we took a day trip to the Pier in Libertad. Let me tell you, if you are in the area, this … Continue reading

A Quick El Salvador Travel Guide

El Salvador is one of the smallest countries of Central America yet is full of adventure to discover. My family and I took the time to explore parts of the country and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now we want to share … Continue reading

15 Fun El Salvador I Bet You Didn’t Know…

Every country has it’s unique twist and fun things to learn. As small as it is, El Salvador in Central America also has a few fun things that every traveler might enjoy knowing. Below is a list of some of … Continue reading

All About the Best El Salvador Surf Spots

Traveling to El Salvador might not be very popular. It is one of those countries you hear about either in passing or in some conversation. But then when you think about it, it’s not a country that is well known … Continue reading

Exploring the Ultimate Surf Town in El Salvador – El Tunco Beach

My family and I have been living in and exploring Costa Rica and Guatemala for the past ten years. We also go to the US often to explore different cities but we have never done much exploring in the other … Continue reading

Family Friendly Hotel in Suchitoto El Salvador – Posada de Suchitan

I pride myself on doing great research for traveling, it’s the most exciting part of my travels for me. It assures that I’ll end up in a place that I love when I get to my next destination. I had … Continue reading

Top Things to Do in Suchitoto With Kids

Suchitoto is a teeny tiny colonial town in central El Salvador. It’s actually a full-on cowboy town and the cowboy culture is the most predominant factor of the people here. The place has also managed to keep some of the … Continue reading

El Salvador Traditional Festivals – Holy week in El Salvador

If you know anything about Catholics you know that Holy Week is celebrated in every Christian country throughout the world. It almost always happens between March and April so that holy Friday is always on a full moon.  However, every … Continue reading

El Salvador Festivals – San Miguel Carnival (Carnaval de San Miguel)

Out of the many places that you can visit in El Salvador San Miguel is one of those places you can’t miss if you are an adventurer. It is home to Chaparrastique volcano, one of the best and most challenging … Continue reading

El Salvador Festivals – National Day of Pupusas (Dia Nacional de la Pupusa)

Pupusas are the favorite traditional food of El Salvadorans. When visiting the country you will find them anywhere. They love them so much that they came up with a day to celebrate them. National Day of Pupusas is a huge … Continue reading