Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Find out where to eat, stay and play with your family while traveling to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

6 Things to do in Cahuita, Costa Rica

Cahuita, Costa Rica is a beautiful National Park dedicated to research and protection of the local marine life. It is also a unique place because it actually has a small beach town in the middle of it. This is also … Continue reading

Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica

This national park in Costa Rica was created in 1985 with special provisions that allowed the residents of the small town of Manzanillo and other surrounding areas like Punta Uva to continue living in their communities, which fell within the … Continue reading

Manzanillo – The Final Frontier of Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast – Photo Essay

Manzanillo is an idyllic spot for clear water, snorkeling and pristine beaches on the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. The entire Manzanillo village is located inside the Gandoca – Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. Roads of Manzanillo The Tiny Church of … Continue reading

5 Adventures to Be Had in Cahuita

If you are a fan of light hiking along the beach and paths meandering along the coast or simply relaxing on a hammock by the beach, Cahuita may be what you need. The perfect place for that in Costa Rica … Continue reading

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – Photo Essay

Puerto Viejo is a bohemian beach town on the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Here you can rent a bike to explore the town, go snorkeling or sway in a hammock as you look at monkeys playing in the … Continue reading

Cahuita, Costa Rica – Photo Essay

Cahuita is a small beach town located right in the middle of a National Park and on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. This tiny town has a relaxed ambience and is known for the coral reef off of its … Continue reading

Namuwoki Lodge in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Namuwoki is a jungle lodge in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. Here you will find beautiful cabins in the middle of the forest. Jungle Lodge in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Cabin at Namuwoki Family Friendly Jungle Lodge in Puerto … Continue reading

Korrigan Lodge in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Korrigan Lodge is a jungle lodge in the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. It offers family friendly private bungalows with a simple yet beautiful decoration and nested in the middle of nature. My family and I had a great time … Continue reading

Banana Azul – Adorable and a Must Costa Rica Beach Hotel

Puerto Viejo is probably one of the cutest places to visit on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. It’s vegetation, tropical jungle, laid-back culture, gorgeous beaches, great surf and peacefulness is making this area a popular hot spot. Amongst the … Continue reading

What to Do on the North Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

The North Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is famously known as the ‘Port City of Limon’. It consists of a cluster of freshwater canals and wetland areas, surrounded by thick rainforest heaving with wildlife and 22 miles of protected black … Continue reading

Tortuguero – Costa Rica’s Amazon – Photo Essay

Tortuguero National Park of Costa Rica is called the Amazon of Costa Rica and for good reason. The only way to get here is via canals and the amount of wildlife welcoming you into the village is outstanding. Plus, it’s … Continue reading

Your Final Stop in Costa Rica – Manzanillo Beach

Is there gold at the end of the potholed road from Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica? Yeah, and you just struck it! Manzanillo is an idyllic spot for clear waters, snorkeling and pristine beaches. Check out some other cute towns you … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Interesting Facts – Puerto Viejo in the South Caribbean Region of Costa Rica

This is a bohemian town in the Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast where bare feet, eco friendliness, good surf breaks, kids, reggae, exotic jewelry, wild horses and ethnic restaurants co-exist. So get ready to experience pure tranquility in Puerto Viejo! Get … Continue reading

Cahuita National Park, Costa Rica

Guest Post from my blogger friend and mutual Costa Rica Lover, Ann Creed, from Costa Rica Learn. Cahuita National Park is located on Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean coast, 43 km south of Limon. It is best known for it’s beige … Continue reading

Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica

The gateway to this gorgeous, well maintained and managed national park is a bridge from the town of Cahuita to the registration office. Here, you’ll sign in and if you’re feeling generous, donate money for the entrance fee.     … Continue reading

Daily Photo – A Small Local Restaurant in Manzanillo Costa Rica

This is one of the only restaurants (sodas) in near Manzanillo Beach Costa Rica. You’ll get the full Tico experience here: Open patio, big portions and a relaxed, Caribbean vibe. For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW!

Favorite Things to Do in Costa Rica – A Trip to Tortuguero

Tortuguero is one of those Can’t-Miss-This Things to Do in Costa Rica. Our trip was so great and chock-full of fun, I couldn’t possibly have written just one post about it! Mawamba Lodge picked my family and I up at … Continue reading

Animal Rescue Site – The Only Sloth Rescue Center in the World!

It’s true, the Sloth Rescue Center (Aviarios Del Caribe), is the only Animal Rescue Site of its kind and you can find it in Costa Rica. Nowhere else on earth will you find a place that focuses on saving and … Continue reading

Things to Do in Costa Rica – Making Chocolate in Cahuita

Yum, Yum, Yummy! Taking a tour in the middle or Cacao Trails in the southern Caribbean region by Cahuita, we got to see how real chocolate was made. I highly a chocolate tour. It is definitely one of those things to … Continue reading

A Real Chocolate Tour in Costa Rica

In the early 1900’s Costa Rica was one of the top exporters and producers of the Cacao plant, better known as chocolate. The seed was so valuable that in the South Caribbean region of Costa Rica it was used as … Continue reading